The Universe. Home to countless worlds. Each unique in many different ways. And each inhabited by countless creatures. Also, filled with many mysteries. Over time, these worlds developed and evolved. And in time, created a new generation. Peace and Harmony reigned supreme. And out of those countless worlds, there was one place that lived in peace. A place where prehistoric creatures lived in peace. A place known as The Great Valley. Within this peaceful valley lived creatures called Dinosaurs. Throughout many years, Dinosaurs of all kinds lived together in a herd within this bountiful sanctuary. Vegetation flourished to satisfy their hunger and water plentiful to quench their thirst. The Great Valley had it's glorious beauty but it also had it's share of danger.Outside the boundaries of the Great Valley was an unknown land in which they called "The Mysterious Beyond." which was home to many predators. Predators that come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most fearful predators they feared were known as "Sharpteeth.". Fearsome dinosaurs with sharp teeth and ferocious proportions. Nevertheless, the dinosaurs of the Great Valley prospered. The Great Valley was also home to many of the dinosaur's children including 5 special young dinosaurs. Littlefoot, "The Longneck." a young male Brontosaurus, Cera, "The Three-horn." a young female Triceratops, Ducky, "The Swimmer." a young female duck billed Hadrosaur, Petrie, "The Flyer." a young male Pterodactyl and Spike, "The Spike-tail." a young male Stegosaurus. These 5 young dinosaurs have been great friends since they first came to the Great Valley. They have played together and enjoyed star-shaped plants which they called "Tree-stars." But, now they would soon meet a special guest unlike anything they have ever seen

(One Night in the Great Valley)

Littlefoot along with his Grandpa Longneck and Grandma Longneck rested throughout the night

Until, a bright shooting star lit up the Great Valley above them and soared across they night sky

Littlefoot was the first to awaken to see the bright shooting star

He looked up to the shooting star with amazement

"Whoa." Littlefoot says with amazement

Grandpa Longneck and Grandma Longneck awaken to the sound of Littlefoot's voice

"What is it, Littlefoot?" Grandpa Longneck says

"Grandpa. There's a bright flying rock in the sky. Do you see it?" Littlefoot says

Grandpa Longneck and Grandma Longneck look up to the sky to see the shooting star

"Oh yes. I see it." Grandpa responds

"I see it too." Grandma says

"Looks like it's heading down into the valley." Grandpa says

The shooting star heads down into the Great Valley and lands in a forest

"Can we go see it, Grandpa?" Littlefoot says

"We'll probably investigate tomorrow morning. But now, let's try and get some sleep." Grandpa says

With that said, Littlefoot, Grandpa and Grandma went back to sleep

(The next morning)

Littlefoot went to go find his friends within the forest

He soon finds Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike talking amongst themselves

"Hey guys." Littlefoot greets

"Hey, Littlefoot." Cera says

"What were you all talking about?" Littlefoot asks

"We were talking about the shining rock. Yes, yes, yes." Ducky says

Spike nodds while eating ferns from a nearby plant

"You all saw it too?" Littlefoot asks

"Yep. We all saw it." Petrie says

"Wonder what it was." Littlefoot says

"The grown-ups are going to see it." Cera says

"Well then, let's go see it too." Littlefoot says

"Oh yes! I am very happy to go see it." Ducky says excited

Littlefoot and his friends head out of the forest to join the grown-ups

(In a clearing)

Littlefoot, his friends and the grown-ups approach the spot where the shooting star landed

But, there was no crater impact on where it landed

When the reach the spot, they found something they have never seen: a young 16-year old human boy lying on his back unconscious

Everyone stared at the unconcious boy with confusion

"What is it?" Mr. Three-horn says confused

Mr.Three-horn was Cera's father

"I have never seen such a strange creature." Grandpa says

"It so strange." Petrie says

Littlefoot looked concerned for the young boy

"He doesn't look too well." Littlefoot says

"What was your first clue?" Cera snaps

Littlefoot walk up toward the boy

"Wait, Littlefoot." Ducky says

Littlefoot approaches the unconscious boy

He places his paw on the boy's chest

The boy grunts in pain

"He's hurt." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot's friends approach the boy and circle around him

Littlefoot and his friends notice the boy's heart glowing bright blue in his chest

The boy's heart glowed so brightly that everyone looked in amazement

"Look! His tummy is all shiny. It is. It is." Ducky says

A while afterward, the boy's heart stops glowing

The boy slowly regains consciousness

He gasps heavily breathing for air

He coughs trying to catch his breath

The boy rises to his knees and continues to breathe and cough heavily

"Are you okay?" Littlefoot asks

"Uh...I'm a little out of breath but I'll be alright." The boy says

The young boy opens his eyes and around him he sees dinosaurs

"Wow." The boy says

The boy examines the environment and is amazed

"What is this place?" The boy asks

"This is the Great Valley." Grandpa says

"Our home." Littlefoot says

"It's beautiful here." The boy says amazed by the enviornment

"What's your name, young one?" Grandma says

"Oh. Where are my manners? I'm Devon." Devon introduces

"I'm Littlefoot."

"I'm Cera."

"I Petrie. Me glad to meet you."

"I am Ducky and this is my brother, Spike."

Spike licks Devon's face

Devon pets Spike

"Spike cannot talk." Ducky adds

"I understand." Devon says

"I am Littlefoot's Grandpa." Grandpa Longneck says

"And I'm Littlefoot's Grandma." Grandma Longneck says

"I'm Ducky and Spike's Mother." Ducky's Mother says

"I'm Cera's Father." Mr . Three-horn says

"And I'm Petrie's Mother." Petrie's Mother says

"We are all glad to meet you, Devon." Grandpa Longneck says

"Likewise." Devon says

"How did you get here, young one?" Grandma asks

Devon stands to his feet

Littlefoot's height was up to Devon's chest

Cera's height was up to Devon's chest as well

Petrie and Ducky was as big as Devon's hands

And Spike's height was up to Devon's chest as well

"This might seem a bit hard for you all to understand. As you are all aware, I am not from this world. I am from a peaceful world known as "Destiny Islands". I have lived there for the past 10 years. It is a beautiful place much like the Great Valley. Humans like myself live there. I visit many worlds outside this one. I decided to visit this one and come here. As I was making my approach, I was flying in too fast and my body was enveloped with light which you all thought was a "flying rock" and I crash landed here. Kinda hard to land gently when traveling but i'm used to it." Devon explains

"Well as long as you are here, you are most welcome to stay with us." Grandpa says

"Speak for yourself, Longneck! What if this strange visitor attracts the Sharpteeth. Surely they must have seen this stranger land here in the Great Valley and will possibly try to come here. What will we do then?" Mr. Three-horn says

The dinosaurs began to talk amongst themselves

"I do not want Devon to leave. Oh no no no no." Ducky says

"People. Please calm down. The Great Valley has always protected us from the Sharpteeth and we have always protected the children. I'm sure Devon never meant to cause any trouble. But now, he is under our care and we must protect him just as we have protected our children." Grandpa says

"I really appreciate it, Mr. Longneck." Devon says

Grandpa chuckles with humor

"Please, Devon. Call me Grandpa."

"And you can call me Grandma."

"Thank you. I really appreciate your generosity and protection but I can take care of myself. I have faced many dangers you could not imagine. I am well aware to dangers of the world. I can watch myself. I have means to defend myself. Here. I'll show you." Devon says

Devon puts his hand foward

A light envelopes in his hand

With a flash of light, Devon's Keyblade "Kingdom Key" appears in his hand

Everyone looks both amazed and surprised

"What is that?" Ducky asks

"This is called a Keyblade. It is a tool of great power. Used either for good or evil. Light or darkness. I use it to defend myself and my friends from any sort of terrible danger. So, you have nothing to fear from these "Sharpteeth". If they are too much for you to handle, I will take care of them." Devon says

"This boy is indeed strange."

"Can we trust him?"

