Millions of years ago, the universe was a different place. Always in motion. Full of many creatures of many shapes and sizes. Filled with plant-life of many kinds. Many worlds inhabited the Universe and housed many creatures of life. One special race of creatures was called the Dinosaurs. These awesome giants lived together in an unforgiving, often violent Circle of Life fighting for food of what they had to offer. And sometimes becoming food themselves. But in one place, Dinosaurs of many kinds have learned to live together in harmony, The Great Valley. Where there was plentiful food for all and peace reigned supreme.

(In a forest)

Littlefoot and his friends: Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike along with their best friend, Devon looked up to a tree with one Tree-star

"Well. Looks like there's only one Tree-star." Littlefoot says

"Yep, Yep, Yep." Ducky says

"But the big question is: Who gets it?" Cera says

"What do you mean? It's my turn to get the first Tree-Star of the day." Littlefoot says

"It may be the first Tree-Star of the day, but it's the last one on the tree. That changes the rules." Cera says

"Nah-uh!" Littlefoot says

"I think it goes to the oldest." Cera smiles

"It goes to the smallest. Yes it does." Ducky says

"Me not so sure about that, Ducky." Petrie says

"It's supposed to be my Tree-Star. Right, Devon?" Littlefoot says


Spike charges toward the tree and rams into it trying to shake the Tree-Star off the tree

"Spike. Stop." Littlefoot says

"Nice try, Spike. But me get it first." Petrie says

Petrie flies up to the Tree-Star and grabs hold of it with his beak

Spike continues to ram the tree

Petrie plucks the Tree-star off the branch but feels dizzy

"Me not feel so hungry anymore." Petrie says dizzy

Petrie lets go of the Tree-Star and lands on Spike's head

The Tree-Star floats in the air

Littlefoot and his friends chase the Tree-Star through the forest

"I got it."

"It's mine."

"Look out."

"Wait!" Devon says chasing Littlefoot and his friends

Littlefoot gains the lead on the Tree-Star until he runs into Mr. Clubtail, a Club-tailed dinosaur and resident of the Great Valley

His friends soon stop

Mr. Clubtail notices the Tree-Star floating toward him, catches it, and eats it

Devon soon catches up

"Morning kids, Morning Devon." Mr. Clubtail greets

"Morning, Mr. Clubtail. Glad you liked it." Devon says

"Nice day for a Tree-Star." Mr. Clubtail says walking away

"You greedy old..."


"I don't care. It was our Tree-Star." Cera says

"You mean it was my Tree-Star." Littlefoot says

"Guys." Devon says trying to stop the arguement

"Children. Children."

Everyone turns and sees Littlefoot's Grandpa walk toward them

"Grandpa." Littlefoot says

"Now what's all the fuss about?" Grandpa asks

"It's not fair. Everyone knows it was my turn to get the Tree-Star and today there was only one. Thanks to these guys, Mr. Clubtail got it." Littlefoot says

"Well, Littlefoot. If there was only one Tree-Star to go around, perhaps it's best that Mr. Clubtail got it. After all, He never gets to enjoy treats from the top of the tree. I imagine it was a very special morning for him." Grandpa says

"I guess so." Littlefoot sighs

"Besides, there are plenty of Tree-Stars to go around." Devon says

Everyone looks up a tree to see plenty of Tree-Stars

"Grandpa, mind giving me a lift?" Devon asks

Grandpa nodds and lowers his head down to Devon

Devon climbs onto Grandpa's head

Grandpa lifts his head up to the tree

Devon draws his keyblade

"Now, watch this." Devon says

Devon jumps toward the tree

With a frenzy of slashes from Devon's Keyblade, dozens of Tree-Stars float down to Littlefoot and his friends

Littlefoot and his friends cheer and eat the Tree-Stars

Grandpa lowers his head down to Littlefoot and his friends

Devon jumps off Grandpa's head

"Very impressive, Devon." Grandpa says

"Thanks, Grandpa." Devon says

Littlefoot looks toward Devon

"Thanks, Devon." Littlefoot says

"Anytime, Littlefoot. There's really no reason to argue for food." Devon says

"Here, in the Great Valley. We have plenty of green food to go around." Grandpa says

Grandpa soon notices a strange cloud heading toward the Great Valley

"Looks like we may be in for some sky-water. Oh well. At least it makes the food grow. " Grandpa says

"Uh...I don't think that's a cloud of sky-water, Grandpa." Devon says looking toward the strange cloud

Upon closer inspection, it was actually a huge swarm of leaf-eating bugs

"Oh no! It can't be! Swarming Leaf-gobblers!" Grandpa says shocked

"Swarming what?" Littlefoot says confused

The flying insects fly through the Great Valley eating the food supply the dinosaurs eat

Littlefoot and his friends along with the Grown-ups panic

After eating all the plants, the insects fly away from the Great Valley

All plant-life was gone from the Great Valley

"I do not like Swarming Leaf-Gobblers. Oh no, no, no." Ducky says

(Later that night)

The Grown-ups meet in the Great Valley that was once lush full of vegetation

"When the bright circle rose today, The Great Valley was a paradise. And now, the bright night circle looks down on a wasteland. I'm afraid it will be a long time before there will be enough green food left to sustain us." Grandpa says

"As much as I hate to agree with the Longneck, i'm afraid he's right. There's nothing left to eat." Mr. Three-horn says

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends hide behind a rock watching the Grown-ups argue

