Justyn Steinke (born 16 BCA) is a human student of the Academy, he is one of the first students, and has been at the Academy for almost as long as it has been open. He is a self-proclamed nerd.



Justyn specialises in summoning slivers, and knows a great deal of sliver spells. He is able to tap a suprising amount of mana in a fairly short amount of time.


Justyn has a familiar, a talon sliver whom's name has not been reveiled. She (note: most slivers are assexual, but have a feminine or masculine personality) usaly rides around on Justyn's shoulders rather the crawing one the floor. She is the first creature that Justyn ever summoned, and he has never unsummoned or dissmissed her; she has remained summoned for such a length of time that Justyn is incapable of dissmissing her, and she seemingly cannot be unsummoned like a normal creature.


  • Justyn speaks Japanese (although the player is not fluent).
  • He has a massive collection of manga books, the bookshelf in his room was not enough to hold all of them, there are several large piles next to the shelves. By far his favorite series is One Piece.
  • He has an odd habit of screwing up summonings of new spells, often summoning things that are crossing his mind at the time. A few things that he has summoned are, roughly a gallon of milk with no container, a bag of garbage, An ANBU mask, a Marine seigi jacket, a pair of novelty rubber Devil Fruits, Rob Lucci, and Chuck Norris (the real one, not the from all the "Chuck Norris facts").

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