The universe. A place full of majesty and mystery. The universe housed many worlds and it"s inhabitants. One place in particular was home to very special creatures. These creatures was called The dinosaur. Over time, they evolved, developed, and adapted to the enviornment around them. They also had their share of danger. But for the fortunate leaf-eating dinosaurs of The Great Valley. Life was peaceful. And food plentiful. The Great Valley was the perfect place for children like Littlefoot, "The Longneck", Cera, "The Three-horn", Ducky, "The Swimmer", Petrie, "The Flyer", and Spike, "The Spike-Tail" to grow and learn and play under the watchful eye of Devon, a special guest in the Great Valley. A great and respected friend of Littlefoot and his friends. Devon came from "Destiny Islands" to explore the outside worlds and stumbled upon The Great Valley. Since his visit here, Devon has become part of the family of Littlefoot, his friends, and the grown-ups. Now, he enjoys his time here watching Littlefoot and his friends play together.

Littlefoot and his friends play with a round medium-sized rock kicking it and tossing it around

"I got it." Littlefoot says

"No me got it." Petrie says

Petrie tries to move the rock but was unsuccessful

"Go, Spike." Ducky says

Spike jumps toward the rock and lands on it on his belly

Petrie flies out of the way just before Spike lands on the rock

"Did you get it, Spike? Did you? Huh?" Ducky asks

Spike stands up and looks down underneath him

The rock was reduced to pebbles due to Spike's weight

"Yep, yep, yep. You got it." Ducky says

"I found another one. I found another one." Cera laughs finding another round medium-sized rock and tossing it

Littlefoot chases after the rock until one young dinosaur catches it with his left foot

Littlefoot looks up and sees the 3 dinosaurs: Hyp, Mutt, and Nod looking down at him

"Hi, Hyp. Could we have our rock back?" Littlefoot asks

"Your rock? Who said it was your rock?" Hyp says

"Yeah, who said it was your rock huh? Who said, who said?" Nod says

Hyp and Nod look toward Mutt

"Oh uh yeah." Mutt says

"Well uh. Gee. No one. We were just playing with it." Littlefoot says

"Yeah, so give it back, Hyp." Cera says

"But I didn't hear you say please." Hyp says

"That's because I didn't." Cera says

Devon heads over to Littlefoot and his friends

"What's going on?" Devon asks

"Hip and his friends won't give back our rock." Littlefoot says

"Tell them to give it back." Cera says

"I got a better idea. Why don't you play together." Devon says

"Good idea, Devon. We all play." Petrie says

"Yep, yep, yep. The more the betterer." Ducky says

Spike nodds in agreement

"Whatddya think guys? Wanna play with these...babies!" Hyp says

"Babies? Whose he calling babies." Cera says

"Us?" Duckys says

"Me no baby. Me big." Petrie says expanding his chest

"Yeah. Big baby." Hyp says

Hip, Nod and Mutt laugh

"Me no like them." Petrie says

"Me neither. I'll show them." Cera says

"Cera!" Littlefoot says

"I'm busy." Cera says

Cera charges toward Hyp and his gang

Hyp, Nod and Mutt move out of the way

Cera misses and heads into a bush past them

"Try and get us." Hyp says

"Yeah try." Nod says

Cera heads out of the bushes to try again

Suddenly, the earth shakes

"Whoa. What's that?" Hyp says

"Earthshake!" Littlefoot shouts

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends try to keep their balance

Meteors fly through the sky

"Rocks fly?" Petrie says looking up to the sky

"Flying rocks!" Hyp, Nod and Mutt shout in panic

Hyp, Nod and Mutt flee from the site

Meteors continue to soar through the sky

A gigantic meteor flys overhead further into the Great Valley

"Let's get out of here!" Devon shouts

Littlefoot and his friends also flee from the site and head back to their families

Throughout the Valley, all the other dinosaurs flee from the destruction

Littlefoot and Devon head back to Grandpa and Grandma Longneck

Devon and Littlefoot gasp for air

They soon eye a tree ready to collapse on them

"Look out!" Grandpa says

The tree heads straight for Littlefoot

Devon looks toward the tree and Littlefoot

He heads toward Littlefoot and pushes him out of the way

The tree falls down on Devon

Grandpa and Grandma avoid the tree

The destruction was complete

The ground stops shaking

"Littlefoot." Grandma says

"I'm right here, Grandma." Littlefoot says

Grandma and Grandpa look on the other side of the tree and see Littlefoot lying on the ground

"Are you alright, little one?" Grandma says

Littlefoot nodds yes

"Where's Devon?" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and Grandpa and look around for Devon


They soon see Devon lying on the ground underneath the tree

"Devon!" Littlefoot says

Grandma and Grandpa lift the tree off Devon

"Devon, are you alright?" Grandma asks

Devon struggles to stand up

Devon was in alot of pain

"Okay. That officially hurt. But i'm sure if I get some rest, I'll feel better in no time." Devon says

Grandma lowers her head down to Devon

She lets him sit on her head

"Gee. That wasn't a regular kind of earthshake. Was it?" Littlefoot says

"No, Littlefoot. It wasn't." Grandpa says

"Then, what kind was it?" Littlefoot asks

"We don't know, Littlefoot. But it had something to do with those flying rocks from the sky." Grandma says

"Oh yeah. I saw them." Littlefoot says

"There was also a gigantic one. It headed into the Mysterious Beyond." Devon says

"I sure wish we could go find it." Littlefoot says

"Yes that would be an adventure now wouldn't it?" Grandpa says

"Well I think we had enough adventure for one day. Come, it's time to settle down for the night." Grandpa says

Grandma and Devon head home for the night

Colorful auroras glowed in the sky above Littlefoot and Grandpa

"It's beautiful. Isn't it, Grandpa?" Littlefoot says

"Oh yes, Littlefoot. Beautiful and mysterious. As is so much in our world. Well, at least the danger has passed." Grandpa says

Grandpa and Littlefoot turn in for the night

(The Next day)

Devon has healed from yesterday's incident

The grown-ups settle near a waterfall

Littlefoot swims in the stream

Devon settles in the stream drinking water

Suddenly, the waterfall stops flowing water

Everyone turns to the waterfall

The water stopped flowing

Everyone gasps

"Look! Look everyone! Where did the water go?" A female dinosaur says

"It stopped flowing." A male Hadrosaur says

"How can that be?" A Male Triceratops says

"What will we do without water?" A male dinosaur says

Devon and Littlefoot walk to Grandpa and Grandma

"Grandpa, why did the thundering-falls stop?" Littlefoot asks

"I don't know, Littlefoot. I don't know." Grandpa says

"Littlefoot, Devon, Go and play. Grandpa and I must talk with the other grown-ups." Grandma says