"Please. Be quiet. The children are sleeping." Grandma says

"We are faced with a difficult decision> One I think we will all agree on. We must leave the Great Valley." Grandpa says

Devon, Littlefoot, and their friends could not believe their ears

Even, the Grown-ups were shocked

"Leave the Great Valley? Impossible." A male dinosaur says

"We are protected here. Beyond the mountain walls live Sharpteeth." A female dinosaur says

"Get a hold of yourselves. Show some backbone." Mr. Three-horn says

"My friends, We have lived in our valley so long that we forget. All of us survived outside world before coming here and we can do it again. If we have to." Grandpa says

"We can't leave the Great Valley. Where would we go? Where would we live?" Littlefoot says

"Probably join herds of our own kind somewhere." Cera says

"I do not like this Grown-up idea." Ducky says

"Petrie no go. They can't make me." Petrie says

"I don't want to live with some Three-horns. They're too bossy." Cera says

"Where would I ever find friends like you?" Littlefoot says

Devon looks to all his friends in despair

"Don't worry. No matter what happens, we'll always be together and we'll get through this together." Devon says

"Then, we are all agreed. At first light, we leave the Great Valley together." Grandpa says

Littlefoot and his friends smile

"Together." Littlefoot and his friends say happily

"See. Like I said, We'll get through this together." Devon says

"Oh. Okay. Petrie go." Petrie says

(The Next Day)

The Grown-ups, Devon, Littlefoot and their friends all leave the Great Valley

They travel across barren wastelands and canyons

Everywhere they searched for a new home but were unsuccessful

And everyday they grew hungrier, desperate, and more discouraged

The group soon came across a dinosaur skeleton facing opposite where the group was heading

Devon kneels down and inspects the skeleton

Ducky's mother picks Ducky up

"Don't look, dear." Ducky's mother says trying to comfort her

"Looks like this dinosaur was heading back the other way before it died. There is obviously no food in that direction. Which means we must change our course." Devon says

"Everyone knows how stupid Duckbills are. This poor fool probably wandered in circles for days. And that is what will happen to us if we do not go in a straight line." Mr. Three-horn says

"Still, I think this way would be..."

"Listen, Longneck. I for one am getting fed up with this 'I am taller so that makes me better than you' attitude of yours." Mr. Three-horn says

"Your father can't talk to my Grandpa like that." Littlefoot says to Cera

"Littlefoot." Devon says

Cera knocks Littlefoot back on his hindquarters

"He can talk anyway he wants." Cera says

"Cera." Devon says

Littlefoot and Cera began fight each other

Devon tries to break up the fight

Ducky, Petrie, and Spike try to help stop the fight

"Enough." Devon says splitting up Littlefoot and Cera

"So it's settled. We're splitting up. It's every herd for itself." Mr. Three-horn says

Littlefoot and his friends gasp

"No..." Devon says

(Later that night)

The Grown-ups, along with the children rest for the night

Ducky and Spike's mother look toward Ducky and Spike

"Get some sleep you two. We leave when the bright circle rises in the sky."

Ducky and Spike's mother heads back to sleep

"I will miss Littlefoot, Cera, and Petrie. I will really miss Devon." Ducky says

"Me no miss, Ducky. Me no miss, Spike neither." Petrie says

"Then, maybe I will not miss you neither." Ducky says

"Ssh. Nobody have to miss nobody. Devon have plan. C'mon." Petrie says

Ducky and Spike smile and follow Petrie

(The Next day)

The Grown-ups awaken but do not see Devon, Littlefoot or their friends

"Ducky! Spike!" Ducky's mother says

"Petrie! Petrie!" Petrie's mother calls

"Littlefoot!" Grandma calls

"Littlefoot!" Grandpa calls

"Cera!" Mr. Three-horn calls


Devon, Littlefoot, and their friends head out in search of a new home

They cross through the barren wastelands stomping their feet on the ground leaving tracks

"This is stupid. Why are we walking like this?" Cera asks

"We want them to follow us, don't we? We gotta leave good tracks. Now, let's hurry before they find us before we find green food." Littlefoot says

"Let's hope they find us before something else does." Petrie says

"Something else? Like what?" Ducky asks

Ducky and Petrie fall into a large footprint which appeared to belong to a Sharptooth

"Like whatever made this." Petrie says panicked

"Calm down, you babies." Cera says

Large tracks looped around the group opposite where they were heading

"Whatever it was, it went that way." Cera says

"Yes. But what if it come back?" Petrie says

"Well, then it's going to have to deal with me." Cera says

"That settles it. I am going back." Ducky says walking the other way

Littlefoot blocks Ducky's path

"No wait. Don't you see. We can't go back. It's up to us now. The only way to keep the herds together is to find enough food for us all." Littlefoot says

"I do not mind finding food. I do not want to be food. Oh no." Ducky says

"I know but..."