"He is with us. I believe he can be trusted." Grandpa says

"Where do the Sharpteeth reside?" Devon asks

"The Sharpteeth live in the Mysterious Beyond just outside the Great Valley." Grandma says

"But I am sure they should not give us any trouble as long as you are here. For now let us enjoy ourselves. The day is still young." Grandpa says

The Grown-ups head into the Great Valley to enjoy their lives

Grandpa looks toward Littlefoot

"Littlefoot, you and your friends take Devon and show him around the Great Valley. He has much to learn here." Grandpa says

"Sure, Grandpa." Littlefoot says

"Maybe later, we can play." Cera says

"Yeah!" Littlefoot, Cera, Duckie, and Petrie say with excitement

Devon chuckles with humor

"Devon." Grandpa says

Devon looks toward Grandpa

"Yes?" Devon says

"I have a favor to ask of you. My Littlefoot and his friends are always known to get into all sorts of trouble. There are many dangers outside the Great Valley but there are often dangers in the Great Valley as well. We all fear for their safety. Would it be alright if you?" Grandpa says

"Don't worry, Grandpa. I will look after them with my life. I will make sure they don't get into any trouble." Devon says

"C'mon, Devon." Littlefoot says

"Yeah, We show you around." Petrie says

"t'll be fun. Yep, Yep, Yep." Ducky says

"Alright. Lead the way." Devon says

Devon follows Littlefoot and his friends through a nearby forest

Grandpa follows the grown-ups into the Great Valley


Littlefoot and his friends gives Devon a tour of the Great Valley

They show him the nearby forests, nearby rivers and streams they drink from and show him the food they eat: The Tree-Stars

Afterwards, they began to play with each other under the watchful eye of Devon knowing he would protect them

They'd play games like tag or pretend

Eventually, Littlefoot and his friends got hungry

Their stomachs growled for hunger

"Oh, Me hungry." Petrie says

"Yeah, me too." Littlefoot says

"Hm. You say you all like 'green food' known as Tree-stars?" Devon says

"Yep, Yep, Yep. We love Tree-stars." Ducky says

Devon looks around him

He soon sees a tree with fresh green star-shaped leaves on it's branches

"Are those Tree-stars?" Devon says pointing to the tree

Littlefoot and the others walk up to Devon

"Yeah. Those are Tree-stars alright." Littlefoot says

"Not a problem. I'll get them for you." Devon says

Devon looks confidently toward Littlefoot and his friends

"Watch this." Devon says

Devon runs toward the tree

He quickly front flips toward the tree then jumps onto the bark

He quickly climbs up the tree with fast speed and acrobatics

Littlefoot and the others look amazed

Devon soon stops and stands on a strong branch with perfect balance

"Wow." Littlefoot and the others say amazed

Devon collects vast number of Tree-stars from the branches

He takes the Tree-stars and lets the fall to the ground

"Tree-stars!" Littlefoot and his friends say with excitement

Devon jumps off from the branch and lands on the ground

"There you go. Tree-stars. All yours." Devon says

Littlefoot and his friends head over to the pile of Tree-stars

Devon takes some Tree-stars and hands them to Littlefoot and his friends

Littlefoot and his friends happily eat the Tree-stars

"This is great." Littlefoot says

"I have a feeling it takes time for more to grow back. Try to make them last." Devon says looking toward the tree

Littlefoot and his friends finish the last of the Tree-stars when Mr. Three-horn approaches them

"Hey you kids. You be careful not to waste the Tree-stars. The last thing we need is to run out of food." Mr.Three-horn says

"Don't worry, daddy. We won't." Cera says

"And I am keeping a special eye on you, Devon. The Longneck may have asked you to watch the kids but if anything happens to my Cera, you will be in a lot of trouble and you'll regret it." Mr. Three-horn says

"Daddy." Cera says

"No, Cera. It's alright." Devon says

Devon kneels down to Cera and places his hand on her back

"Don't worry, Mr. Three-horn. I will watch over them." Devon says

"Hmph." Mr. Three-horn grunts and walks away

"C'mon. Let's go." Devon says

Devon walks away

Littlefoot and his friends follows Devon


Devon and the others sit up on a hill

Petrie sighs

"Me bored." Petrie says

"Yeah." Cera says

"What do you want do to now?" Littlefoot asks

"I know! I know! We could go to the Sheltering Grass and play Sharpteeth Attack." Ducky says

Duckie pretending to be a Sharptooth walks around growling

Everyone laughs

"No way. Not if I have to be the Sharptooth again." Cera says

"Hey. What if Spike be Sharptooth?" Petrie says flying over to Spike

Spike eats some green plants

Petrie lands on Spike's head

Ducky walks up to Spike

"Oh yes. Yes. Spike." Ducky says

"It okay with you Spike?" Petrie asks

"Please?" Ducky says

Spike nodds yes

"See. Spike no mind." Petrie says

"Hooray!" Duckie says hugging Spike's head

"Alright. Let's play." Cera says

"Yep, yep, yep. We are going to the Sheltering Grass." Ducky says

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike head down the hill

"Wait. Wait. You guys. The Sheltering Grass is on the other side of the Sinking Sands." Littlefoot says

"So?" Cera says

"Well...My grandparents don't want me going to the Sinking Sand without them." Littlefoot says

Petrie lands on Cera's head behind her crest

"Littlefoot right. Sinking Sand dangerous." Petrie says

"Oh yes it is. Yes it is." Ducky says

"Aw you're just a bunch of eggs." Cera says

Petrie rolls off Cera down her back and tail

"I could cross the Sinking Sands with my eyes closed." Cera says walking off

"With her eyes closed?!" Petrie says

"Not looking where she is going?" Ducky says

Spike gasps and covers his eyes with his paws

"Hey that sound fun. Me try with my eyes closed." Petrie says

Petrie closes his eyes and begins to walk toward Spike

Petrie hits Spike's snout

Both him and Spike open their eyes

Petrie jumps back startled

Petrie giggles with embarassment

"Hey. Are you scardy eggs coming or what?" Cera says

Littlefoot and Devon head down the hill to Ducky, Petrie and Spike

Ducky, Petrie and Spike walk off with Cera

Littlefoot and Devon remain hesitant

Ducky comes back to encourage them

"Littlefoot, Devon, you coming?" Ducky says

"" Littlefoot says

"It's okay, Littlefoot. I'll make sure we don't get into any trouble like I promised." Devon says

"Yeah. We're coming." Littlefoot says

With that said, Littlefoot and his friends along with Devon head into the forest

Devon and the others soon reach the Sinking Sands

The Sheltering Grass which was tall grass was blocked off by the large quicksand that prevented Devon and the others from moving foward

"The Sinking Sands." Littlefoot says

"How are we gonna get across?" Devon says

Ducky dips her left foot in the sand but then has trouble raising her foot out

"I cannot swim in that. Oh no." Ducky says

"Petrie fly across." Petrie says

Petrie flies above Devon and the other in mid-air

"Petrie we no have wings. We cannot fly." Ducky says

"Oh." Petrie says disappointed

Petrie lands back on the ground

"Poor Petrie." Ducky says

"My Dad just jumps from rock to rock." Cera says

"Yeah but your dad's got longer legs than us." Littlefoot says

"Big deal. I can do it too. Watch." Cera says

Cera backs up, runs and jumps to a rock

She nearly falls into the quicksand but manages to stand on the rock

"See." Cera says

Suddenly, Cera loses balance and falls into the quicksand

"Cera!" Littlefoot shouts

"Hang on!" Devon shouts

"Wait for Petrie!" Petrie says

Cera screams and tries to free herself from the quicksand but to no avail

"Help!" Cera screams

Devon turns to Littlefoot and his friends

"Stay here." Devon says

Devon jumps to the rock near Cera

Being brave, Devon jumps into the quicksand and grabs hold of Cera

"Hold on, Cera!" Littlefoot shouts

Devon manages to get Cera out of the quicksand and onto a rock but fails to get himself out

"Go! Get out of here! Save yourselves!" Devon says

Devon holds his breath before sinking into the quicksand

"Devon!" Littlefoot and the others shout

Littlefoot and the others scream for help

The grown-ups soon hear the cries for help

"Cera?" Mr. Three-horn says

Petrie's mother also hears the cries from her nest perched near a cliff

"Petrie?" She says

Near a pond, Duckie and Spike's mother as well as Littlefoot's Grandpa and Grandma hear the cries

"Ducky! Spike!" She says

"Littlefoot!" Grandpa says

"Littlefoot!" Grandma says

The grown-ups rush to the Sinking Sands

"Kids. What are you doing here?" Grandpa says

"Grandpa, Devon is stuck in the Sinking Sands! Help him!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends as well as the Grown-ups look toward the quicksand

They see Devon emerge out of the quicksand holding on to a nearby rock

He loses his grip and sinks into the quicksand

Devon holds his breath before sinking into the quicksand

Grandpa takes his long tail and dips it into the quicksand

He lifts Devon out of the quicksand and gently places him on the ground

Devon breathes heavily

He rises to his feet

"Are you alright?" Grandpa asks

"Yeah. I'm fine." Devon says breathing heavily

All the grown-ups look toward Littlefoot and his friends with stern looks on their faces

"Uh Oh." Littlefoot says

(Later that night)

Grandpa and Grandma talk with Littlefoot about the incident

"Littlefoot, Your Grandma and I don't want to lose you." Grandpa says

"You are all we have." Grandma says

Littlefoot sighs

"It's hard to be little." Littlefoot says

"Don't worry. You'll grow up faster than you think. Enjoy being young while you can." Grandma says nuzzling Littlefoot

"And stay close to the herd especially Devon. He is unaware of the dangers that the Great Valley has in store for him." Grandpa says

"Aw gee." Littlefoot says

"We feel safe here in the valley. The great wall protects us from Sharpteeth and other dangers of the Mysterious Beyond. But there are dangers in the Great Valley as well, Littlefoot. You must always be careful." Grandpa says looking toward the valley walls then back at Littlefoot

"But my friends..."

"Hush now. It is time to get some sleep. The bright circle has gone from the sky." Grandma says

"But i'm not sleepy." Littlefoot says

"Go on, Littlefoot." Grandpa says

Littlefoot walks into a grass bedding

"But i'm not..."

