This line in the intro is not correct and should be removed: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SEATTLE HISTORY. CRISTA Ministries began operating KGDN long before KGNW with the same format. When KGNW went on the air in 1984 there became TWO Christian station in the Pacific Northwest. I should know since I worked for both stations: KGDN from 1962 to 1984 and KGNW from 1984 until my retirement in 2003. Dick Harris


KGNW, Seattle, started with the vision to become an extension of the local church, committed to airing programs that strengthen and encourage believers.

KGNW began broadcasting in October of 1984 as the 'Gospel Voice of the Northwest.'

General Manager Bob Ball, Operations Manager Dick Harris, and a very small team of dedicated Christians, brought faith-building programming to the Northwest for the first time in the history of Seattle radio. These included broadcasts from local churches, music and national programs.

In early 1987 they bought 820 AM. In those days they did remote broadcasting from the Evergreen State Fair for many years and promotions with the Union Gospel Mission on many occasions.

820 AM KGNW is an affiliate of Salem Communications Corporation, the leading provider of radio programming, online resources and magazines targeted to the Christian and family themes audience. Salem Communications currently owns and operates 92 radio stations nation-wide, with 58 stations located in the top 25 most populated U.S. markets.

The majority of their stations operate within clusters involving three strategic formats. Their foundational format is Christian teaching and talk, featuring well-known speakers such as James Dobson, Janet Parshall, Charles Stanley and Chuck Swindoll. They have also been adding second and third stations in existing markets, which feature news/talk or Christian music formats.

The audience for religious and family themes content is large and they believe it will continue to expand. Religious formats constitute the third largest radio format in the United States. Currently, over 2,000 radio stations are identified as having primarily a religious format. Approximately 52% of Americans been identified as listeners to religious formatted radio.

Christian teaching/talk is their foundational format. Through this format a listener can find Bible teaching and sermons, as well as answers to questions relating to daily life, from raising children to religious legal rights in education and the workplace. This format serves as both a learning resource and personal support for listeners nationwide.

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