Spike soon smells something

"What is it, Spike? You smell something?" Devon asks

Cera sniffs the air

"Me too." Cera says

Littlefoot sniffs the air

"Hey! I smell it too. Smells like...water!" Littlefoot says

"And where there's water. There's probably." Devon says

"Green food!" Littlefoot and his friends say

Littlefoot and his friends follow the scent with Devon close behind

They head up to the top of a hill and could not believe what they saw


Infront of the group was a sea of water

The group were standing on a beach

"I've never seen so much big water in my life." Littlefoot says

"I didn't know there was such big water." Cera says

"Just looking at it makes me thirsty." Petrie says

"What are we waiting for? Who wants a drink!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot rushes down to the shore

"Hey. Wait for us!" Cera says

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike follow Littlefoot

"This is the biggest water in everything. I bet." Ducky says

Littlefoot and his friends jump into the water and splash around in it

Devon heads down to the shore

"I don't think drinking the water is a good idea." Devon says

Devon sits on the beach as he watches his friends drink the water

They soon spit the water out with distaste

"Also the worst tasting." Cera says

"Yep, yep, yep." Ducky says

"No wonder why nothing grows around here." Cera says

A wave of water soon splashes on Littlefoot and his friends

"Me wish it stop doing that." Petrie says

Littlefoot looks depressed

"Guess we've gone as far as we can go." Littlefoot says

"Aw, cheer up, Littlefoot." Cera says

"Our parents will find us soon. They will." Ducky says

"Ducky right. We leave good trail." Petrie says

"Yeah and then we'll be right back where we were. No food and our family will split up forever." Littlefoot says

Devon climbs up some rocks looking off into the sea but he soon spots something in the distance

Spike climbs up the rocks to Devon and also sees something in the distance

"This is not good at all huh, Spike." Ducky says

Spike doesn't respond

"Spike?" Ducky says

Ducky climbs up on Spike

"Spike, pay attention. You are supposed to be sad like the rest of us." Ducky says

"Ducky. Look." Devon says pointing in the distance

Ducky soon sees something in the distance

"Green! There is green! Devon founded it!" Ducky says

Littlefoot, Cera, and Petrie head over to Devon, Ducky and Spike

They all look into the distance and see an island

"Wow. She's right." Littlefoot says

"Looks delicious. But, how do we get there from here?" Cera says

"I'm a swimmer. So...I can swim." Ducky says

"Me could fly." Petrie says

"Oh yeah? And what will the rest of us supposed to do?" Cera asks

"You can walk." Petrie says

Littlefoot and his friends look confused

"Petrie's right. We could walk. Look." Devon says

Devon points to a walkway of rocks from the beach to the island

"Let's go." Devon says

With that said, Devon, Littlefoot and their friends walk across the rocks toward the island

But they soon run out of breath

Nevertheless, they push on

"It's alot farther than it looks." Littlefoot says gasping for air

"This is like waiting for your hatchday. It never seens to get any closer." Cera says

The group soon hear a rumbling

"I am so hungry my tummy is rumbling." Ducky says

"ooh. Petrie hear it." Petrie says

"That is not my tummy." Ducky says

The waves of the sea begin to smash against the rocks

"That is a...earthshake!" Ducky says

The sea shakes with ferocious force

Devon and his friends lose their balance

Littlefoot looks behind and sees the waves begin to rise engulfing the path

"Oh no! Big water!" Littlefoot says

The rocks beneath the group begins to crack

Littlefoot and his friends scream in panic

The group then looks behind them and see a giant tidal wave at least 50 ft high heading toward them

"Head for the island! Hurry!" Devon shouts

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends rush toward the island with the massive wave slowly closing in on them

They soon get across to the island

"Quick! Climb up the slope!" Devon shouts

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends quickly climb up the slope of the island and escape the massive tidal wave

The wave slams into the island slope and heads back down into the sea

"We're safe." Devon sighs

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends look toward a forest infront of them

"Look, everyone! Food!" Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends cheer and head into the forest

Devon follows close behind

The enviornment around them was unlike anything they had seen

The plants were different than the ones in the Great Valley

Even the trees were different

"What is all this stuff? Doesn't look like any green food I have ever seen." Cera says

Ducky examines a nearby plant

"Smells icky." Ducky says

Petrie flies up a tree and examines it

"Look funny." Petrie says

Littlefoot licks a nearby fern

"Tastes sort of strange." Littlefoot says

"I miss our regular food." Cera sighs

"Me too. But this is all there is. We might as well try it." Littlefoot says

"I'm not going to try it. Petrie, you try it." Cera says

"Me no try it." Petrie says

"Why not Spike try it?" Ducky says

The group turns to Spike who eats the nearby plants

"How is it, Spike? You feel anything?" Devon asks

Spike looks toward the group and continues to eat the plants

"He likes it." Ducky says

Littlefoot and his friends eat the nearby plants

"This is great. When we find our folks, there'll be plenty of food for everyone." Littlefoot says

"I'm not so sure about that." Devon says

Devon looks off into the sea

Littlefoot and his friends look off into the sea and see that the path they used to get to the island was now gone, swallowed by the sea

"Oh no. The path. It's gone." Littlefoot says

"What were you saying about our folks finding us.?" Cera says

(Across from the island)

The Grown-ups follow the tracks to the beach

Grandpa inspects the tracks

"Poor Littlefoot." Grandpa sighs

"This is all your fault, Longneck. My daughter is gone and I blame that son of yours." Mr. Three-horn says

"Littlefoot? Why?" Grandpa asks

"Well...uh...because...because I have to blame somebody. Don't I?" Mr. Three-horn says

"We mustn't lose hope. The moving water feels cool to the feet after such a long journey. The children must have stayed in the shallow water and moved on. Looking for something to eat. Besides, Devon would never let the children come to harm. He is very watchful of the children. We know he cares for them. He must've led the children in a different path from here." Grandma says