Littlefoot yawns

Littlefoot circles in his bed and lies down

"I'm thirsty." Littlefoot says

"I know, Littlefoot." Grandpa says

Grandma holding a Tree-star with her mouth lowers it down to Littlefoot

On the leaf was a fair amount of water for him to drink

Littlefoot yawns again

"Goodnight, Grandpa. Goodnight, Grandma." Littlefoot says nuzzling Grandma and Grandpa

"Goodnight, Littlefoot." Grandpa says

"Goodnight, my little one." Grandma says

Littlefoot rests his head and heads to sleep

Grandma and Grandpa walk away

They see Devon staring up at the stars

"Grandpa, Devon has been staring at the bright lights for quite sometime. Do you think he is okay?" Grandma says

"I'm not sure. I'm also concerned for Devon. Maybe We should go talk to him." Grandpa says

Grandpa and Grandma walk over to Devon

Devon looks up at the stars thinking of his lost Mother and Father

"Are you alright, little one?" Grandma asks

Devon turns and sees Littlefoot's Grandpa and Grandma

"oh...hi." Devon says

"Is something troubling you, Devon?" Grandpa asks

"Unfortunately yes." Devon responds sadly

Grandma lowers her head down to Devon and nuzzles him

"It's alright. You can tell us." Grandma says comforting Devon

Devon looks back up toward the stars

"Back when I was much younger, I had a mother and father who loved and cared about me. They were the best mother and father I ever had. That was until one night. My home world was attacked not by Sharpteeth but by monsters known as the Heartless." Devon says

Grandpa and Grandma look confused

"Heartless?" Grandma says

"What are Heartless?" Grandpa asks

"Heartless are creatures of darkness that steal the hearts of other creatures like you and me. When that happens, a person becomes a Heartless. The Heartless attacked my home destroying all in their path. Leading the Heartless was a dark, evil entity known as Lord Thanatos. A being of evil who commands the Heartless. Eventually, he came to my home and took the lives of my Mother and Father. I was only 9 years old. I managed to escape with my life. But that night has haunted me the rest of my life. Every night, I look up to the stars and think about them. Now, my family is dead and I am alone." Devon says

Grandma nuzzles Devon

"It's ok, little one. You are not alone. You already have a family. You have me and Grandpa." Grandma says comforting Devon

"And as long as you are here to stay, you are always welcome to the Great Valley. And you are family to us. Especially to Littlefoot and his friends. They really care about you." Grandpa says

"Well, it's time you get some rest." Grandma says

Grandma lets Devon sit on her head as she carries him back to Littlefoot

When they reach Littlefoot, Grandma sits her head down to let Devon climb off and lay beside Littlefoot

"Goodnight, young one." Grandma says nuzzling Devon

"Night, Grandma. Night Grandpa." Devon says petting them

Grandma and Grandpa walk away

(Later that night)

Both Devon and Littlefoot were asleep when they heard rustling in the grass behind them

"Psst. Littlefoot, Devon. Wake up." A voice whispers

Littlefoot and Devon slowly wake up

"Cera?" Devon says

"Cera? Where are you?" Littlefoot says

"Over here." Cera whispers

They look around but don't see Cera

"Where?" Devon whispers

"Here." Cera whispers

They both look into the rustling grass

"What are you doing here?" Littlefoot says

"Ssh. Quiet." Cera says poping her head out of the grass

"What's the matter?" Littlefoot asks

"I can't sleep. It's important. We've gotta talk." Cera says

Cera heads back into the grass

Littlefoot pokes his head in

"Now?" He asks

"Ssh. Yes now." Cera says heading further into the grass

She turns back toward Littlefoot and Devon

"Scared of the dark?" Cera says

"No. Never." Littlefoot says

"Then, c'mon. We've got to get the others." Cera says

Cera, Littlefoot and Devon head into the valley to gather their friends

They meet up ontop of a rockhead

Littlefoot and Spike laid on the ground

Devon sat between them

Ducky sat next to Devon

Petrie was perched on Devon's right shoulder

"Yep, yep, yep. We are all here. Oh yes. We are." Ducky says

"But what we here for?" Petrie asks

"Yes is there a problem?" Ducky asks

"Grown-ups." Cera says walking past them

Their faces turn to suprise

"I suppose you all got the same lecture I did?" Cera says looking back at her friends

Littlefoot and his friends nodd yes

"Me too young to wander far." Petrie says

"We are not grown-ups and should remember it." Ducky says

"There are always danger. I must always be careful." Littlefoot says

"Don't hang around with 'Longnecks', 'Bigfaces' and 'Spiketails'." Cera says

Littlefoot and his friends looks at Cera stumped

"Well, it was mostly part of the same lecture." Cera says

"Grandma and Grandpa were really worried that I would get hurt." Littlefoot says

Cera walks up to Littlefoot

"That's the problem. They don't think we can take care of ourselves. We've got to do something so the grown-up can stop treating us like hatchlings." Cera says

"Cera's right." Petrie says

"I agree. I do. I do. So, what are we going to do?" Ducky says

"Well...I know. We could run away from home." Cera says

Everyone stumps

"Uh. Where we run?" Petrie asks

"Hm. We could just stay here." Cera says

"That's silly. Anybody can find us here." Littlefoot says

"I'm with Littlefoot on that. It will be easy for anyone to find us here. We're pretty much in the open." Devon says

"Nah uh. See these rocks. This could be our hideout. And we're up real high. Nobody could sneak up on us." Cera says

"Cera right. Look." Petrie says

Everybody looks over the rockhead

"You can see everything from up here. Yes you can." Ducky says

They could see the entire valley from where they were

"Hey Ducky. There's your nest." Devon says

Everybody looks toward Ducky's nest where her Mother and her siblings slept

"But who's that walking away?" Littlefoot says

They see two dinosaurs named Ozzy and Strut walking away with one of Ducky's egg sibling

Everyone gasps

"They're stealing one of the eggs." Littlefoot says

"They're egg-napping one of our family." Ducky says

"We have to warn the grown-ups." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot, and their friends were about to head down the rockhead when Cera stops them

"No way! If we catch them, it will show everyone that we're not babies anymore." Cera says

"Oh yes, yes, yes." Ducky says

"I don't know." Devon says

Cera walks up to Devon

"Listen, scardey. There's 6 of us and 2 of them. What could go wrong?" Cera says


"Please?" Ducky says

Everyone eyes Devon

"Okay. Saving Ducky's sibling will be our number 1 priority." Devon says

"Let's go get them!" Cera says

Devon and the others head down the rockhead and chase the two egg stealing dinosaurs

The 2 dinosaurs stop within the forest

"Now, remember I get the first bite after all this was my idea."

The dinosaur snatches the egg from the other dinosaur's claws

"Drop that egg!" Devon says

The 2 dinosaurs look back and see Devon and the others

Devon was in the lead with Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, and Spike behind him with Ducky riding Littlefoot

"We've been spotted. I told you not to be so obvious!"

"Ozzy! Wait for me!"

The two dinosaurs head further into the forest

"Bring back my brother! Um...or sister!" Ducky says

They chase the 2 dinosaurs to a pathway that leads into the Mysterious Beyond

"They're headed for the Mysterious Beyond. Maybe we should go get help afterall." Cera says

"It's too late now. They'll get away." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot, Devon and Ducky head up the path

"This was your idea. Are you coming or not?" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot, Devon and Ducky continue up the path

The 2 dinosaurs soon stop at a wide gap

"You first!" Ozzy says pushing the other dinosaur

The dinosaur makes it across the gap

Ozzy then jumps and also makes it across

The 2 proceed further ahead of the group

Devon and the others soon reach the gap

Petrie flies across the gap

"It not far. You can do it." Petrie says

Littlefoot jumps across and makes it

"It's your turn, Spike. Hurry!" Littlefoot says

Spike jumps across and also makes it

Cera jumps across and also makes it

Devon jumps across and also makes it

Ducky jumps across but falls

Ducky screams

"Ducky!" Devon says

Devon dives down the gap

He soon catches Ducky

He takes his keyblade and drives it into the rockwall

Littlefoot and the others look down the gap

They see Devon and Ducky on the rock wall down below them

"Don't worry! I got her!" Devon says

"Thank you, Devon." Ducky says

Devon smiles

Devon climbs up the rock wall Ducky in his hands and catches up with Littlefoot and the others

A storm forms above their heads

Thunder explodes in the skies

The group continues down the path

"C'mon! Let's go!" Littlefoot says

"Don't stop." Petrie says

Soon, it starts to rain

"Oh no." Cera says

"Keep going." Littlefoot says

The group pushes on

Ahead, the 2 dinosaurs Ozzy and Strut come across a rock wall blocking their path

They see a cave on the left and seek refuge there

"We done it, Strut. Those little grass nippers won't be able to follow us now. It won't be long now, egg. Soon, you will be nestled in the pit of my stomach." Ozzy says