"Alright, We'll see you later." Devon says

Devon and Littlefoot head into the nearby forest

The grown-ups gather and talk amongst themselves

In the forest, Devon and Littlefoot run into Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"Hey, guys." Littlefoot says

Ducky, Petrie and Spike pay no attention to Littlefoot

Ducky stands on Spike and peers into a hollow tree

"Guess what happened to the Thundering-falls." Littlefoot says

"Ssh. We are trying to find Cera. She has hided from us." Ducky says

Petrie lands on the hollow tree

"Me no find Cera anywhere." Petrie says

"Guess what, Petrie." Devon says

"What? You no find Cera either?" Petrie says

"Cera is a good hider. She is." Ducky says

Nearby, Cera hides in a pile of leaves

She pops out of her hiding spot

"Boo!" She says

Petrie and Ducky are spooked

Ducky falls out of the hollow tree

Petrie flies off the tree

"I scared you. I scared you. I did." Cera says

"You no scare me, Cera. Me unscarable." Petrie says

Petrie gulps

Petrie was clasped onto Devon's throat

"Petrie, you're hurting my throat." Devon says under Petrie's grip

"Oh sorry. Me not know my own strength." Petrie says

Petrie lets go, flies off and lands on Cera's crest

"So, whose going to hide next?" Cera asks

She eyes Littlefoot


"Ok. But first, I wanna tell you something." Littlefoots says

"Well hurry it up. We wanna play." Cera says

"Me and Devon saw..."

Spike walks off to a nearby bush


"Spike is taking your turn for you, Littlefoot." Ducky giggles

Everyone laughs

Spike heads to the bush and puts his head into it

Ducky giggles

"My brother is not a good hider. Oh no." Ducky giggles

Everyone turns back to Littlefoot

"Now, just what were you going to say, Littlefoot?" Cera asks

"It's the Thundering-falls. It's not giving us any water. You gotta come see." Littlefoot says

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends walk down the path to the waterfall when Hyp, Nod and Mutt show up

"Why don't you hatchlings go run and see." Hyp says

"Yeah run and see. Run and see." Nod says

Hip was resting on Nod's back while Mutt holds a big palm leaf over Hyp shading him from the sun

Hyp and Nod look toward Mutt

"Oh...uh yeah." Mutt says

"Try and make us." Cera says

"No, Cera no." Ducky says

"Don't worry. I won't hurt them...much." Cera says

Cera sticks out her tongue at Hyp, Nod and Mutt

Nod and Mutt stick out their tongue at Cera

"Put those away." Hyp says

"How come all you ever want to do is fight, Hyp?" Littlefoot asks

"Yeah fight." Petrie says

Petrie hits himself and lands in Devon's hands

"Ow. Fighting hurt." Petrie says

"Yeah. It does gives you owies. Why do we do it?" Mutt asks

"Why? Why! Because we're bigger! And Bigger is smarter! Bigger is tougher! And better!" Hyp says

"But, Hyp. When you're grown up, you won't be big at all." Devon says

"Yeah, your kind never gets kinda big. When we grow up, we'll be much bigger." Cera snaps

"Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Much, much, much, much bigger." Ducky says

"Oh yeah. Well I'll see to it that you never grow up." Hyp says

"Uh. Yeah." Mutt says

"Never grow up. Never." Nod says

"Uh. How we gonna do that, Hyp?" Mutt asks

"Sheesh you're dum. Let me lay it out for ya." Hyp says

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends sneak away from Hyp, Nod and Mutt

"First, we chase them. Second, we catch them. Third, we hurt them. See." Hyp says

"Uh. No Hip. I don't see. Anybody." Mutt says

"Me neither." Nod says

"What?" Hyp says looking around

Hyp groans

"C'mon. We'll pound them later." Hyp says

(Back near the waterfall)

The grown-ups gather for a meeting

"As you can all see, The Great Valley is quickly drying up." Grandpa says

"Yes. We can all see and feel it as well. There is less water to drink." A female stegosaurus says

"And green food to eat." A male dinosaur says

"I know. That is why our herds must work together to save the little water we have left. From now on, We must only drink what we need to survive and no more. Hopefully, the watering falls will bring us water again. If not...we may have to leave the Great Valley." Grandpa says

"Leave the Great Valley?"


"It's our home."

"Then until the water returns. We must not use the water we have left unwisely." Grandpa says

"Hmph. Three-horns never use the water unwisely. But your herds do." Mr. Three-horn says

"Our herds? What makes you think our herds would do such a thing?"

"You drink greedily with no concern for others." Mr. Three-horn snaps

"Can you believe he's saying that?"

The grown-ups began to argue amongst themselves

"Well I've seen Three-horns waste!"

"What?" Mr. Three-horn says

"You take long bathes even if you are the bittiest dirty and i've seen your kind waste too. Splashing water needlessly. Fore shame."

"Impossible. I never did such a thing!"

The grown-ups continued to argue amongst themselves

Devon overlooks the arguement in a nearby tree

(In a nearby pond)

Littlefoot and his friends play together

"Hey. Let's play bullies. I'll be Hyp." Cera says

"I'm going to get you." Cera says

"Not if I get you first." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot chases Cera around the pond

Petrie was standing on a rock while Spike drank from the pond

"Me want to play bully too. Hey hatchling, you no have my green food." Petrie says

Spike takes some water and spits it at Petrie

He laughs

"Hmph. Me go play bully someplace else." Petrie says

Being careless, Petrie walks off the rock and lands in the pond

Ducky helps Petrie resurface

"Petrie, you are a Flyer, not a swimmer." Ducky giggles

"Me no bully neither." Petrie sighs

"But I am."

Littlefoot and his friends look up and see Hyp, Nod and Mutt standing up high on a rock

"Not again." Cera says

"Oh no no no no no." Ducky says

"It them." Petrie says

"Thought you hatchlings could play in our swimming hole huh?" Hyp says

"They're beginning to get on my nerves." Cera says

"Can we teach them a lesson huh, Hyp. Can we?" The Ankylosaurus says

"Be my guest...not!" Hip says pushing Nod off the edge

Littlefoot and his friends gasp

"Run!" Littlefoot shouts

Littlefoot's friends avoid Nod

Devon sees Nod falling toward Littlefoot

He rushes over to Littlefoot and pushes him out of the way

Nod falls on Devon

Water splashes on Mr. Three-horn's face

The grown-ups laugh with humor

"See ya!" Mutt says

"Wouldn't wanna be ya!" Hyp says

Hyp, Nod and Mutt leave

"That is not funny. Now, someone splashed me and wasted precious water." Mr. Three-horn says