"Grandma is right. We must keep looking." Grandpa says

The Grown-ups continue their search for Devon, Littlefoot and their friends

They walk down the beach unaware that Devon and his friends were actually on the island across from them

(Back at the island)

Littlefoot and his friends shout to gain the Grown-ups attention but were unsuccessful

"It's no use. Even if they did follow us this far, they would never be able to follow us here." Cera says

"There's got to be a way to...hey! Petrie, you could fly over and tell them where we are." Littlefoot says

"Me? All by myself? Big water?" Petrie says

"Ducky. What about you? You could swim across." Devon says

"Oh no no no no. I cannot do that. The big water is big and deep and dark and...Oh no." Ducky says

"What's the matter with you two? What are you scared of?" Cera says

"The big water." Petrie and Ducky say

"Looks like we're all scared of the big water." Cera says

"Yep, yep, yep." Ducky says

"It's not fair to ask one of us to cross alone. If one of us goes, we all go. I just wish we know how." Littlefoot says

"Hey. I think I do." Cera says

Devon and the others take a log and roll it toward a cliff

"You sure this think will stay up on the big water?" Littlefoot asks

" works for sticks at the watering hole." Cera says

Devon and the others roll the log off the island and into the sea

The log lands in the sea but then sinks

"I guess it was too big a stick." Cera says

"No wait. Look." Devon says

The log begins to float back up the surface

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

"Alright. Now, let's get back home." Devon says

Devon and his friends head onto the log and begin to swim back the way they came

Littlefoot and Spike paddle the log using their tails

"I got to admit, Cera. This was a great idea." Littlefoot says

Cera became seasick

"Why do I feel so horrible?" Cera says

"Maybe it was that strange food we eat." Ducky says

A fish jumps out of the water and back down into the sea

"What was that?" Ducky says

Petrie was sitting on a branch up on the log with his eyes closed

"Petrie, why are you way over there?" Littlefoot asks

"Me want to stay away from big water as I can." Petrie says

Spike spots a leaf on the branch Petrie sat on and tries to grab it

He then steps onto the branch slowly rolling the log

"Now, I feel sicker than before." Cera says

"Spike, stop. You'll roll the tree over." Devon says

"I do not like this." Ducky says trying to maintain balance

The log slowly rolls back and forth

Littlefoot and his friends try to maintain balance

The branch repeatingly dips into the water with Petrie sitting on it

Petrie is dipped in the water with his eyes closed

In the water, Petrie opens his eyes and sees a shark heading toward him

Petrie hastily heads out of the water and grabs hold of Cera

"What's your problem?" Cera asks

"Sharptooth...that swims." Petrie says

"A Sharptooth that swims? That can't be right." Devon says

"Are you crazy." Cera says

She soon finds out as the shark slams into the log throwing Cera off the log and into the sea

"Cera!" Devon shouts

Cera struggles to stay afloat

The shark swims ontop of Cera

Cera sits on the shark as it swims

She soon notices the shark's teeth

"Swimming Sharptooth!" Cera screams as the shark throws her off of it

Cera falls into the sea

She surfaces and frantically swims back to Devon, Littlefoot and his friends

Devon manages to lift Cera back onto the log just before the shark grabs her

The log spins from the shark splashing in the water

"Paddle the log back to shore!" Devon shouts

Littlefoot and his friends paddle the log away from the shark

The shark follows in pursuit

Littlefoot and his friends get close to shore

But not before smashing into a rock that sends them flying toward shore

Littlefoot and his friends land in the sand

Littlefoot looks around

"We made it." Littlefoot says

His face then turns to depression as he remembers where they are

"Back to where we started. Well, at least we're safe from the swimming Sharptooth." Littlefoot sighs

Devon, Littlefoot and friends soon hear noises in the nearby forest

"Yeah, i'd much rather be eaten by the kind that walks." Cera says

(Later that night)

The Grown-ups settle down for the night

Grandpa and Grandma look out to the sea

"I'm afraid we'll never see Littlefoot or Devon again." Grandpa says in despair

"Don't say that. Of course we will." Grandma says

Tears slide down Grandpa and Grandma's faces

(Back at the island)

Littlefoot and his friends settle down for the night

They soon hear strange noises

"What was that?" Petrie says

They see a tree blowing in the wind

"It's alright. It's just the trick of the wind." Littlefoot says

Cera soon notices a scary sight

"Look." Cera says

Everyone looks toward Cera's line of sight and see a Sharptooth

When the moon shines down, it was actually a rock shaped like a Sharptooth

Everyone sighs with relief

Ducky struggles to sleep

"It is no use. I cannot get to sleep without my mommy." Ducky says

"You miss her huh?" Littlefoot says

Ducky begins to cry

"It's ok, Ducky. We're here. As long as we stay together, We are all family." Devon says

Littlefoot and friends cuddle together and head to sleep

Devon watched his friends fall asleep

He looks up toward the stars and thinks of his Mother and Father

"Mother. Father. I really wish you were both here with me and my friends. I will protect my friends like you have both protected me. I'm sure I will make you both very proud."