Ozzy and Strut head into the cave

"Ozz, when is it your turn to hold the egg?" strut says exhausted

Littlefoot and the others reach the rockwall

"I don't see anybody." Cera says

"They have disappeared. They have." Ducky says

Devon looks toward the nearby cave

"They must've went in that cave. Let's go." Devon says

Devon heads into the cave followed by Littlefoot and his friends

"It sure is dark in here." Cera says

"Don't worry. I'll take care of that." Devon says

Devon's heart glows bright blue illuminating the cave

"Whoa." Littlefoot and the others say amazed

"Follow me." Devon says

(Deep in the cave)

Ozzy and Strut relax in the cave

"Okay, Strut. Now it is my turn to hold the egg." Ozzy says

Strut hands Ozzy the egg but clumsily drops it

"Oh. Now. where it. It was just here a minute." Ozzy says seaching for the egg

He then grabs Littlefoot's head thinking it was the egg

Both panic

Soon, everybody panics running about the cave (Except Devon)

Cera runs into a rock column

The whole cave begins to shake

"Everybody out!" Devon shouts

Devon and the others head out of the cave

From outside, a part of the rock wall collapses

Everyone makes it out of the cave safely before it collapses

The egg manages to roll all the way back to Ducky's nest

Devon and the others slide down further into the Mysterious Beyond

They soon stop

Littlefoot and his friends emerge from the rocks

"Is everyone alright?" Littlefoot says

"Me not okay. Me hurt everywhere." Petrie says

"I think I bent my horn." Cera says

"Where is Devon?" Ducky asks


Littlefoot and the others hear a voice in the pile of rocks

Devon emerges from the rocks

"Devon!" Everyone says

"Don't worry. I'm fine." Devon says

They hear strange noises in the Mysterious Beyond

They look over a rockhead and see a spooky enviornment

Strange creatures inhabited this place

Bones littered the area

"This place spooky." Petrie says

"Where are we?" Ducky asks

"I think we're in the Mysterious Beyond." Littlefoot says

"There's nothing to be afraid of as long as we are together right?" Ducky says

They soon hear loud roars

Spike drives his head into the ground

Petrie grabs hold of Littlefoot's neck

"I wanna go home." Cera says

"Petrie go home too." Petrie says

"But what about the egg. We can't leave it here. All alone." Duckie says

"I'm sorry, Ducky. It must have gotten crushed in that rockslide." Devon says

Ducky becomes sad

Tears slide down her face

"Goodbye baby sister...or baby brother." Ducky says sadly walking away

Devon kneels down to Ducky

"Don't cry, Duckie. It's part of the Circle of life." Devon says

"Besides, there a whole nest of eggs at home." Cera says

"Yes, but this one was special. It was going to be my favorite, favorite. All blue, orange and speckled. There was not another egg like it in the whole world. Except this one." Ducky says pointing to an egg behind her

"Ducky! It's safe!" Littlefoot says

"It's here!" Cera says

"The egg! It is not smushed. Oh hello, baby brother or sister. Hey, you growed. This is going to be a big brother or sister." Ducky says

The egg rolls down from it;s spot with Ducky holding on giggling

Devon grabs hold of the egg

"C'mon. Let's get this egg back to the nest." Devon says

Devon and the others head back to the Great Valley

They soon make it back home

Devon takes the egg and places it back in the nest

"I can't wait to tell everyone how we saved the egg." Cera says

"They no treat us like babies anymore." Petrie says

Devon soon stops

"Go ahead, Devon. Put it back." Littlefoot says

"It is back. Look." Devon says

Littlefoot and the others see all 7 eggs resting nicely in the nest

"But then, who's egg is this?" Devon says

Devon and the others look at each other

They meet up elsewhere in the Great Valley with the egg

"So if Duckie's egg was at the nest the whole time, whose egg is this?" Littlefoot says

"Maybe those badguys steal it from other nest." Petrie says

"Yeah, but which one?" Littlefoot says

"We won't know until it hatches." Cera says

"Yes, then we can take it back to it's family." Ducky says

"But, who's going to take care of it after it hatches?" Littlefoot says

"We are of course. After all, we're not babies." Cera says

"I don't know. Maybe we should tell our folks." Littlefoot says

"No! If they find out where we were, they'll put us back in our nest. We don't tell the grown-ups anything. Right?" Cera says

"Right." Littlefoot sighs


Littlefoot and Devon head back to their nest and rest

Grandma approaches and wakes them up

"Littlefoot, Devon, Wake up sleepy heads. The bright circle is already rising in the sky." Grandma says

Littlefoot and Devon sigh


Strut emerges from the rocks

"I feel as though a mountain came down on me." Strut says

"It did." A muffled voice says

"Ozzy? Where are you?" Strut says looking around

"You're standing on me!"

Strut looks down and sees Ozzy

He jumps off and Ozzy emerges from the rocks

"Did you manage to save the egg?" Ozzy asks

"The egg? Oh the egg. It was those kids. They stole our egg. The nerve." Strut says

"They did did they? Well they'll pay and dearly." Ozzy says

(Back in the Great Valley)

Devon and the others watch the egg in secret

"So how long do we have to wait?" Cera says

"Gee I don't know. Could be a long time." Littlefoot says

"Well, I don't think we can keep this egg in secret for too long." Devon says

"My mama sit on eggs. Make them hatch. Me sit on egg." Petrie says

Petrie sits on the top of the egg

"I wonder what it's going to be? A girl I hope." Cera says

"Maybe it flyer like me." Petrie says

"Or a swimmer like me." Ducky says

"Hey. Why can't we be it's parents?" Littlefoot says

Everyone laughs

"Don't be silly, Littlefoot. How can we be it's parents?" Cera says

"Well...we'll raise it. Teach it stuff. It'll be fun." Littlefoot says

"Oh yes, yes, yes. I'll be a good mamma." Ducky says

Ducky hugs the egg

"We'll be good parents." Petrie says

"Well. I think I'll be the best parent." Cera says

"Why is that, Cera?" Devon asks

"Because I'll let her do whatever she wants." Cera says

"That sound good to me." Petrie says

"So, we're gonna do it?" Littlefoot asks

"Yeah." Everyone says

"Then, it is agreed. We'll raise this baby until we reunite it with it's real parents." Devon says

The egg began to shake

Everyone gasps

"Look!" Ducky says

"It hatching." Petrie says

The egg begins to crack

Then, a dinosaur foot cracks out from the egg

Next, comes the tail

Then, the whole egg opens

A cracked egg shell covered the baby's head

The baby swings it's head back

The cracked shell flies off the baby's head

It was a baby T-rex or a baby "Sharptooth"

"It's...It's a..."

The Baby opens it's mouth

Inside was pointy teeth

"Sharptooth!" Everyone shouts

Littlefoot and his friends panic and run away into the forest

Devon stayed behind with the baby dinosaur

The baby dinosaur looks happily at Devon

"So, you're a baby Sharptooth. But, you don't look that dangerous." Devon says

Devon pets the baby Sharptooth

The baby Sharptooth purrs

"Actually, you're kinda cute." Devon says

The Baby Sharptooth licks Devon's face

Devon chuckles

"Littlefoot, come back. He's not dangerous. He's practcally harmless." Devon says

Littlefoot comes back and sees Devon with the Baby Sharptooth

"Aw. He doesn't seem that dangerous." Littlefoot says

The baby Sharptooth licks Littlefoot's face

Littlefoot giggles

Devon also giggles

"Friendly aren't you? Hey. You think I'm your mama...uh papa." Littlefoot says

"Well...we're not really. But, don't worry. Me and Littlefoot will take great care of you. Our friends will too. Once they see how nice you are." Devon says

Devon pets the baby Sharptooth

"C'mon. We'll show you around." Littlefoot says

The baby Sharptooth tries to stand and walk but slumps back on the ground

"Seems like we need to teach it to walk." Devon says

Devon holds the baby Sharptooth up and helps it walk

The baby Sharptooth was soon able to walk

"Good. Now he can walk." Littlefoot says

"But what about a name?" Devon says

"Right. He needs a name." Littlefoot says

A dragonfly flys around the Baby Sharptooth

The Baby tries to catch it in it's mouth by chomping down on it

"How about...Chomper." Devon says

"Yeah. That's a great name." Littlefoot says

Chomper chomps down on the dragonfly

"Guess you're hungry." Littlefoot says

"But, we both know what Sharpteeth eat. I'm not sure if Chomper will eat greens like you and the others do." Devon says

"We have to try." Littlefoot

Littlefoot snatches a branch with leaves on it and lowers it to Chomper

"Try it." Littlefoot says

Chomper bites down and eats it

But as depicted, Chomper spits out the food with disgust

"Just as I thought." Devon says

"This is going to be harder than I thought." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot walks off to his Grandpa and Grandma

"I'll stay here and watch Chomper." Devon says

Devon turns to Chomper

"Remember Chomper. You and I stay right here." Devon says

Devon turns but Chomper wasn't around

He looks around and sees Chomper chasing butterflies

"No! Chomper!" Devon says


Grandma and Grandpa were both eating greens near a pond when Littlefoot comes up to them