Devon walks to his friends

"Devon, are you alright?" Ducky asks

"Yeah i'm fine. But I think we're in trouble." Devon says

"Your friend, Devon is guilty of wasting water." Mr. Three-horn says

"What happened, Littlefoot?" Grandpa asks

"It was an accident, Grandpa. Honest." Littlefoot says

"I'm sure it was." Grandpa says

Grandpa turns to the grown-ups

"Our children don't understand the water problem. The Great Valley has always given them everything they need." Grandpa says

"What are the grown-ups talking about? What watering problem? Isn't the Thundering-Falls coming back?" Cera asks

"I don't know." Littlefoot says

"Well it should. Why wouldn't it?" Cera says

"Maybe it is tired and needs to rest." Ducky says

Everybody shrugs

"We need to teach the children how to use the water wisely." Grandpa says

"Speak for yourself, Longneck. My Cera would never waste but Littlefoot and your friend, Devon is a bad influence." Mr. Three-horn says

"That's not true." Grandpa says

"What does influence?" Ducky asks

"Me no know." Petrie says

"Come, Cera. You are not to play with Devon anymore." Mr. Three-horn says

"But, daddy." Cera says

"My friend. I think you're acting rashly. Devon is not to blame." Grandpa says

"Hmph. I said come, Cera." Mr. Three-horn says

"No!" Cera says

"Cera, I'm your father and I know what's best for you." Mr. Three-horn says

Cera walks sadly away with his father

"Petrie. It's time to go home." Petrie's mother says overhead

"Bye bye. Coming momma." Petrie says

"Come Ducky. Spike, you too." Ducky's mother says walking to them

"Do not worry, Devon and Littlefoot. You are not an influence whatever that is." Ducky says

Ducky and Spike head home with their mother

"I don't understand, Grandpa. Why does Cera's dad hate me and Devon?" Littlefoot asks

"He's just confused. Sometimes, fear makes grown-ups do strange things." Grandpa says

(Later that night)

"I don't understand, daddy." Cera says

"You need friends who know how to behave." Mr. Three-horn says

"Littlefoot and Devon are my friends. They'll always be my friends." Cera says

"Cera, I'm your father. I want what's best for you." Mr. Three-horn says

"No you don't! You just don't want me to have any fun!" Cera says

Cera runs off into the nearby tall grass

"Cera, please. I'm just trying to...well as a parent I..." Mr. Three-horn says

Mr. Three-horn walks away

(The next morning)

Grandpa and Grandma approach Littlefoot and Devon who were asleep in a grass bedding

"Time to wake up, my little ones." Grandma says

Grandma nuzzles Littlefoot and Devon

"But Grandma. It's early. I'm still sleepy." Littlefoot says

"You and Devon must get up, Littlefoot if you want to drink the morning dew with us." Grandpa says

"Morning dew?" Devon asks

"Yes. It collects on the leaves in the early morning." Grandpa says

Devon and Littlefoot slowly stir to their feet

"If we hurry, we can drink the morning dew before the bright circle gets too high up in the sky and dries it all up." Grandpa says

"Oh...alright." Littlefoot says

Grandpa, Grandma, Littlefoot and Devon soon come across a tree-star with fair amount of water on it

Grandpa grabs the tree-star from the tree and lowers it down to Littlefoot and Devon

"Here, Littlefoot. Here, Devon. Drink this. I think you will find it delicious." Grandpa says

This tree-star was brown due to the drought in the Great Valley

Littlefoot tries to drink the water but the tree-star shatters from drought

The water dries up before Littlefoot and Devon could drink

"Oops. It broke." Littlefoot says

"It's not your fault, Littlefoot." Devon says

"Yes. The tree-stars are very dry now and crumble easily." Grandma says

Littlefoot sighs

"But when will things be green and wet again, Grandma?" Littlefoot asks

"I don't know. I hope soon." Grandma says

Grandpa, Grandma, Littlefoot and Devon walk away

"But what's going to happen if it's not soon?" Littlefoot asks

"Water will be harder and harder to find. Soon, everything will be dry as that tree-star." Grandpa says

"And it will be easier for fires to start." Grandma says

"Fire?" Littlefoot says

"Yes, Littlefoot. Which is why you must remember the escape paths we've shown you." Grandma says

"Don't worry, Grandma. I'll remember." Littlefoot says

The Great Valley was now suffering a major drought

Ponds, lakes, streams and Rivers began to dry up

Plantlife was also drying up and dying

If nothing was done to resolve this problem, there would be no water left in the Great Valley and like Grandpa said: He and the other residents would have to leave the Great Valley forever

Grandpa, Grandma, Littlefoot and Devon soon come across few fresh greens

"I think we're in luck. There's still quite a few tree-stars left here." Grandma says

"Come on then. Let's eat." Grandpa says

"Yeah. Let's eat." Littlefoot says

Grandpa, Grandma, Littlefoot and Devon head over to a tree filled with brown leaves

Littlefoot sniffs the leaves

"These don't look good but I sure am hungry." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot eats a brown leaf but finds it distasteful so he spits it out

"They taste terrible." Littlefoot says with disgust

Grandpa eyes the top of the tree and sees a branch filled with some fresh green leaves

"Here, Littlefoot. Try these. They are still very green." Grandpa says

Grandpa grabs the branch and lowers it down to Littlefoot

"Thanks, Grandpa." Littlefoot says

"Go on, Littlefoot. Eat up." Grandma says

"But Grandma, don't you want some?" Littlefoot says

"Thanks Littlefoot, but Grandpa and I will be just fine." Grandma says

"Yes, Littlefoot. You're still growing. You'll need the very best green food we can find." Grandpa says

"Well ok." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot takes the green food and eats them

"That was good but I sure am thirsty. When is it our turn to drink?" Littlefoot asks

"Our turn for water is when the bright circle touches the Smoky Mountain." Grandma says

"But if you and Devon are thirsty, I'm sure you can have a drink now. Afterall, we never agreed that the children should have the same water restrictions as the elders." Grandpa says

"Oh boy! Water!" Littlefoot says

With that said, Grandpa, Grandma, Littlefoot and Devon head to a nearby stream

"It's not your time to drink, Longneck." Mr. Three-horn says

"What do you mean not our time?" Grandpa says

"We agreed that all herds should take turns drinking at the watering hole." Mr. Three-horn says

"Yes, we agreed to that. But, we didn't think it would include the children. It really isn't fair to them." Grandpa says

"There is no fair when it comes to survival." Mr. Three-horn says

"Littlefoot. Devon. Over here." A voice whispers

Littlefoot and Devon look behind them and see Cera hiding behind a log

They both head over to Cera

"You judge us wrongly, Three-horn." Grandpa says

"I'm only doing what needs to be done." Mr. Three-horn says

"But this is going too far." Grandma says

"What are we going to do about the grown-ups. They're acting like babies." Cera says

