Justin Beaver's Bad Day and Other Stories is a DVD that features one Rocky Raccoon episode,one Thomas and Freinds Episode, one Friturtoons Beta episode, one Rugrats episode, one Pokemon episode and one Shining Time Station episode.


  1. Justin Beaver's Bad Day (Rocky Raccoon)
  2. The Trouble with Mud (Thomas and Friends)
  3. Sonic's Running Race (Friturtoons Beta)
  4. Inside Story (Rugrats)
  5. I Choose You, Pikachu (Pokemon)
  6. Two Old Hands (Shining Time Station)

Opening Previews

  • FBI Warning
  • Itperpol Warning
  • Lyrick Studios 1998 with Distuributed By
  • VeggieTales: Larry-Boy And The Fib from Outer Space Preveiw
  • The Wiggles Wiggle Time Preview
  • Nick Jr Face eats a banana (rocky raccoon version)
  • Thomas and Freinds intro
  • First few secs of Justin Beaver's Bad Day

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