"Um...Grandpa...Grandma. Can I talk to you?" Littlefoot asks

"Of course, Littlefoot. What is it?" Grandpa asks

"Well...uh...I want to know about babies." Littlefoot says

This took Grandpa and Grandma by suprise

"But, Littlefoot. You're too young to worry about babies." Grandma says

"'s just that i'm curious." Littlefoot says

"Alright. What would you like to know?" Grandma asks

"How do the babies get enough to eat?" Littlefoot asks

"The grown-ups find food for them of course." Grandma answers

"But what if they won't eat what you give them?" Littlefoot asks

"You wouldn't always eat what we gave you." Grandpa says

"I wouldn't?" Littlefoot says

"That's right. But when you were not hungry enough, You always ate." Grandpa says

"I did?" Littlefoot says

"Uh-huh." Grandpa nodds

"All babies eat when they are hungry, Littlefoot. Now, anything else you'd like to know." Grandma says

" That's good. Thanks. Bye." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot heads back into the forest

Grandpa chuckles

"Kids. They want to grow up so fast." He says

"Yes, and when they do, They'd wish they were young again." Grandma says

Grandpa and Grandma chuckle with humor

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike return to the spot

They look around but don't see Littlefoot, Chomper, or Devon anywhere

"I don't see Littlefoot or Devon anywhere." Cera says

"Maybe Sharptooth eat them." Petrie says

"Poor Littlefoot. Poor Devon." Ducky says sadly

"Well, Well, Well. If it isn't the little leaf eaters that spoiled our supper." Ozzy says

"It is the egg-nappers!" Ducky says

"What we do?" Petrie says

"Run!" Cera says

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike flee from Ozzy and Strut

"Where's my egg you little leaf conchers!?" Ozzy says

They both chase Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike through the forest

Just then, Littlefoot returns but Devon and Chomper were gone

He heads back into the forest looking for Chomper and Devon

"Chomper! Devon! Why did they run off? I'm sure Devon wouldn't let Chomper wonder off." Littlefoot says

"Chomper! Get out of there!" A voice shouts in the distance

"Devon?" Littlefoot says recognizing Devon's voice

Littlefoot looks in the direction of the voice

"It's coming from the Sinking Sands!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot heads toward the Sinking Sands

When he arrives, He sees Devon infront of him away from the quicksand but Chomper was standing on a rock still trying to catch the butterfly

"Devon!" Littlefoot says

Devon turns around and sees Littlefoot

"Littlefoot!" Devon says

They both turn back to Chomper

"Chomper." Devon calls

Chomper turns and notices Devon and Littlefoot

He was happy to see them

"Chomper please. Come back here." Littlefoot says

Chomper jumps from rock to rock toward Devon and Littlefoot

He soon reaches Littlefoot and Devon

Chomper hugs Devon's leg

Devon and Littlefoot sigh with relief

Devon kneels down and pets Chomper's head

"That's better. At least you're safe." Devon says

Chomper looks toward Littlefoot

"You shouldn't worry us like that." Littlefoot says

Chomper's face turns to shock

"It's alright, Littlefoot. Remember, Chomber is just a baby." Devon says

Chomper's face turns back to calm

He continues to hug Devon

They soon hear screams

"Help us!" Familiar voices screams

"It my friends!" Littlefoot says recognizing the voices

"Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike!" Devon says in shock

They see Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike cornered by Ozzy and Strut on a high rockhead

Devon turns to Chomper and kneels down to him

"Chomper, stay here and don't move. We'll be right back." Devon says

Devon stands back up and draws his keyblade

"Littlefoot, let's go." Devon says

Devon and Littlefoot head up to the rockhead where Cera, Duckie, Petrie and Spike were trapped

"Now, what did you do with my egg?" Ozzy asks

"Your egg? We didn't do anything to it. It hatched." Cera says

"It hatched!? Before I could eat it, my egg hatched!?" Ozzy says

"Calm down, Ozzy. It was just an egg." Strut says

"It was not just an egg! It was our dinner!" Ozzy says

Ozzy whacks Strut with his tail

"I'm warning you, you little leaf lickers! Stay out of my way or i'll..."

"Or you'll what?" A voice says from behind Ozzy and Strut

"Huh?" Ozzy and Strut says as the look behind them

Standing behind them was Devon with his keyblade drawn and Littlefoot

"Devon! Littlefoot!" Cera says

"We are saved." Ducky says

"Just what I can't stand: A bossy weed whacker." Ozzy says approaching Devon and Littlefoot

Littlefoot backs up and trips on a rock landing on his hindquarters

Devon heads over to Littlefoot and stands infront of him with hie keyblade drawn

Ozzy laughs

He then sees a large shadow behind

It appeared to be a Sharptooth

"Sharptooth!" Cera, Ducky, and Petrie says

"Sharptooth!" Ozzy and Strut says

They both run past Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike and jump off the rockhead

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and spike look down as Ozzy and Strut fall into the forest

They look back toward the shadow

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike covers their eyes

Devon looks closer

"Wait. That's no Sharptooth." Devon says

The shadow shrinks and out steps Chomper toward Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"Chomper!" Devon says happily as he kneels down to the baby dinosaur

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike opens their eyes

"Chomper!" Littlefoot says

"Chomper? What's a Chomper?" Cera says

"It is his name, silly." Ducky giggles

"See guys. Chomper is a nice Sharptooth. He would never hurt us." Littlefoot says

Chomper walks up to Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"Thanks, Chomper." Cera says graciously

"You are so nice, Chomper." Ducky says

"We like you, Chomper." Petrie says

"Chomper, This is your Aunt Cera, your Uncle Spike and Petrie and your Aunt Ducky." Littlefoot says

"Hi, Chomper. I think you're very cute." Ducky says

Chomper hugs Duckie

"C'mon. Let's get off this rockhead." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike head down the rockhead

Devon takes the lead

Littlefoot walks behind Devon

Cera behind Littlefoot

Chomper behind Cera

Spike behind Chomper with Duckie riding Spike

And Petrie flying above them

As they head down, Chomper eyes Cera's tail

He heads toward Cera and bites down on her tail

"Ow!" Cera says

Everyone turns to Cera and Chomper

"Chomper." Littlefoot says

Chomper becomes sad

Cera lowers her tail and Chomper lets go

Chomper walks sadly toward Littlefoot

Devon walks toward Cera and kneels down to her

"Cera, are you alright?" Devon asks

"No! Chomper bit on my tail!" Cera says

"Here, let me see your tail." Devon says

Devon inspects Cera's tail

There was no holes or bite marks

"I don't see no bite marks, so it's alright." Devon says

Devon walks over to Chomper, kneels down and pets him

"It's alright, Chomper. All it was was an accident." Devon says

"A Sharptooth never to be one of us. Never!" Cera says

"Don't say that." Littlefoot says

"You know it's true. He has to go." Cera says

"No! He stays!" Littlefoot says

Cera bumps Littlefoot

"He goes!" Cera says

"Cera!" Devon says

Littlefoot bumps Cera

"He stays!" Littlefoot says

"Littlefoot!" Devon says

Duckie walks up to Chomper

"Chomper, you did not mean to bite Cera, did you?" Ducky asks

Chomper looks confused

"I do not think Chomper knows." Ducky says

Cera knocks Littlefoot back on his hindquarters

"We can't keep him!" Cera says

"But, Cera. We can't leave him. He needs us." Littlefoot says

"Enough!" Devon says

Cera walks away

"He needs me too much." Petrie says

Chomper sniffs Petrie

"No! Chomper! You cannot eat Petrie! No!" Ducky says

Chomper backs away sadly

"Huh? I said 'no' just like my parents. Oh no no no no." Ducky says backing away from Chomper

Littlefoot and Devon walks up to Chomper

"Don't you see, Chomper. You can't be a Sharptooth. Sharpteeth aren't allowed in this valley." Littlefoot says

Tears begin to slide down Chomper's face

Chomper backs away from Littlefoot and the others and runs away

"Chomper! Wait! Don't go!" Devon says

"Um...Devon. Maybe before you bring Chomper back, we should think about it. Chomper is different from us. He is." Ducky says

"Regardless if he is a Sharptooth, Chomper is still family. I'm going to follow him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. It's better if I get hurt than he does. If I have to sacrifice myself to save Chomper. So be it!" Devon says

With that said, Devon runs off after Chomper leaving Littlefoot and his friends behind

"Devon! Wait!" Littlefoot says

Chomper heads down the rockhead and heads toward a Volcano several meters away from the Great Valley

(Back in the Mysterious Beyond)

2 Sharptooths walk out of the Mysterious Beyond and past the Great wall

One was a Male dark-green Sharptooth and one was a Female light-green Sharptooth

Both head into the Great Valley

(The Great Valley)

Ozzy and Strut climb back up the rockhead

"Next time we look before we leap." Ozzy says

"Do you think those Sharptooth finished off those kids, Ozzy?" Strut asks

"I hope so. Now let's get ourselves an egg and eat." Ozzy says

Ozzy and Strut head down the rockhead also heading toward the volcano

Littlefoot and his friends looks for Devon and Chomper in the woods but have no luck finding them