Devon looks toward Littlefoot and his friends as they slept

"Don't worry, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike. I will always be here for you. I promise." Devon says

Devon heads over to Littlefoot and his friends

He cuddles with his friends and heads to sleep

The stars shine brightly in the starry sky down on the group

(The Next morning)

The sun rises on the horizon

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends were still asleep

Suddenly, the bushes begin to shake

Something was approaching them

Devon, Littlefoot and his friends slowly awaken

Devon slowly stir his eyes open and sees and object infront of him

He immediately rises to his feet

"Devon?" Littlefoot says slowly waking up

He looks behind him and see a shadow of a Sharptooth

He wakes up his friends

They look behind them and see the shadow

They panic and head into the forest

Devon stays with the strange figure

Littlefoot and his friends run through the forest until they come across a dead end

"We're trapped!" Littlefoot says

"Me can't look." Petrie says

Littlefoot and his friends hold each other scared of what happens next

The figure closes in on them

It was Devon

"Littlefoot. It's alright." Devon says

Littlefoot opens his eyes and sees Devon along with a familiar figure


"You're not going to believe who I just found." Devon says

A familiar dinosaur comes around Devon toward Littlefoot and his friends

"Chomper?" Littlefoot says

"Yep. It's me." Chomper says

"Chomper." Littlefoot and his friends say

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike head over to Chomper

"I wasn't scared ya know." Cera says

"I know." Littlefoot says

"Me not see you since you barely hatched." Petrie says

"And now i'm all grown-up." Chomper says

"You are a big Sharptooth alright. Yep, yep, yep." Ducky says

"It's nice to see a familiar face." Littlefoot says

"Chomper, you live here?" Devon asks

"Yep, Me and my Mommy and Daddy." Chomper says

"His mommy and daddy?" Cera says suprised

"Did we not meet them before?" Ducky says

"Me remember them." Petrie says

"Well, it's great to see you again, Chomper." Devon says

Devon pets Chomper

"I missed you guys. Hey, you wanna look around? You wanna? C'mon." Chomper says walking into the forest

Littlefoot and his friends stay where they are

Chomper walks back toward them

"What's the matter? You coming? C'mon." Chomper asks

Chomper walks back into the forest

Devon follows Chomper

Littlefoot and his friends follow close behind

Cera was hesitant but she decides to follow

"It's great to have someone to talk to who doesn't roar back." Chomper says

"So Chomper, you like it here?" Devon asks

"It's ok. Not much to eat." Chomper responds

"Until now." Cera says

The group soon hears a loud roar

"Don't worry. It's just my mommy." Chomper says

"Your mommy!?" Littlefoot and his friends say

Another roar sounds off in the forest

"And my daddy." Chomper says

"Your daddy!?" Littlefoot and his friends say

"C'mon. I want you to meet them." Chomper says

Chomper walks into the forest

"Uh...Chomper." Devon calls

"Yes, Devon?" Chomper says

"I don't think that's a good idea." Devon says

"Aw, why not? I know they'll like you." Chomper says

"How, medium, rare, or well-done?" Cera snaps

"Chomper, I know your mother and father were very fond of me. But, Littlefoot and his friends...they only got to see them for a short time." Devon says

"Oh. I don't think they'd. Oh ok. Wait here." Chomper says walking into the forest

"What's with you? This is Chomper. Remember. We saved him from egg-eaters. We hatched him. We're like his family. He'd never hurt us." Littlefoot says

"Littlefoot's right, Cera. We were the ones who took care of him." Devon says

"Grow up, will you. He's a Sharptooth. We're not his family. We're his diet." Cera says

Another roar sounds

Littlefoot and his friends hide in the bushes

"Guys! Wait!" Devon says

Chomper returns

"Devon. What's wrong?" Chomper says

Soon, Chomper's Mother and Father arrive

Chomper approaches his parents

Like before, they communicate through friendly growls

Littlefoot and his friends look out from the bushes

"I wonder what they are saying." Littlefoot says

"Oh yeah. Right. Like they can talk." Cera says

"YOU HAD US WORRIED SICK, CHOMPER!" Chomper's Father growls

"IT'S TIME TO COME FOR DINNER." Chomper's Mother growls


"SURE, WE COULD USE SOME DESSERT." Chomper's Father growls

Chomper becomes shocked

Chomper's Mother and Father soon notice Devon

"IS THIS ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS, CHOMPER?" Chomper's Father growls

"HE LOOKS NICE. YOU COULD BRING HIM OVER." Chomper's Mother growls lowering her head down to Devon

Devon steps back a bit

Chomper's Mother and Father decide to head back in the forest but soon pick up a scent and turn back

"HEY, WHAT'S THAT?" Chomper's Mother growls

"SMELLS LIKE...LONGNECK." Chomper's Father growls

They follow the scent toward the bush where Littlefoot and his friends were hiding

Chomper steps between the bush and his parents


Chomper's Mother and Father walk away

"COME ALONG NOW, SON." Chomper's father growls

"BE THERE IN A MINUTE." Chomper growls waving at his parents

Littlefoot and his friends step out of the bushes

"What was that all about?" Littlefoot asks

"I don't think you're safe around my folks." Chomper says

"Big suprise." Cera says

"But you gotta be more careful. My dad smelled you." Chomper says

"Us smell bad?" Petrie asks

"No, they uh...think you smell good." Chomper says

"That even worser." Petrie says

"But I know a place they won't ever find you. It's a good thing my parents are the only good Sharpteeth around here." Chomper says