"I know." Devon says

"And it's all the Thundering falls fault too. If we had more water, this wouldn't be happening." Cera says

"That's it, Cera!" Littlefoot says

"What's it?" Cera asks

"Water. If we find some more water, the grown-ups will stop being mad." Littlefoot says

"Maybe. Except for my dad. He's always mad." Cera says

"Yeah. He is kinda grumpy. But, i'm sure he's just worried about the water." Devon says

"Yeah." Cera says

"Let's go find Ducky, Petrie and Spike. Then, we'll work on how we can find some water." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot and Cera run off to find Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"How about a compromise." Grandpa says

"No. We must be firm." Mr. Three-horn says

"Can't we agree on anything?" Grandma says

(Later that night)

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and Petrie meet up

"Are we all here?" Devon asks

"Yep, yep, yep. We are all here." Ducky says

Devon and the gang look around

"Oh no. we are not. Where is Spike?" Ducky says

"Don't ask me. He's not my brother." Cera says

"Oh, Spike. Where are you, little brother?" Ducky calls out

The group soon hears loud snores

"What that? It sound like monster!" Petrie says

"Do not worry, Petrie. That is not a monster. That is Spike." Ducky says

"Spike?" Petrie says

"That is his sleeping-sound. C'mon. I will show you." Ducky says

The group soon spot Spike sleeping near a tree

"See." Ducky giggles

Littlefoot laughs

"You're right, Ducky." Littlefoot says

Ducky tries to move Spike's paw but to no avail

"Get up, silly. This is not nap time. This is get up time." Ducky says

Petrie flies onto Spike's snout and opens his left eyelid

"You get up now. Okay, Spike?" Petrie says

Spike yawns and opens his eyes

"See. Spike up." Petrie says

Spike then grabs Petrie and heads back to sleep

"Spike down." Petrie says under Spike's hold

"Spike, no." Ducky says

Ducky grabs hold of Petrie and pulls him out of Spike's hold

Petrie is flung out of Spike's hold

Devon catches Petrie in his hands

"Are you alright, Petrie?" Devon asks

"Oh. Yeah. Spike sure is heavy sleeper." Petrie says

Petrie flys off Devon's hand and onto the ground infront of Spike

"We gotta wake him up because it's gonna take all of us to find some more water." Littlefoot says

"Water. Yes. Me help find water." Petrie says

Spike wakes up and licks Petrie

"Spike, stop. Me no find water yet." Petrie says

"Don't worry, Spike. We'll find water, I know it." Littlefoot says

"Well, as long as we're here, We might as well develop a plan. I overheard the grown-ups discussing about the water problem and I found out something terrible. The grown-ups said if the water doesn't return, we would have to leave the Great Valley." Devon says

"I do not want to leave the Great Valley. Oh no." Ducky says

"They can't do that." Littlefoot says

"So our plan is clear. We have to find water." Devon says

"We'd better because if our parents stay mad any longer, i'm just gonna scream." Cera says

"Oh I will scream too." Ducky says

"Petrie good screamer." Petrie says

Petrie pretends screaming

Everyone laughs

"What about you, Spike?" Devon says

Spike nodds

"Ok. Let's go." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike heads out in search of water

"How we find water, Devon?" Petrie asks

"You smell for it, silly. Although, I don't have the kind of sense of smell you and your friends have. So, try and smell for water." Devon says

"Oh yes. Smell for it with our noses. I know how to do that." Ducky giggles

Littlefoot and his friends sniff the air for water

"That's right. Sniff the water out." Devon says

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike follow the scent with Devon following behind

Ducky giggles

"This is serious, Ducky." Cera says

"Oh yes. I know. I know." Ducky giggles

(The next day)

The drought was even worse than the last

Water began to dry up real fast

In a nearby forest, a lone Stegosaurus heads to the watering hole for a drink when Mr. Three-horn charges toward it and drives it off

"It's not your turn!" Mr. Three-horn says

Mr. Three-horn drives the Stegosaurus away

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike take a break from their search in the tall grass

"My sniffer is very very sniffed out." Ducky says tired

"Well i'm so thirsty I could drink a lake." Cera says

"Me too. If we could find one." Littlefoot says

Petrie sniffs the air

"Funny. Me smell water but me no see it." Petrie says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike soon hear a splash

"Did you hear...a splash?" Devon asks

Everyone nodds

The group looks past the tall grass and see...

"Water!" Everyone shouts

The group heads toward a little pond filled with fresh clean water

Littlefoot and his friends jump into the water

Devon scoops up some water in his hands and drinks it

"The's clean." Devon says

Littlefoot and his friends also drink the water

"This is so good." Cera says

"Oh yes. This is the yummiest water ever. It is." Ducky says

"And we drink all we want and no one yell at us." Petrie says

Petrie dips his head to drink the water but falls in

Everyone laughs

In the tall grass, Hyp, Nod and Mutt watch Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"There they are. And would you look what they found for us." Hyp says

Hyp, Nod and Mutt move out of the grass

"Hiya, hatchlings. Say bye bye water." Hyp says

"Why? Is it going somewhere?" Ducky asks

"No. But you are." Hyp says

"This is our water now." Nod says

"So give it back." Mutt says

"It back. But it already in my tummy." Petrie says

"But, don't you not want to share?" Ducky asks

"We don't share with anybody. Now do we?" Hip says as he turns to his gang

Mutt and Nod shake their heads

"Uh no." Mutt says

"Nope. Nobody." Nod says

"So, i'm warning you, small fries. If you tell anybody about this water, you'll be very very sorry!" Hyp says

"We're telling and you better not try and stop us." Littlefoot says

With that said, Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike flee from the area

"Hurry!" Devon shouts

Hyp, Nod and Mutt chase Devon, Littlefoot and his friends

"Get 'em! Can't let 'em tell!" Hyp says

Cera stops

"What am I running for? I'm not afraid of those...Hey." Cera says

Spike grabs Cera's tail with his mouth

"No time to fight bullies, Cera. We got to tell grown-ups we find water." Petrie says

Away from Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, Hip and his gang stop

"Where'd they go, Hyp? Where'd they go?" Nod asks

"If I knew, I wouldn't be looking for them!" Hyp says

"Yeah." Nod says

"Yeah. Dummy." Mutt says to a flower

The flower started buzzing

Out of the flower came an enraged wasp

"Uh-oh." Hyp, Nod and Mutt say

Hyp, Nod and Mutt flee from the wasp

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike continue to flee

"Keep running." Littlefoot says

"Are they still following us?" Cera asks

"Me no know. Me too scared to look." Petrie says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike cross a log bridge across a small gap

"Why are we even going this way? This way is too hard and it's too long." Cera says

