spoof on the 1953 disney animated film Peter Pan Peter Pan Justin from the Secret of Nimh Tinkerbelle Mrs Brisby from the Secret of Nimh Wendy Darling Cynthia from the Secret of Nimh John Darling Martin from the Secret of Nimh Michael Darling Timmy from the Secret of Nimh Captain Hook Duke Igthorn from the Gummi Bears Mr Smee Toadwart from the Gummi Bears Tick Tock the Crocodile King Gator from All Dogs Go to Heaven the Pirates the Ogres from the Gummi Bears the Lost Boys Skippy and Toby from Robin Hood Singing Pirate with According Lucky from the Jungle Book 2 the Indain Cheif the Sultan from Aladdin Tiger Lilly Jasmine from Aladdin George Darling King Stefan from Sleeping Beauty Mary Darling Queen Lea from Sleeping Beauty the Mermaids Ariel Cinderella and Rapunzel from the Little Mermaid Cinderella and Tangled Nana Rita from Oliver and Company and the Indains Razoul and the guards from Aladdin part 1 cast video second star to the right part 2 meet the darling family part 3 Justin finds his shadow Cynthina and Justin meet part 4 Justin teaches the Darling Children how to fly you can fly part 5 meet Duke Igthorn and his ogre crew Toadwart vs King Gator part 6 Igthorn attacks Justin and the Darling children part 7 meet the lost boys Mrs Brisby tries to kill Cynthina part 8 Mrs Brisby gets banished following the leader part 9 the Razoul captures the Darling Children and the Lost Boys the Sultan has them tied up part 10 Justin and Cynthia meet the mermaids Duke Igthorn captures Jasmine part 11 Justin tricks Igthorn and saves Jasmine part 12 Igthorns next plan part 13 what makes the red man red part 14 Mrs Brisby helps Duke Igthorn part 15 Big Cheif Justin your mother and mine part 16 the Elegent Duke Igthorn part 16 a bomb part 17 Justin saves Mrs Brisby part 18 the duel on the ship part 19 Justin vs Igthorn the codfish Igthorn chased off by King Gator part 20 the flying ship part 21 the Darling Children returned home the end

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