Jysek Talore was a normal boy from Tatooine. He was the son of prominent ship dealer George Talore. The pair lived in Mos Hurga where George made business. Jysek was a close friend of Xander Vos. Jysek Talore was created by the user Xander Vos for the forum The Jedi Order.

Early Life

Jysek was born in 10 BBY, to George and Salia Talore. The pair had moved to Tatooine a few years ago to start a new life for themselves after they grew bored of their life on Corellia, where they had owned an extremly successful ship production plant, repairing any ships that came through, and sending materials to Kuat Drives Yard and the ship yards at Fondor among others.

Unfortunately, Salia was not able to adapt as easily to the desert conditions of Tatooine as George had, and died when Jysek was only three years old. Jysek had very little memories of his mother, and instead formed a close bond first with his father, George, and later Xander.

Brush With Fame

Jysek met Xander under innocent circumstances upon a visit by Korto Vos, Xander's father, to George's store. Korto knew he didn't have enough money to buy a craft, but he hoped to donate parts from the now rusted craft he and his wife had arrived in. He spent several hours haggling with George, which gave Jysek and Xander plenty of time to bond.

On occasion Jysek would claim to have met Luke Skywalker, a Rebel hero and later Jedi Knight, although these rumors appeared to be false, as Luke had never ventured near Mos Hurga, his home town of Mos Eisley resting on the other side of Tatooine.

Leaving Home

In 4 ABY, Jysek was told by his father that George had discovered two rusted X-Wings in a valley on the outskirts of town. After arranging for them to be brought in, George announced he would give them to Jysek to use how he liked. Excitedly the boy informed Xander that he would be receiving one, and the two celebrated.

A month later when repairs by George's expert crew were complete, Jysek spent days teaching Xander how to fly his craft, and had begun teaching him how to fire the lasers when Xander announced he was ready to leave.

Unsure whether he should follow as he watched his friend leave, Jysek battled his emotions, finally deciding to leave on an exciting journey, and, already knowing where Xander was headed - as he had transferred the co-ordinates to Xander - Jysek jumped into Hyperspace, headed for Naboo.

Death of a Legend

After many adventures the pair shared, Jysek and Xander limped their way to Lorta after a close shave on Kinyen. There the two relaxed after seemingly escaping their closest call yet. However, the Force had different plans, as the Sith of the Kroprulan Empire launced the first of their Outer Rim Seiges, intent on destroying cities and corrupting the economy on worlds such as Lorta, Naboo and Eriadu.

As the Sith launched a ground attack, Jysek found himself fighting Darth Crusher, the Sith General at the time. The two fought viciously, though Jysek knew in his heart that Crusher was toying with him.

Finally, watching Xander fall to the ground with an arm missing, Jysek launched himself at Crusher, and gaped in amazement at the ruby blade protruding from his chest.

Moments later, unsure if it was a hallucination, Jysek watched a Jedi Knight, wielding a purple lightsaber, drive off the Sith and save Xander, even as she rushed to him, he felt darkness surround him. It is unknown if the man who was seen approaching him after the Jedi had left had any significance at this time.

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