Juturia is a large island of Ristkon, or the nation-state that entirely occupies that island.

Juturians refers to the modern inhabitants of the island, who speak the Juturian Language. Genetically, these people are Aiyu, but their language and many other aspects of their civilization comes from the Et-Er.

Both "Juturia" and "Juturians" are merely latinate forms of j'Ut-Ur, which is itself derived from "Et-Er".



Two largest cities are Yacemal and Juturia City. Yacemal is located on the southern coast and is the country's largest seaport. Juturia City is located on landlocked Lake Juturia, near the center of the country. It's central location has made it a natural capital city.

The Aiyu

The aboriginal inhabitants of Juturia were the Aiyu. The Aiyu were a stone-age, hunter-gatherer people, closely related to the Ben-Cin of Knarr. There was in fact no single "Aiyu nation" or "Aiyu language". They were made up of numerous local tribes, and spoken dozens of different languages. "Aiyu" was simply the most populous group, whose name later came to apply to the people of the entire island.

=The Arrival of the Et-Er

In 1347EYE, a spaceship crewed by Evilians and carrying a "cargo" mostly of [{Et-Er]] slaves, was forced to make an emergency landing near the modern location of Juturia City.

For several decades, the Evilians attempted to set up a slave colony, not only with the Et-Er slaves but also newly enslaved Aiyu. During this time period, they also seemed to have performed genetic experiments on the native Kor Beast.

The Juturian Kingdom

In 1400, the Et-Er and the enslaved Aiyu united with several other Aiyu tribes to destroy the Evilians.

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