"Lead the way, Chomper." Devon says

Chomper leads Devon and his friends into the forest to the secret spot

Moments later, another Sharptooth arrives at the scene

This Sharptooth was different

It was light-green with stripes on it's head going down to it's tail

It sniffs the air and picks up a scent down by the bush

It grabs the bush in it's mouth and rips it to shreds

The Sharptooth then moves on further into the forest


Chomper leads Devon and his friends to the secret spot

"Stay with me ok? So you don't get lost." Chomper says

"Don't worry. We're with you all the way." Devon says

Devon, Chomper, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie and Spike head down one path while Ducky heads down a different path being cautious of her surroundings

As she proceeds, Ducky comes across a cliff and nearly walks off

She stops tries to maintain balance

"Littlefoot, Cera, Devon, Sombody help!" Ducky shouts

The ground beneath Ducky cracks and Ducky falls down the cliff

Until a Terrydactl catches Ducky by her tail

"Thank you. Thank you lots." Ducky says

The Terrydactl roars at Ducky

Ducky gulps

"I think." Ducky says


Devon, Littlefoot and friends follow Chomper to a log bridge

"C'mon. This way. It's fun." Chomper says

Chomper crosses the bridge

Littlefoot and his friends look down to a deep canyon

"Some fun." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot crosses the bridge

Cera crosses the bridge although she was hesitant at first

Spike crosses the bridge

Everyone was across all except for Ducky

Littlefoot looks around but doesn't see Ducky

"Ducky? Ducky? Where'd she go?" Littlefoot asks

"You didn't have a mid-morning snack did you?" Cera asks Chomper

"Cera, knock it off." Littlefoot says

"She's gotta be here someplace." Littlefoot says

"Oh no! Ducky! Ducky!" Devon calls out

High up in the tree, the Terrydactl brings Ducky back to it's nest where it's babies wait

Ducky screams

"Cute babies. I see they have their grown-up teeth." Ducky says scared

The baby terrydactls jump up to Ducky trying to snap at her

Ducky manages to escape the Terrydactl's grip just before one of the babies snap at her

Ducky falls off down toward Devon, Littlefoot and friends

They soon hear her scream

"Did you hear something?" Littlefoot asks

Devon looks up and sees Ducky

He catches her in his hands

"Thank you, Devon." Ducky says

Devon nodds

"Nice catch." Petrie says

"Sorry about what I said before." Cera says

"It's ok." Chomper says

"So, about this hiding place. Are we going there or what?" Cera says

"Sure, c'mon."

"I think I will ride for a while." Ducky says

Ducky rides on Devon's Right Shoulder while Petrie rode Devon's Left Shoulder

The group soon reaches the hiding place

"Here it is." Chomper says

The Hiding Place was a place of tall grass that housed plants with a pungent odor that could hide their scent

Petrie eyes a flower

"Ooh pretty." Petrie says

Petrie smells the flower and falls back with disgust

"But it no smell pretty." Petrie says

"I call this "The Stinky Place". You'll be safe here cause nobody will be able to smell you." Chomper says

"I think i'd rather be eaten." Cera says

The group soon hears a roar in the forest

Cera screams and jumps into the tall grass

Everyone laughs

"I can change my mind, can't I?" Cera says

Everyone enters the tall grass

"It smell like herd of clubtails on hot day." Petrie says

"Yeah, but at least we'll be safe here." Littlefoot says

"If you guys are hungry, I can get you some food." Chomper says

"I like flowers, especially yellow ones." Cera says

"Me want berries. Lots and lots of berries." Petrie says

"I like the tall grass with the big leaf. Yep, yep, yep." Ducky says

"You think you can find any Tree-stars around here?" Littlefoot asks

"Tree-Stars!" Littlefoot's friends shout with excitement

"I don't really know what any of those things are. But, i'll bring you something good." Chomper says

"Uh just bring us something you wouldn't eat." Cera says

"Ok. This will be fun. I just love having friends for dinner." Chomper says

Chomper walks away

Everyone laughs

Chomper heads into the forest and grabs a large leaf

He heads to a nearby bush and grabs dozens of red berries

Chomper then heads to a plant and picks blue berries

Behind the trees, Chomper's Mother and Father watch their son with confused expressions on their face

"SOMETIMES I WORRY ABOUT THAT BOY." Chomper's Father growls

Chomper grabs several fruit and leaves and heads back

He soon returns to Littlefoot and his friends with food

"Can I come in?" Chomper asks dragging fruit and leaves on the large leaf

Littlefoot and his friends cheer and eat the food

"You know this strange food not bad." Petrie says

Outside the tall grass, Devon and Littlefoot talk with Chomper on how they got to the island

"So, you see, that's how we got here. I know our folks are worried about us but we can't figure out a way to get back." Devon says

"I don't want you to go. Stay here. I'll take care of you just like you took care of me." Chomper says

"That's very kind of you, Chomper. But, I don't think we could get used to living a place we hardly understand. Besides, we belong in the Great Valley." Devon says

"Thanks for the food though. Sure you won't have a bite?" Littlefoot asks


"Littlefoot, Watch out!" Cera says

Littlefoot moves his paw away from Chomper

"Uh no thanks. I...uh...I gotta go." Chomper says and walks away

"Why did you say that for?" Littlefoot says

"Cause he's a Sharptooth. Get it through your thick head." Cera says

"Cera right. He cute now. But someday..."