"Because this is the shortest way back to the grown-ups. It'll be alot faster if we keep going this way." Littlefoot says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike cross another log but this time, a part of the log breaks with Littlefoot holding on

Then, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike fall into the short gap

"Guys!" Devon shouts

Devon heads down to Littlefoot and his friends

They soon discover an opening to a large area

"Where are we?" Littlefoot asks

"It is the Mysterious Beyond." Ducky says

"And it have water. Whole bunches." Petrie says

The landscape was craggy filled with canyons, boneyards, and water

Also, there was a large rock pile blocking the water supply to the Great Valley

There was a storm brewing in that directon and was heading toward Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

"The flying rocks must have caused rockslides in the Mysterious Beyond too." Littlefoot says

"Yeah and those dum rockslides blocked up our water." Cera says

"C'mon. The grown-ups will know what to do." Littlefoot says

"We better get back to the Great Valley quick. Look." Devon says

He points to a storm brewing and heading toward them

"Let's go." Devon says

The weather started to get very windy

Too windy that Petrie could not fly

He was blown away by the wind

Luckily, he hangs on to Cera's horn

"Bad weather for flying." Petrie says


A mysterious figure watches Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike fight through the storm in the shadows


The mysterious figure's eyes shine red

(Back in the forest)

A lightning bolt hits a nearby tree setting the tree on fire

The tree crashes down toward Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

Devon and the group dodges the tree

The fires began to quickly spread

"Back this way! I know another path!" Littlefoot says

Devon, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike follow Littlefoot through the forest with the fire close behind

The fire quickly spreads through the forest burning everything it their path

(Back at the Watering Hole)

A Hadrosaur drinks from the Watering Hole

"That's enough. You've had your share for today." Mr. Three-horn says

"Mr. Three-horn is becoming too bossy." Grandpa says

"I agree." Grandma says

Devon, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike arrive at the Watering Hole

"Grandpa! Grandma!" Littlefoot says

"Daddy!" Cera says

"Fire! There's Fire in the valley!" Littlefoot says

"Are you sure, Littlefoot?" Grandpa asks

"Yes, Grandpa. It's near Two Boulder Pass!" Littlefoot says

Grandpa and Grandma sets their head high above the trees and sees the smoke and the flames

"Yes. We can see the fire signs from here." Grandpa says

The Grown-ups began to panic

"Two Boulder Pass!"

"That's not far from here!"

"We must run!"

"Calm yourselves! We will lead you to safety!" Devon says

"No! I will. They will be better following with me." Mr. Three-horn says

Mr. Three-horn heads in the opposite direction of where he stood

"This way! Come!" Mr. Three-horn says

"But you're heading downwind to where the fire will surely spread. We must go upwind of the fire." Grandpa says

"Do what you will, Longneck. But me and Cera go this way. Come, Cera!" Mr. Three-horn says

"But, Daddy." Cera says

"The others can do what they want. But, you are my daughter and you will do as I say." Mr. Three-horn says

Mr. Three-horn heads into the forest opposite of the group

Cera looks sadly toward her friends

"I'm going with my father." Cera says

Cera follows her father into the forest

"I do not feel good about this. Oh no. I do not." Ducky says

"Grandma, Grandpa, can't you stop them?" Littlefoot asks

"I have to go after them." Grandpa says

"I'll go with you." Devon says

"Yes. Littlefoot, you come with me. We'll lead the others to safety." Grandma says

"But what about everybody else in the Great Valley, Grandma? What will happen to them?" Littlefoot asks

"They'll use the escape route closest to them. Now come. Everyone, follow me. Children first." Grandma says

Everyone follows Grandma

Grandpa and Devon head out after Cera and Mr. Three-horn

(Elsewhere, in the forest)

Cera and Mr. Three-horn rush through the forest with the fire close behind them

They soon stop by a rockhead

Cera notices the fires close behind them and tries to jump the gap

She jumps but as she lands, the floor gives way and she rolls down the rockhead

Rocks collapse onto her

"Cera!" Mr. Three-horn shouts

Mr. Three-horn jumps down to Cera

He helps Cera out of the rockpile and proceed further into the forest

Grandma, Littlefoot, his friends and the grown-ups proceed through a different part of the forest when they soon come across blinding suffocating cloud of smoke

"Grandma, What's wrong?" Littlefoot asks

"The smoke is too thick. You'll have to lead." Grandma says

"But I..."

Littlefoot looks back at the grown-ups and his friends

"Follow me, everyone." Littlefoot says

"Littlefoot, the grown-ups cannot see good. They cannot." Ducky says

"They can hear. Follow my voice! And stay close to the one infront of you! Keep your heads down! It's not much further!" Littlefoot says

Cera and Mr. Three-horn continue through the forest

The fire was now ontop of them blocking their path

"Are you sure this is right, daddy?" Cera asks

"Of course i'm sure." Mr. Three-horn says

Huge flames block their path

"Daddy!" Cera says

"This way, Cera!" Mr. Three-horn says

More flames block their path

Cera screams in panic

"No!" Mr. Three-horn says

They try to head back put burning trees fall to the ground blocking their path

"We're trapped." Cera says

"Hang on! Over here!" Grandpa says past the flames

Grandpa knocks down a tree giving them a path toward him and Devon

Grandpa, Devon, Cera and Mr. Three-horn head out of the forest through flames and smoke

Soon, a burning log blocks their path

Devon draws his keyblade and cuts it down clearing the path

But he is soon knocked down by falling debris and was unable to move

"Devon!" Grandpa, Cera and Mr. Three-horn shout

They try to head back to Devon but a falling tree blocks them from Devon

"Go! Now!" Devon shouts

Grandpa, Cera and Mr. Three-horn head out of the forest leaving Devon behind

Devon lifts the debris off him and tries to catch up when a Hexagonial barrier blocks his path

He gets the feeling he was being watched so he turns and behind him, he sees a mysterious figure cloaked in shadow looking right at him

The figure was Devon's exact height

The dark figure just stares at Devon with glowing red eyes

He soon draws the dark keyblade: Harbinger of Shadows

Devon's eyes widened

He instantly draws his keyblade and gets into battle stance

Devon sprints toward the dark figure and strikes

The two fight each other while the Great Valley burned around them

He swings his keyblade at the dark figure but none of his strikes hit

The dark figure blocks Devon's attacks

Devon could not lay a single scratch on the dark figure no matter what he did

Devon swings with lightning speed but could still not harm the dark figure

The dark figure throws Devon back with unseen force

He lifts Devon back up and then slams him back down with unseen force

He then thrusts his left-hand foward

Devon is thrown up against the fallen tree

The impact nearly incapacitated his body

Devon falls to the ground defeated

The dark figure opens a portal of darkness

He enters the dark portal leaving Devon to burn in the fire

The portal closes and dissipates

While the Great Valley burned around him, Devon thought of Littlefoot, his friends, and the grown-ups

"Don't worry, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, everyone. I'll be back and I will make things right." Devon says in his mind

Pure, blue wisps began to envelope Devon

He was then transported into the Mysterious Beyond


Grandpa, Cera and Mr. Three-horn head through the flames to safety

"Are you alright, Cera?" Mr. Three-horn says

"Yes, daddy. But, Devon..." Cera says looking back at the fires

"Come!" Grandpa says

Grandpa, Cera and Mr. Three-horn push on

Grandma, Littlefoot, his friends and the Grown-ups overlook the destruction of their beloved home

The Great Valley was reduced to ashes

Nothing more than a barren wasteland

They soon notice Grandpa, Cera and Mr. Three-horn

"Grandpa!" Littlefoot says

"They made it."