"Chomper! Devon!" Littlefoot calls

"Where are you?" Cera says

"Chomper! Devon!" Petrie calls

Duckie was exhausted on Spike's tail

"I am tired. I am. I am." Ducky says

"We can't stop, Ducky. Not until we find Devon and Chomper." Littlefoot says

"Maybe we stop. Chomper and Devon find us." Petrie says exhausted

"Well I don't really care if we find them or not." Cera says

Littlefoot looks angerly at Cera

"No one's asking you to come along, Cera." Littlefoot says

"Hmph." Cera grunts

Duckie's stomach growls

"My tummy is making it's hungry noise." Ducky says

"My tummy talk too. It say feed me." Petrie says

"I'm hungry too. Let's go home." Cera says

"Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike! Come quick! It's Chomper and Devon! They're on the Smokey Mountain!" Littlefoot calls

Littlefoot and his friends watch as Chomper climbs up the volcano with Devon following close behind

Smoke and ash flies out the volcano

Up on the Volcano, Chomper tries to catch another dragonfly

The dragonfly heads further up the volcano

Chomper follows it up the volcano

"Chomper, not this again." Devon whispers

Devon follows Chomper

"They could fall into the gurgling pit. They could." Ducky says

Ozzy and Strut were both elsewhere on a rockhead looking for a nest full of eggs

Fortunately, they find one

"Ah. Lunch is served." Ozzy says as he eyes a nest full of eggs

They both head to the nest

Just as they were about to grab the eggs, they hear a voice

"Chomper! Devon! Come back!"

It was Littlefoot


Ozzy and Strut look down and see Littlefoot and his friends

"Don't move, Chomper!" Littlefoot says

"We're coming!" Ducky says

"It's those kids again, Ozzy." Strut says

"We're coming, Chomper, Devon!" Cera says

"Don't worry, Chomper, Devon!" Littlefoot says

"If they scream any louder, they're gonna give us away." Ozzy says

Above the two dinosaurs, a terrydactl flies above Ozzy and Strut and chases them protecting it's nest

Ozzy and Strut flee the scene

They both head into a hole on the rockhead

They manage to escape the Pterodactyl

"Those kids have ruined our lunch...for the last...time." Ozzy says annoyed

(Back at the volcano)

Littlefoot and his friends head up the volcano for Devon and Chomper

Chomper was still trying to catch the dragonfly and continues up the volcano

Devon follows close behind

"Chomper!" Littlefoot calls out

"Devon!" Ducky calls out

"Where are you!?" Littlefoot shouts

"Look." Ducky says pointing to the top of the volcano

Magma shoots out of the volcano

"Maybe we should look for Chomper and Devon someplace else." Littlefoot says

When they try to turn around, Ozzy and Strut corner them

"Leaving? So soon? But you didn't have your bath." Ozzy says

Ozzy and Strut move towards Littlefoot and his friends

They both corner them with a hot lava behind them in a hole

"Me no need bath. Me had one yesterday." Petrie says

"You smelly egg-stealers better watch it because we happen to be friends with a Sharptooth and someone else you don't expect." Cera says

Chomper chases the dragonfly when he hears Littlefoot and his friends

Devon manages to catch up with Littlefoot

"Chomper." Devon calls

Chomper looks toward Devon

He looks happy to see Devon

Chomper heads to Devon and hugs him

"It's good too see you too." Devon says petting Chomper

Devon and Chomper both hear Littlefoot and his friends as well as Ozzy and Strut

"Sharpteeth don't have friends." Ozzy says

"They do too!" Littlefoot says

"If a Sharptooth is your friend, prove it!" Ozzy says

"But Ozzy, we saw the Sharptooth's shadow. That's good enough for me." Strut says

"Boy are you dum. That scary shadow wasn't a big Sharptooth. It was just a baby." Cera says

"Cera!" Littlefoot says

"I mean...oops." Cera says

Devon and Chomper look down and see Littlefoot and his friends cornered by Ozzy and Strut

"Littlefoot and his friends. They need our help." Devon says

Devon soon gets an idea

He looks toward Chomper with a confident smile

Chomper looks back and also smiles with a confident look

"You ready, Chomper?" Devon asks

Chomper nodds yes

"Alright. Let's get 'em." Devon says

Devon draws his keyblade

"Time's up, little ones." Ozzy says

The volcano begins to shake violently

Lava begins to slide out of the volcano down to Littlefoot and his friends

Littlefoot and his friends try to keep their balance

Ozzy and Strut loose their balance and roll off the volcano

"Chomper! Devon! Where are you?!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends heads down the volcano in panic

Devon and Chomper also try to keep balance

They both look toward the lava moving toward them

Devon sheathes his keyblade

"Change of plans. We need to get Littlefoot and his friends and get out of here." Devon says

Devon grabs hold of Chomper in his hands

"Hold on." Devon says

Devon heads down the volcano with Chomper in his hands

The lava behind them burns and melts any plant in it's path

Littlefoot and his friends continue down the path on a canyon

"C'mon. Keep going!" Little foot says

They were soon cut off by Ozzy and Strut

"I've had it with you hatchlings." Ozzy says

"Ah!" Strut shouts in pain

Chomper was biting down on Strut's tail

Devon was behind him with his keyblade drawn

"Don't you go anywhere near them!" Devon says

"Chomper! Devon!" Littlefoot says

"Yah!" Littlefoot and his friends cheer

Chomper and Devon head over to Littlefoot and his friends

Chomper hugs Littlefoot

Littlefoot and his friends hug Chomper and Devon

"Oh, Chomper. Oh, Devon, I'm glad you're safe." Littlefoot says

"That's it! No more fooling around!" Ozzy says

Devon stands between the two dinosaurs and Littlefoot and his friends with his keyblade

Littlefoot looks behind him and sees the lava moving towards them

He also eyes a tree

Littlefoot soons remembers something his Grandpa said

"I hate being little."

"Don't worry. You'll be grown-up soon enough."

Littlefoot heads over to the tree and knocks it over creating a bridge between a gap across the canyon

Littlefoot crosses the tree to the other side

"Quick! Across the tree!" Littlefoot says

Chomper quickly climbs the tree and heads across the canyon

Cera and Petrie climb onto the tree

The tree almost gives way and falls

Cera almost falls off but holds onto the tree

Cera screams in panic

The lava slides down the canyon and toward Devon, Ducky, Spike Cera and Petrie

Cera climbs back up on the tree and heads across and joins Littlefoot and Chomper

"Ducky! Spike! Devon! C'mon!" Littlefoot shouts

"Spike. Devon. I'm afraid." Ducky says

"Don't worry, Ducky. I'll be right behind you and Spike." Devon says

Devon picks up Ducky and puts her on Spike's back

"Go." Devon says

Spike climbs up on the tree and gets across

Just before Devon was about to climb onto the tree, he is pushed aside by Ozzy

"Out of the way!" Ozzy says pushing Devon aside

Devon is pushed toward the wall on his right and falls to the ground on his side

Littlefoot and his friends gasp

Ozzy heads onto the tree but looks back

The lava reaches the tree and burns it's stump making the tree give way

Ozzy falls down the canyon

"Ozzy. Wait for me." Strut says

Strut jumps off the canyon down to Ozzy

"If this were a game, I never want to play it again." Cera says

Littlefoot and his friends looks toward Devon

Devon sits up only to see the tree gone and the lava head straight toward him

"Devon!" Littlefoot shouts

Devon slowly back up close to the edge of the canyon behind him

Devon looks down and it was a long way down into a forest

"Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper. I'm glad we were able to be friends. But now, it's time for you to move on and grow-up. I'm counting on you." Devon says

Devon looks toward Littlefoot and his friends

He winks his right-eye at them

Their faces turn to shock

Devon spreads his arms out

He closes his eyes and falls back off the edge

Devon disappears into the forest below

"Devon!" Littlefoot and his friends shout

They suddenly hear a roar infront of them

They see the 2 Sharptooth infront of them

"Looks like we still it." Petrie says

"Run!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends flee from the Sharpteeth

The Sharpteeth chase them down the canyon

(In the Great Valley)

Grandpa and Grandma were grazing on leaves when they suddenly hear the Sharpteeth roar from the distance

They look toward the direction of the noise

"Sharpteeth? In the Great Valley?" Grandma says

"We must warn the others." Grandpa says

Grandma and Grandpa head off into the Great Valley to warn the other grown-ups

Littlefoot and his friends flee from the Sharpteeth

The 2 Sharpteeth knock down everything in their path chasing Littlefoot and his friends

Eventually, they escape from the Sharpteeth

They hide behind some trees exhausted

"It dangerous out there." Petrie says

"I thought Sharpteeth couldn't get into the Great Valley." Cera says

"How did they get in?"Ducky asks

"I think it's our fault." Littlefoot says

"What do you mean? What did we do?" Cera asks

"Because the rock slide that made a hole in the Great wall." Littlefoot says

"Oh yeah." Cera says

They soon hear another noise

Littlefoot recognizes whose it was


In the valley, he sees Grandpa fighting the light-green Sharptooth

Grandpa fights the Sharptooth using his long, massive tail

"I got to do something!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot rushes to his Grandpa