"He might decide we are things to be eaten." Ducky says

"Yeah, well. Me and Devon don't think so. He helped us out alot and we hurt his feelings." Littlefoot says

Devon and Littlefoot rush out of the tall grass to catch up with Chomper

"He doesn't have feelings. He's a Sharptooth!" Cera says

Cera heads back into the tall grass and spot's Littlefoot's Tree-Star

"Don't you think he wants his Tree-Star?" Cera asks

Spike takes the Tree-Star and eats it

Devon and Littlefoot chase Chomper through the forest

Chomper walks away sad

"Chomper! Wait!" Devon shouts

Devon and Littlefoot catch up to Chomper

"Chomper, wait. Please." Littlefoot says

"Look, about what happened back there. It's not your fault. Cera's just needs time to get used to you. It's been a while since we last met. Don't worry. I'm sure Cera will come to her senses. I promise." Devon says

Suddenly, Chomper's parents roar at Devon and Littlefoot

Littlefoot screams in panic

"Whoa!" Devon says startled

Chomper's Mother lowers her head down and nuzzles Chomper

Chomper nuzzles his Mother

After that, Chomper's Mother walks away

"She really loves you." Littlefoot says

"What did she say?" Devon asks

"She told me not to play with my food." Chomper says

Littlefoot, Chomper, and Devon laugh

"We're sorry, Chomper." Devon apologizes

"Don't worry. You are what you are and I am what I am. We can't change it but we can still be friends. Can't we?" Chomper says

"Of course, Chomper." Devon says

Chomper's parents growl in the forest

"I'd better get home. See you later." Chomper says

"See you later, Chomper." Devon says

Devon and Littlefoot head back to their friends

"Oh no! I bet somebody ate my last Tree-Star." Littlefoot says

"Better hurry if it's still there." Devon says

Devon and Littlefoot race back to their friends

"If that Tree-Star's gone, i'm going to be real mad." Littlefoot says

Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike head out of the tall grass and meet Littlefoot and Devon

They soon see a Sharptooth behind Littlefoot and Devon

"Oh no!" Cera says

"That's right. You better be scared because if someone ate it, i'm gonna..."

A loud roar sounds behind Devon and Littlefoot

It was the Sharptooth

Littlefoot and his friends panic

"Head into the grass!" Devon shouts

The Sharptooth bites down on the tall grass and rips it out of the ground exposing Devon, Littlefoot and their friends

The Sharptooth spits the grass out and pursues Devon, Littlefoot, and their friends through the forest

The head across the log bridge

Devon was the last to cross before the bridge collapsed

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends tease the Sharptooth

"The log is gone. You cannot get across." Ducky teases

"Me think you are a stinker." Petrie teases

The Sharptooth jumps across the canyon and gets to the other side

It turns and faces Devon, Littlefoot and their friends

"Just kidding." Petrie says

"So much for that." Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends run underneath the Sharptooth and head into the forest


Chomper walks through the forest back to his parents

He soon hears a roar he was not familiar with

"I wonder who that is? Not my daddy." Chomper says

He soon hears Littlefoot's screams

"Littlefoot!" Chomper shouts

"Run! Cut through the forest!" Devon shouts

"Devon!" Chomper shouts

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends flee from the Sharptooth

They decide to hide underneath large rocks

The Sharptooth tries to get to Devon, Littlefoot and their friends but to no avail

"I don't think he can get us." Littlefoot says

The Sharptooth lifts the rock with it's head and moves it away from Devon, Littlefoot and their friends

"I do not agree." Ducky says

"You gotta be kidding me!" Devon says

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends flee from the Sharptooth

They soon come across a dead end on a cliff

"The big water! And the Swimming Sharptooth!" Petrie says

The Sharptooth slowly approaches the group from behind

"Never mind about that Sharptooth. Worry about this one." Cera says

Devon draws his keyblade

The Sharptooth suddenly roars in pain

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends see Chomper biting on the tail of the Sharptooth

"Chomper!" Devon shouts

"Hey. Leave him alone, you big bully." Cera says

Cera charges toward the Sharptooth and rams into it's foot

Chomper lets go of the Sharptooth's tail and heads toward Devon, Littlefoot and their friends

"Nice one, Cera." Devon says

The Sharptooth roars at Devon, Littlefoot, Chomper and their friends

"Now, it's my turn." Devon says

Devon sprints toward the Sharptooth

He jumps up toward it's head and bashes the Sharptooth with his keyblade 10 times

"Go! Devon! Go!" Littlefoot cheers

Devon lands back on the ground

The Sharptooth tries to bite down on Devon but misses

Devon evades the Sharptooth

He looks to his left and sees Chomper's Mother and Father head to the rescue

"Looks like the cavalry has arrived." Devon says

Chomper's Mother and Father fight the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth rams it's head onto Chomper's Father

Chomper's Father bites it's sharpteeth down on the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth swipes it's claws on Chomper's Father and knocks him back

Chomper's Mother steps in

The Sharptooth swipes it's talons on it's feet on Chomper's Mother and whips it's tail at her

"You can't do that to my mommy!" Chomper says

The Sharptooth closes in on Chomper's Mother

Just before it reaches Chomper's Mother, Chomper's Father whips it's tail at the Sharptooth

The Sharptooth is knocked toward Devon, Littlefoot, Chomper and their friends

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends manage to evade the Sharptooth but Chomper is sent down the cliff along with the Sharptooth

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends gasp in shock

Chomper falls into the sea

"Chomper!" Devon shouts

Chomper surfaces and struggles to stay afloat

"Mommy!" Chomper cries

Devon jumps off the cliff and dives down into the sea

"Devon!" Littlefoot shouts

Devon surfaces and swims toward Chomper

Devon grabs hold of Chomper

"Don't worry, Chomper. I got you." Devon says

Chomper grabs hold of Devon

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

The Sharptooth is swept away by the current of the water

"Hold on, Chomper." Devon says

Cera soon notices something in the water

"Oh no! The Swimming Sharptooth!" Cera says

"Devon, I'm scared." Chomper says

"Don't worry, Chomper. I'm here."