"I was so worried." Grandma says

"Don't worry, dear. I'm fine." Grandpa says

Grandma and Grandpa nuzzle each other

"How is everybody else?" Grandpa asks

"We all made it. Thanks to Littlefoot." Grandma says

"Oh yes. Thanks to Littlefoot." Ducky says

"We are all very lucky." Grandma says

"Lucky? How can you say we are lucky when our valley burns. We are without water and a home. All is lost." Mr. Three-horn says

"All is not lost, my friend. You still have Cera and you are still here able to care for her." Grandma says

"Oh you are right. Thank you, Longneck." Mr. Three-horn says graciously

Grandpa nods

"Grandpa, where's Devon?" Littlefoot asks

Grandpa closes his eyes

Mr. Three-horn closes his eyes too

"Littlefoot...I am sorry to say but gone." Grandpa says

Everyone gasps

" gone!?" Littlefoot says shocked

"Yes...He was with us on the way out of the forest. But, he got trapped and didn't make it out." Grandpa says

Everyone becomes both shocked and sad from the bad news of Devon

"Poor Devon. Poor Devon." Ducky says

"Yeah. Poor Devon." Petrie says

"But the Three-horn speaks the truth."

"We're doomed."

"We'll never be able to go back to the Great Valley."

"Never go back to the Great Valley. Oh no." Ducky says

"The Water. We forgot to tell them about the water." Littlefoot says

"I'm sure Devon would have wanted to tell everyone." Cera says sadly

"Grandma, Grandpa. We found water." Littlefoot says

"Water?" Grandpa says suprised

"Where, Littlefoot?" Grandma asks

"It's stuck." Littlefoot says

"Behind the Thundering-Falls." Petrie says

"The flying rocks did it." Cera says

"They did." Ducky says

"Which means...the water is trapped in the Mysterious Beyond." Grandma says

"Mysterious Beyond?"

"We can't go there."

"It's dangerous."

"Of course it's dangerous. But, no place is safe now. We must go and free the water." Mr. Three-horn says

"But such a huge gathering place will attract other creatures than ourselves. In the Mysterious Beyond, there will be Sharpteeth." Grandpa says

"I do not like Sharpteeth. Oh no. They're teeth are too sharp." Ducky says

"But still, we must come up with a plan. We must free the water." Grandma says

"I have a plan." Mr. Three-horn says

"I hope it's better than your fire escape plan."

Both he and Mr. Three-horn growl at each other

"Please! This is no time to argue." Grandma says

"At least I had a plan." Mr. Three-horn says

"Stop it! You're acting like children." Grandma says separating the two

"Ha! We no act like that." Petrie says

"If Devon was here, he would know what to do." Littlefoot says

The grown-ups began to talk amongst themselves

Up on a craggy mountainside, Hyp, Nod and Mutt listen in to the conversation

"I'd sure like to get the watering hole before the rest of those dummies go slobbering in it." Hyp says

"Hip. Didn't you hear the grown-ups? about the Sharpteeth?" Nod says

"What about 'em?" Hyp says

" tell him, Mutt." Nod says

"Well...uh...they're bad. Yeah. And scary too. C'mon, you're just as afraid of them as we are." Mutt says

"Me? Well, I am not afraid of anything!" Hyp says

"Betcha are." Nod says

"Bet i'm not!" Hyp says

"You were afraid of those flying rocks." Nod says

"I was not. I just ran because you guys were. I didn't want you to feel stupid." Hyp says

"Well then prove it." Nod says

"Fine. I will. I'm getting me some tasty water and you babies can stay here." Hyp says

Mutt and Nod look at each other

"Well...i'm not a baby." Nod says

"Yeah. Me neither." Mutt says

Nod and Mutt soon follow Hyp

"Hey, Hip! Wait." Nad says

"Yeah. For us!" Mutt says

Littlefoot and his friends watches Hyp, Nod and Mutt head up the mountain to the Mysterious Beyond

"They are so dum. Didn't they hear the Grown-ups about Sharpteeth?" Cera says

"I guess not." Littlefoot says

"Well if they'd get eaten, it will serve them right." Cera says

"Cera. That is not nice." Ducky says

"I don't care. They deserve it." Cera says

"Devon wouldn't agree." Littlefoot says

"I don't know guys. Maybe we should do something." Littlefoot says

"Like what?" Cera asks

"Like tell their parents where they went." Littlefoot says

"All of our parents are too busy arguing." Cera says

"Then, maybe we should go stop them." Littlefoot says

"Stop them?" Cera says

"Us?" Petrie says

"They hate us. They will not listen." Ducky says

"I know they are bigger." Littlefoot says

"But they are definitely not smarter." Cera says

"Still we have to try. Devon would've stopped them. I have to try and stop them. You guys do what you want." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot heads up the mountain and toward the Mysterious Beyond

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike look toward each other

"Last one after Littlefoot is a scardy egg!" Cera says heading toward the Mysterious Beyond

"Me neither." Petrie says

"Wait for us. We're not scardy eggs neither." Duckie says

Petrie, Ducky and Spike follow Cera

(The Mysterious Beyond)

The Mysterious Beyond was a boneyard home to bones of dinosaurs, tar-pits, Sharpteeth and other dangers

Devon is teleported to the Mysterious Beyond

He falls to the ground

He slowly regains consciousness and looks around him

Devon knew what this place was

"The Mysterious Beyond." He says examining the environment

Devon now knew what he must do

"Looks like it's up to me to restore the water. I'm sure i'll meet up with Littlefoot and his friends along the way." Devon says

Devon heads deeper to the Mysterious Beyond

He soon spots Hyp, Nod and Mutt

He hides from them behind a rock

"Are you sure this is the way to the water, Hyp?" Nod asks

"Sure i'm sure. I'm just taking a special way so that we don't run into any Sharpteeth." Hyp says

