frankie/ Aqua-Frankie

frankie/hulk frankie (frankie's 2nd transformation)

Bear/The Animal


wicket/ The Masked Habbit

elizabeth/ X-ray Girl

jason/ The Flying Jason

polo/Super Dogster

Kirby/The Giant Puff


Aqua-Frankie (frankie) - Aquaman

hulk frankie (frankie's 2nd transformation) - hulk and the thing from fantastic 4

The Animal (bear) - hulk and The Thing from Fantastic 4

she-Animal (lucky)- she-hulk and She-Thing from Fantastic 4

The Flying Jason (jason) - Ant-man

Super Dogster (polo) - Flash and Quicksilver

Gint Puff (Kirby) - Hulk and The Thing from Fantastic 4 (Because kirby says It's Smashing Time)

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