"Littlefoot, he's a grown-up. He can handle that old Sharptooth." Cera says

"No! He needs me!" Littlefoot says rushing to his Grandpa's aid

Chomper follows Littlefoot

Cera gasps

"No! Chomper! Stay here!" Cera says

The Sharptooth knocks Grandpa down by ramming him with it's massive head

Just as the Sharptooth was about to attack, Petrie's mother flies infront of the Sharptooth as a distraction giving time for Grandpa to escape

Littlefoot sees the Sharptooth heading his way and heads back into the forest

He hides behind a tree and grabs a vine with his mouth

Across from him, he sees Chomper grab a vine with his mouth

"Chomper." Littlefoot says

He looks to his left and sees the Sharptooth chasing Petrie's mother toward them

"Get ready to pull." Littlefoot says

Chomper nodds

The Sharptooth was now in position


Littlefoot and Chomper pull on the vine

The Sharptooth trips on the vine and falls to the ground

Littlefoot and Chomper head deeper into the forest with the Sharptooth following them

"Littlefoot! In here!" Cera shouts

Littlefoot and Chomper head into a crevice hiding from the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth tries to get them out of the crevice but something hits it's head

It was Ducky and Petrie

They were both sitting on a palm tree throwing what appeared to be coconut-like fruits at the Sharptooth

They both laugh

"You good shot, Ducky." Petrie says handing Ducky another fruit

"Thank you, Petrie." Ducky says taking the fruit

Ducky throws the fruit down at the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth heads for Ducky and Petrie

Ducky and Petrie both scream in panic

"Hold on! I'm coming!" Cera says

Cera charges toward the Sharptooth and rams it's head on it's left foot

The Sharptooth turns it's attention to Cera

Cera screams and flees from the Sharptooth

"Spike!" Cera calls

Spike was up on a cliff standing next to a large flat rock

"Now! Spike! Now!" Cera shouts

Spike pushes against the large rock

The Sharptooth closes in on Cera

Spike pushes the large rock off the cliff

The rock falls straight onto the Sharptooth's head

The Sharptooth loses balance and falls to the ground

Cera regroups with Spike

"We did it, Spike! We flattened that old Sharptooth!" Cera says

Just when they thought it was over, the other Sharptooth crashes through the trees

"Another one!" Cera says

She flees but Spike stands paralyzed with fear

Cera catches up to Littlefoot and Chomper

They watch as the Sharptooth close in on Spike

"Do not stand there, Spike! Run!" Ducky shouts

Spike was unwilling to move

Ducky jumps onto the Sharptooth's head

"Ducky!" Petrie shouts

"You leave my big brother alone!" Ducky shouts stomping on the Sharptooth's snout

The Sharptooth tries to shake Ducky off it's head

Ducky hangs on to the Sharptooth's nostrils as it tries to shake her off

Grandpa, Grandma, Mr. Three-horn, and Ducky's Mother soon arrive

They hear Ducky scream

"That was one of our young ones." Grandma says

"Ducky!" Ducky's mother shouts

"This way quick!" Grandpa shouts

The grown-ups head toward the directon of the scream

"Help!" Ducky cries out

Just when things couldn't get any worse, the other Sharptooth corners Ducky

"Me coming, Ducky." Petrie says

Petrie flies toward Ducky

He grabs Ducky just before the Sharptooth bites down on the other Sharptooth's snout

Petrie flies into a tree and they both fall to the ground

Both Sharpteeth focus their attention on them

The grown-ups stand between Ducky, Petrie and the 2 Sharptooth

"Stay away from our children!" Ducky's Mother says

Grandpa smacks one Sharptooth with his tail

Mr.Three-horn rams into the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth falls to the ground

Grandma and Grandma smacks their tails on the other Sharptooth

"Wow. Look at our grown-ups go. I wish Devon was here to see them go." Littlefoot says

"Go get them, daddy." Cera says

The grown-ups manage to drive the Sharpteeth away

"Yah!" Littlefoot and his friends says

They head to the grown-ups

Chomper on the other hand stays behind

He heads back into the forest

"Those Sharpteeth won't dare show their faces here again." Mr.Three-horn says

"But how did they get into the Great Valley in the first place?" Grandma asks

"Who knows?" Grandpa says

"It's never happened before." Ducky's Mother says

"It's a mystery." A Stegosaurus says

Everyone looks toward Littlefoot and his friends

Grandpa notices Devon is not with them

"Littlefoot, where is Devon?" Grandpa asks

The children's faces become sad

" gone. He disappeared." Littlefoot says

"Don't worry, Littlefoot. We'll find Devon and bring him back home. But, now we have important matters to tend to like the Sharpteeth." Grandpa says

"Littlefoot, do you know how the Sharpteeth got in?" Grandma asks

"Not really. Oh no no no." Duckie says

"Littlefoot." Grandma says with suspicion


"Cera." Mr.Three-horn says

" see..."

Everyone turns to Cera

"After we chased those egg-nappers into the Mysterious Beyond."

Everyone's eyes widened

"Mysterious Beyond!"


"Some rocks fell and that made a big hole in..."

"So that's how the Sharpteeth came through." Grandpa says

"We must close the opening at once." Grandma says

"I want to help. Devon is still out there. What if the Sharpteeth go after him." Littlefoot says

"No, Littlefoot. It's too dangerous. You and the other young ones must stay here. And don't worry about Devon. I'm sure he's fine. We'll find him before we close the Great Wall. We'll set out a search party for him." Grandpa says

Grandpa rejoins the grown-ups as they proceed to the Great Wall

"Now, how can we close the wall?" Grandpa asks

"Any ideas?"

"We must do it right away."

"Well i'm not going to stay here. I'm going to help whether the grown-ups like it or not." Cera says

"Where's Chomper? Has anyone seen him?" Littlefoot asks

"Chomper?" Cera says

"Where did you go, Chomper?" Ducky says

"Me no see him anywhere." Petrie says

"I have to find him. He's out there all alone." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot rushes off into the forest in search of Chomper

"But Littlefoot! Your Grandpa said to stay here!" Cera says

"Oh he's going to be in big trouble." Ducky says

In the forest, Chomper wanders around the forest

Littlefoot soon spots him

"Chomper." Littlefoot says

Chomper turns and notices Littlefoot

Chomper licks Littlefoot's face

The 2 Sharptooth soon notice Chomper and Littlefoot


Chomper and Littlefoot flee from the 2 Sharptooths

They both climb onto a large log and cross it

Littlefoot on the other hand fall into the log

His right-foot was caught in a hole in the log

Chomper heads back for Littlefoot

Littlefoot looks up to Chomper

He then remembers what Devon said

"Regardless if he is a Sharptooth, Chomper is still family. It's better if I get hurt than he does. If I have to sacrifice myself to save Chomper. So be it!"

"Go on, Chomper. Save yourself." Littlefoot says

The 2 Sharptooth close in on them

"Littlefoot! I'm coming!" A familiar voice shouts

Everyone looks up

They all see Devon head down toward them from the trees above

"Devon!" Littlefoot says happy to see Devon

Chomper was also happy to see Devon

Devon lands on the log and heads to Littlefoot and Chomper

"Littlefoot. Chomper. Are you alright?" Devon asks

"Yeah. we're just glad to see you again." Littlefoot says

Chomper heads over to Devon and hugs him

Chomper licks Devon's face happily

Devon giggles

"Chomper. I'm happy to see you too." Devon says petting Chomper

The 2 Sharptooth roar at Devon, Littlefoot and Chomper

Chomper roars at the 2 Sharptooth

The 2 Sharptooth look toward Chomper

The light-green Sharptooth lowers it's head toward Chomper and Devon

"No! Don't!" Littlefoot says

"It's ok, Littlefoot. Look." Devon says

The Sharptooth licks Chomper happily

"Don't you see. They are his real parents." Devon says

The Sharptooth turn to Devon and looks at him

"Don't worry, we meant you no harm." Devon says

The Sharptooth lowers it's head down to Devon and nuzzles it's head against Devon

The Sharptooth purrs

Devon pets the Sharptooth

"Littlefoot, I think she likes me." Devon says

"She?" Littlefoot says confused

"I can tell which one is a boy and which one is a girl. Look. Notice how their color is different. The Dark-green Sharptooth is Chomper's father and the Light-green Sharptooth is Chomper's mother. They understand me as far as I know. I can also tell what they are saying." Devon says