Hyp, Nod and Mutt cross a bone bridge

Mutt looks down into the bubbly pit below him

"Wait for me." Mutt says

Devon follows Hyp, Nod and Mutt undetected

Hyp and Nod jump from rock to rock moving on

"C'mon, guys. Wait up." Mutt says following them

"Stop whining, Mutt. This is easy." Hyp says

Devon heads to another rock and hides behind it watching Hip and his gang

Hyp soon spots a watering hole

"Well whaddya know. A little watering hole. Just for me." Hyp says

Hyp turns to Nod and Mutt

"You guys can have some. If I leave any." Hyp says

Hyp heads down to the watering hole

"Woohoo! Water!" Hyp says jumping into the watering hole

He resurfaces and drinks the water

But then, he slowly starts to sink and was unable to move

It turns out the watering hole was actually a tar-pit

The sticky tar was underneath the water and was pulling Hyp down

"I'm sinking! I'm sinking!" Hyp says

Hyp turns to his friends

"Don't just stand there! Pull me out!" Hyp says

"Uh...right. What do we do?" Nod asks

"I don't know. What do you think we should do?" Mutt asks

"Somebody do something. Help! Help!" Hyp shouts

Littlefoot and his friends soon hear the cries for help

"That's Hyp!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends rush over to the cries

"Get me out! Get me out!" Hyp says flailing in the tar-pit

"You pull him out." Nod says

"What if I get stuck?" Mutt asks

"Then, i'll pull you out." Nod says

"Well, what if you get stuck?" Mutt asks

Littlefoot and his friends arrive at the scene

"He's stuck in a tar-pit! Stop moving, Hyp. It will only make you sink faster!" Littlefoot says

Hyp instantly freezes

"We'll have to pull him out. Everybody line up." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends lines up facing the tar-pit

Petrie grabs hold of Hyp's snout

Cera holds Ducky out

Littlefoot holds on to Cera's tail

Spike holds on to Littlefoot's tail

"Ok. When me say pull. Pull!" Petrie says

Ducky grabs hold of Petrie

Littlefoot and his friends tries to pull Hip out

"Hey! You're squishing me!" Hyp says

"Sorry." Petrie says

He suddenly loses grip of Hyp's snout

Hyp sinks into the tar-pit

Petrie dives into the water

"Petrie!" Ducky shouts

Cera lowers Ducky further toward the water

Ducky grabs Petrie underneath the water

"Pull!" Ducky shouts

Everybody pulls and manages to free Hyp from the tar-pit

Devon looks and sees Littlefoot and his friends pull Hyp out of the pit

Black tar covered Hyp's body

Hip began to wipe the tar off him

"Are you okay, Hyp? Are ya?" Nod asks

"Course i'm okay. I was never not okay." Hyp says

"He a big fat fibber." Petrie says

"Yeah. We helped you and you know it." Cera says

"I don't need anybody's help. Not now! Not ever!" Hyp says

"But, everyone needs help sometimes. They do." Ducky says

"Hmph." Hyp says

Hyp soon notices the grown-ups searching for them

He especially eyes his father who looked angry

"Help." Hyp said in slight shock

He runs behind Littlefoot and his friends and covers his eyes

Devon also notices the grown-ups

"There they are." Mr. Three-horn says

The grown-ups approach Littlefoot and his friends

"Littlefoot, this is no time to go exploring. Don't you realize that you and your friends have wandered into the Mysterious Beyond?" Grandpa says

"We weren't exploring, Grandpa. We were just trying to stop the bullies. I mean Hyp and his friends or they would have gotten hurt." Littlefoot says

Hyp's father heads to Hyp hiding behind Littlefoot and his friends

"Hyp! Here we are chasing after you when we should be finding a way to free the water! I thought I told you to stay where it was safe!" Hyp's father says

Hyp looks angrily at his father

"Don't you look at me that way! I'm your father and I know what's best for you!" Hyp's father says

Mr. Three-horn approaches Hip's father

"Yelling is no way to teach your child what is right or to show you that you care." Mr. Three-horn says

"How would you know?" Hyp's father says

"I know because...because I have a daughter...and I yell at her...too much... especially when I worried for her safety." Mr. Three-horn says

"You don't have to worry about me, Daddy." Cera says

"If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know. And that's all he'll be able to express to others." Mr. Three-horn says

Everyone looks toward Hip

"What?" Hyp says

"I know now that we can't live together that way with such anger between us. Our kids found water because they worked together. Now we must work together too. Especially, for Devon. He sacrificed himself to save my daughter and us. So, we must work together in memory of him. Devon has given so much for us. I'm sure he wanted all of us to work together. So, let's make Devon proud." Mr. Three-horn says

"At last, we all agree." Grandpa says

Mutt begins to cry

"Aww. What's the matter with you?" Hyp asks

"Nothing. Except, I think we're in trouble." Mutt says

"Yeah. So what else is new?" Hyp says

"That." Mutt says

Mutt point to a direction up above the group

Devon looks toward where Mutt pointed

Several Sharpteeth were up above the group

"And that." Mutt says pointing in a different direction

Several more Sharpteeth were up above the group

These Sharpteeth were nothing more than Velociraptors

Everyone gasps

"Children. Stay behind me." Grandpa says

Grandpa gets infront of Littlefoot and his friends

"And me." Mr. Three-horn says joining in

"Count us in too."

Several of the grown-ups get infront of Littlefoot and his friends

"Littlefoot, you and your friends run to safety." Grandpa says

A Sharptooth jumps toward Grandpa and barely bites his neck

Grandpa smacks the Sharptooth with his tail

The Sharptooth flies straight for Mr. Three-horn

Mr. Three-horn rams the Sharptooth over him

The Sharptooth hits the wall behind it

Rocks collapse ontop of it

"C'mon, kids. Follow me." Hyp's father says guiding the kids to safety

Littlefoot looks back


"Don't look back. C'mon." Hyp's father says

The grown-ups block the Sharpteeth from Littlefoot and his friends

"We can't let them pass!" Grandpa says

THe Sharpteeth head past the grown-ups and pursue Littlefoot and his friends

"They've gone after the children!" Mr. Three-horn says

"No." Devon says watching the fight

Devon follows the grown-ups and the Sharpteeth toward Littlefoot and his friends

"Stay close. We're going to get help." Hyp's father says leading them through the canyon

They soon reach a dead-end

They look up and see the Sharpteeth up above them

The Sharpteeth look down on Littlefoot and his friends

The grown-ups corner the Sharpteeth at the edge

"Stop where you are, Sharpteeth!" Mr. Three-horn says

The Sharpteeth turn and head toward the grown-ups

"They're leaving." Cera says

"Yes but why?" Hyp's father asks

"Something bad is happening up there." Hyp says

Nod and Mutt flee

"Stop you babies!" Hyp says

Hyp runs past Nod and Mutt

"Me first." Hyp says

"Hyp!" Hyp's father shouts

The ground beneath The Sharpteeth and the grown-ups begins to collapse

The Sharpteeth and the grown-ups fall to the ground below

"Oh no! Daddy!" Cera shouts

"Grandpa!" Littlefoot shouts

All the grown-ups were unconscious

The Sharpteeth emerge out of the rubble and turn toward the grown-ups

Devon's eyes widened with shock

"You kids get to the top of that dam where it's safe!" Hyp says

"But what about the grown-ups?" Littlefoot asks

"Just get out of here. I'll handle this." Hyp's father says

Hyp's father charges toward the Sharpteeth

He punches two and run past them

"Look at your dad. Risking his neck." Nod says

"Yeah. What a dope." Mutt says

"He is not!" Hyp says

Hyp heads down the dam to his father


"Nyah. Nyah. Can't catch me!" Hyp taunts the Sharpteeth

"Son!" Hyp's father shouts

The Sharpteeth turn toward Hyp and chase him

Suddenly, a large tail whacks a Sharptooth

It was Grandpa

"The grown-ups are alright." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

The Sharpteeth slowly approach the Grown-ups

"Hey, Sharpteeth!"

The Sharpteeth and the Grown-ups look up to their right

Littlefoot and his friends look up to their left

There standing on the top of the canyon was Devon with his Keyblade drawn

Devon jumps down to the Grown-ups and the Sharpteeth

Devon lands and swings his keyblade at each of the Sharpteeth

Each of his swings hit the Sharpteeth

"You want to get to them, you'll have to get past me!" Devon says

"Devon!" Littlefoot and his friends shout

"Devon!" The grown-ups shout

Devon looks toward the Grown-ups, Littlefoot and his friends and nods

Mr. Three-horn rams one Sharptooth with his horns

The Sharpteeth flies into the rocks

"That serve Sharptooth right. He more bigger bully than you." Petrie says

"Hey watch it." Hyp says

"C'mon. Let's get them with more rocks." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends try to push a massive rock down toward the Sharpteeth

"Are you nuts? By the time you budge that thing, those Sharpteeth will be picking us out of their teeth with our bones." Hyp says

"We gotta try." Littlefoot says

"Move over, hatchlings." Hyp says

Hip tries to push the rock but to no avail

"This isn't gonna work." Hyp says

"Hyp!" Littlefoot shouts

"Oh forget him, Littlefoot. He's a creep." Cera says

"Who you calling names? Now get in there and help, you creeps." Hyp says

Hyp drags his two friends Mutt and Nod to help push the rock

"Okay, everyone. Let's get 'em." Hyp says

With the help of Hyp, Nod and Mutt, Littlefoot and his friends manage to push the rock down toward the Sharpteeth

Rocks begin to collapse onto the Sharpteeth

"Yeah!" Everyone cheers

"We did it!" Littlefoot says

The Sharptooth emerge out of the rubble

"Leave our children alone!" Grandpa says

"We've got to stop the fighting." Littlefoot says

"Then, let's squish those Sharpteeth once and for all." Cera says flinging a rock toward the Sharpteeth

Littlefoot looks down and notices water

"Look! Water! We unlocked the water!" Littlefoot says

The water began to flow down the canyon down toward the Grown-ups and Devon

"Run!" Grandpa says

The Grown-ups head out of the path

Devon follows the Grown-ups but his foot gets caught

The water breaks through the dam of rocks and bears down on the Sharpteeth and Devon

The water flows down the path toward the Great Valley

The water then manages to put out the fires still burning in the Great Valley

The Sharpteeth head out of the restored river on one side across from the Grown-ups

"Looks like your friend save the day, Littlefoot." Grandpa says

"I think we all did, Grandpa." Littlefoot says

Spike licks Mutt and the Ankylosaurus

Ducky giggles

"Spike likes you now. He does." Ducky says

Mutt and the Nod smile

"Wait. Where's Devon?" Littlefoot says

The Grown-ups, Littlefoot and his friends look around but doesn't see Devon anywhere

"Look." Ducky says

She points toward the river

On the river, they see Devon floating unconscious face-up toward them

Grandpa lifts Devon out of the water with his tail down toward them

Devon lies on his back unconscious

Everyone heads to Devon

Littlefoot and his friends walk up to Devon

Devon slowly regains consciousness

He chokes on water

He slowly stirs to his knees and coughs out water

Devon looks toward Littlefoot and his friends

"Hey, guys." Devon says gasping for air

"Devon!" Everyone shouts

Littlefoot and his friends all hug Devon

They all laugh

Devon looks toward Hyp, Nod and Mutt

"Good to see you now have a change of heart." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends, and the Grown-ups head back to the Great Valley

And so with the return of the water, Devon and the Great Valley dinosaurs were able to return home again. But the home they returned to wasn't the same. Fire had destroyed much of their green food. Instead of giving into despair, the dinosaurs divided into groups to find the spots where the green food still grew.

The Grown-ups began to collect green food

"Hey everybody. We found more." Littlefoot says

"Did you hear that?"

"More green food."

"How wonderful."

"Where!? I mean...where son?" Hyp's father asks

"In a little canyon not far from here, pop. If we share, there should be enough for everybody." Hyp says

"Hyp, you feeling alright? You're talking about sharing." Nod says

"Uh...Yeah. Sharing." Mutt says

"I know that. Not sharing is for scardy eggs. Right?" Hyp says

"Right." Mutt says


Littlefoot and his friends laugh

"Sharing is good. Yep, yep, yep." Ducky says

Spike licks Ducky

Ducky hugs Spike

"Follow me." Devon says

The Grown-ups, Littlefoot and his friends all followed Devon to the spot

And so as it turned out, the dinosaurs traveled from green spot to green spot eating their fill. Each helping the others to find what they needed. Each helping to learn the special kind of joy which comes from giving to others.

Devon plucks a tree-star and hands it to Littlefoot

Littlefoot hands the tree-star to Mutt

Mutt hands the tree-star to Hyp

Hyp hands the tree-star to Nod

Nod hands the tree-star to Cera

Cera hands the tree-star to Ducky

Ducky hands the tree-star to Petrie

And Petrie gives the tree-star to Spike who eats it

Everyone laughs

The Grown-ups gather lots of green food in a large pile

And years to come, this story was told over and over again until it became known as..."The Time of the Great Giving".

Many other dinosaurs gathered together near the large pile of green food helping each other

Near a stream, Devon looks out to the Great Valley

Littlefoot soon joins him

As does Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike

Together, they lived happily ever after

(The end/Fin)

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