The Mother and Father Sharptooth communicates through friendly growls to Devon

Devon nodds

"what did they say?" Littlefoot says

"They said thank you for taking care of Chomper." Devon says

Devon looks toward the Sharptooth

"You're very welcome. Perhaps we'll meet again someday." Devon says

Devon picks up Chomper and places him on his mother's snout

"Now, return home. And i'm sure we'll meet again." Devon says

Chomper looks toward Devon

"Chomper, these are your real parents. You belong with them now." Devon says

Devon smiles

Chomper licks Devon's face

Devon laughs

He hugs Chomper

"We'll miss you, Chomper." Devon says

Tears slide down Devon's face

Chomper licks Devon's face

Devon smiles

Chomper and his parents heads out of the woods

Devon turns to Littlefoot

Littlefoot struggles to break free

"It's alright. I gotcha." Devon says

Devon helps Littlefoot break free

They walk back the way they came

Suddenly, they were both ambushed by Ozzy and Strut

"We've had enough of you kids. We are going to get rid of you once and for all." Ozzy says

"Run!" Littlefoot says

Devon and Littlefoot run from Ozzy and Strut

They soon catch them

"Hey Ozzy. Can we throw them off the Great Wall? Can we?" Strut asks

"Why...yes." Ozzy says


Chomper and his parents head for the return journey home when they hear Devon and Littlefoot

"Help!" Littlefoot shouts

Chomper and his parents look up and see Devon and Littlefoot with Ozzy and Strut on the rock wall

Strut holds Littlefoot over the edge by his tail while Ozzy holds Devon

"Let us go or you'll be sorry." Littlefoot says

"Sorry we didn't do this in the first place. Say bye bye, leaf eater." Ozzy says

They soon hear Chomper's roar

Strut turns and sees a Sharptooth shadow


"Oh come on! You're not going to fall for that shadow trick again! Look." Ozzy says

"Chomper!" Devon and Littlefoot say

Chomper roars at Ozzy and Strut

"Chomper! Get out of here!" Devon shouts

Strut grabs Chomper by his throat


Chomper struggles in Strut's grip

"You I liked better when you were an egg." Ozzy says

The hear a roar down below

"What the-"

Chomper's parents scare Ozzy and Strut down the rock wall and chase them into the Mysterious Beyond

"C'mon, Chomper. Let's go." Devon says

Littlefoot, Devon and Chomper follow Chomper's parents as they chase Ozzy and Strut


Devon, Littlefoot, and Chomper look behind them

They see the grown-ups in the valley

"We must close the opening."

"C'mon. Chomper. We have to catch up with your Mother and Father. We have to go now." Devon says

Devon picks up Chomper in his hands

He sets Chomper back on the ground

Chomper turns toward Devon and Littlefoot

"We can't take care of you anymore, Chomper. We're just kids." Devon says

Chomper whimpurs

"I know. We're gonna miss you too. But, don't worry. No matter where you will be, Me, Littlefoot and our friends. we'll always be with you. In here." Devon says

Devon places his hand on Chomper's chest

Chomper looks at his chest

"Just stay with your parents and you can visit us anytime you want. I promise. Now, go." Devon says

Chomper licks Devon's face then leaves to catch up with his Mother and Father

Just as Chomper leaves, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike catch up and say goodbye to Chomper

"Bye Chomper." Petrie says

"Bye Chomper." Ducky says

"Bye Chomper." Cera says

(Back in the Valley)

Littlefoot and his friends rejoin with their family and begin to close the Great Wall

"Littlefoot, are you sure the Sharpteeth leave?" Grandpa asks

"Yes, Grandpa. They're back in the Mysterious Beyond." Littlefoot says

He jumps onto Grandpa's head

"What about Devon? Did you find him?" Grandpa says

"Don't worry. He'll be joining us very soon." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot slides down Grandpa's neck onto his back

"You disobeyed me, Littlefoot." Grandpa says in a calm tone

"I'm sorry, Grandpa. It's just that I wanted to make things right again." Littlefoot says

"I know, Littlefoot. And I also know that when you grow up, you'll understand why Grandma and I worry about you." Grandpa says

"I think I already do understand, Grandpa." Littlefoot says

"Good. That means you'll stay close to the herd." Grandpa says

Littlefoot pushes a medium-sized dead tree down on the ground

Grandpa pushes a nearby boulder onto the tree

"Alright, everyone! Get ready!" Grandpa says

All the grown-ups were standing next to dozens of large rocks


The grown-ups push the large rocks into the gorge

The rocks fall into the gorge blocking the path

Grandpa looks toward Littlefoot

He nodds

Littlefoot steps off the tree

The tree slingshots the boulder toward another collection of large rocks across the gorge

The boulder hits and the rocks tumble into the gorge

Everyone looks up to their left

They all saw Devon standing on the top of the gorge wall

He smiles to the dinosaurs

He takes his keyblade and holds it up in the air

A bright colorful light shines the area

Everyone was amazed

Devon points his keyblade to another collection of boulders across from him

He shoots a beam of light from the tip of the keyblade toward the boulders

The beam hits and the boulders tumble down the gorge

The path was now blocked

"There. Now the Sharpteeth won't ever be coming back." Littlefoot says

Devon sheathes his keyblade and jumps down to Littlefoot and the others

"That's for sure." Devon says as he lands

"C'mon. Let's go home." Devon says

(The Great Valley)

Devon returns to the Great Valley


Littlefoot and his friends come up to Devon happy to see him

They all laugh happily

"We're so happy to see you again." Cera says

"Yep, yep, yep. Yes we are." Ducky says

"We no want to lose you again." Petrie says

"Don't worry. You won't. I promise." Devon says

Spike licks Devon's face

Devon laughs

Everyone laughs

"Ducky! Spike! Dinner!"

Spike and Ducky head home

"It is time to go home, yep, yep, yep." Ducky says


"Coming mama." Petrie says heading home

"Bye, Petrie." Devon says

"Bye." Devon says

Littlefoot, Cera, and Devon laugh


"See you tomorrow, Littlefoot. See you tomorrow, Devon." Cera says heading home

Devon and Littlefoot look at each other and smile

"Littlefoot." Grandpa calls

Littlefoot heads over to Grandpa and Grandma

"Aren't you hungry?" Grandma asks

Littlefoot nodds

"Grandma, Grandpa, I changed my mind about something." Littlefoot says

"What's that, Littlefoot?" Grandpa asks

"Well, I decided I like being a kid. But I still can't wait to grow up." Littlefoot says

Grandpa, Grandma and Littlefoot nuzzle each other and laugh together

Devon looks toward them and smiles

His face soon becomes sad

"Hm..." Devon sighs

He remembers he was just like Littlefoot with his Grandma and Grandpa

They reminded him when he was happy with his Mother and Father

Devon looks off into the sunset

Littlefoot, Grandpa and Grandma looks toward Devon

They could instantly tell he was sad

They walk up to Devon to comfort him

Tears begin to slide down Devon's face

"Devon. What's wrong?" Littlefoot asks concerned for Devon

Devon remains silent for a few seconds

"Littlefoot...I've been hiding a secret from you and your friends. A secret that has haunted throughout my whole life. One I think might be unbearable for you to take in. Your Grandpa and Grandma told me they found you without a mother or father. When I heard of it, my heart sank. It hurts my heart to think about it. But, I don't think anyone can compare to the pain, the suffering or sadness I have had. But, if you and your friends are ready to share my pain, the pain that I alone have suffered throughout my life, then I will tell you my story." Devon says

Littlefoot became speechless

"Long ago, Back when I was much younger, I had a mother and father who loved and cared about me just like how your Grandma and Grandpa cared about you and like how you cared about your friends. They were the best mother and father I ever had. That was until one night. My home was attacked not by Sharpteeth but by monsters known as Heartless. I'm sure you do not know what Heartless are but I'll tell you. Heartless are creatures of darkness that steal the hearts of other creatures like you and me. When that happens, a person becomes a Heartless. The Heartless attacked my home destroying all in their path. Leading the Heartless was a dark, evil entity known as Lord Thanatos. A being of evil who commands the Heartless. Eventually, he came to my home and took the lives of my Mother and Father and I just sat there and watched as my Mother and Father were brutally murdered. I was only 9 years old when this happened. I managed to escape with my life. But that night has haunted me the rest of my life. I can still hear my Mother and Father's dying screams echo in my ears and still hear Lord Thanatos' evil laughter. I was scarred for life. Every night, I look up to the stars and think about them. My family is dead and I am alone forever. I am all that's left of my family." Devon says

Littlefoot was absolutely speechless

"Now, i'm sure you don't understand but that is my story. Now you know the pain, the suffering, and sadness that has followed me throughout my life which is exactly what I feel now." Devon says

Devon turns back to the sunset

Littlefoot walks up to Devon

"Devon. I'm really sorry. I had no idea you had such a bad life. But, you have us now." Littlefoot says

Devon looks toward Littlefoot with tears sliding down his eyes

Littlefoot heads to his Grandma and Grandpa

"You've got Grandma, Grandpa, Cera, Duckie, Petrie, Spike, the grown-ups, and me for family." Littlefoot says

Grandpa and Grandma smile

Devon smiles

"Thanks, Littlefoot. I'm glad I have friends like you." Devon says

Devon walks over to Littlefoot, Grandpa, and Grandma and hugs them

"Littlefoot, Grandpa, friends...Thank you..." Devon says

(The end/Fin)

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