Devon sets Chomper on a rock

"Chomper, hold on. I'll get us..."

Devon is suddenly dragged deep into the water

"Argh!" Devon shouts as he is dragged into the water

"Devon!" Chomper shouts

"Devon!" Littlefoot and his friends shout

Chomper's Mother and Father gasp

In the water, Devon tries to swim to the surface but is dragged down by the sea current

He soon gets caught in seaweed and tries to break free

Devon was drowning

He soons lose consciousness

Suddenly, a sea creature frees Devon from the seaweed and lifts him up toward the surface

"Hey look!" Littlefoot says

The sea creature surfaces with Devon on it's back

Chomper jumps onto the creature's back

It looked like a Female Plesiosaur

"You look tired, my dear. Can I give you and your friend a ride?"

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

Ducky, Petrie and Spike hug each other

Cera hugs Chomper's Mother suprisingly

But, Chomper's Mother pays no mind and smiles at Cera

The Female Plesiosaur heads toward the cliff

"Last stop. Everybody off."

Chomper climbs up the Plesiosaur's neck

He turns and looks back at Devon who was unconscious and almost drowned

"Don't worry, dear. I'll get him."

Littlefoot and his friends approach the friendly Female Plesiosaur

Ducky approaches the Plesiosaur

"Hello, deary. I'm Elssie."

Ducky giggles

"Oh. Watch the eyes." Elssie says

Chomper climbs off Elssie's head and toward Littlefoot and his friends

"There. We're safe now. Now, let me get your friend." Elssie says

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

Chomper heads to his parents

Elssie lifts Devon up with her head and gently places him on the cliff

"Devon." Littlefoot says

Littlefoot and his friends rush over to Devon

Chomper also heads over to Devon

"Is he ok? Is he?" Chomper asks

"I'm not sure. The poor dear almost drowned. It is hard to say. But, i'm sure the young one will pull through. He has a strong heart." Elssie says

Devon slowly regains consciousness

Devon awakens coughing out water

He stirs to his knees and continues to cough out water

Devon looks toward Littlefoot, his friends, and Chomper

"Hey, guys." Devon says

"Devon!" Littlefoot, his friends, and Chomper say happily to see Devon ok

They all hug Devon

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends all turn toward Chomper's Mother and Father

"DON'T WORRY. YOU'RE SAFE WITH US." Chomper's Mother growls

"She says you're safe with them." Chomper says

Chomper's Mother sniffs Devon, Littlefoot and their friends


"What'd he say?" Littlefoot asks

"He uh...he says yeah same goes for him." Chomper says

Chomper's Mother nuzzles Devon

Devon pets Chomper's Mother

"Your welcome." Devon says

"You know what you're right. Chomper's family may be different. But, they are family too just like our families." Cera says

"Except our families not eat us." Petrie says

"Our families...Not that we'll see our families again." Littlefoot says

"What's that, Longneck? Got some long lost relations on the other side of the pond as we say?" Elssie says

"Yeah." Littlefoot says

"Well now, I just might be able to do something about that." Elssie says

Joy comes to Devon, Littlefoot and their friends faces

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends climbs onto Elssie's head

"Step lightly, kiddies. Mustn't tarry. The herds I saw last night probably have moved on by now. And if you're going to be seasick, let aunt Elssie know so she can duck." Elssie says

"You sure you don't wanna stay? You'd be safe with us." Chomper says

Chomper looks toward his parents

"I think."

"Thanks, Chomper. But, we belong back at our home. We belong back in the Great Valley along with the Grown-ups. And we miss it." Devon says

Chomper nodds

"We will still be friends." Devon says

"Yeah, Chomper. Always." Cera says

"Just remember, Chomper. No matter where we will be, We'll always be with you. In here."

Devon points to Chomper's chest

"Remember, just stay here and you can visit us anytime you want. I promise." Devon says

"I will Devon." Chomper says

"Alright, gotta go." Devon says waving good-bye

"Bye, Chomper. We'll see you soon." Ducky says

"We hope to you see you soon." Petrie says

Elssie turns out toward the sea

"Bye, Chomper." Littlefoot says

"Thanks for everything." Devon says

"Bye. See you soon." Chomper says waving good-bye

Chomper's Mother and Father also wave good-bye

Elssie heads out to sea

"So there I was cruising along minding my own business when I spotted this very distinguished old Longneck on the beach. Quite suprised I was." Elssie says

"Grandpa." Devon says

"That's my Grandpa." Littlefoot says

"Is he now? So that's where you get your good looks." Elssie says

Littlefoot's friends laugh

"Oh I was right taken with him I was. If only he had flippers, we would make quite a pair swimming about in the sea." Elssie says

"I hate the sea." Cera says

"Do you deary? Now, that's a shame. Because it is quite the loveliest place to be." Elssie says

(Across the sea)

The Grown-ups settle near the beach

"So what if we found enough food to last us for years. Who cares. If we don't have our kids what's the point?" Mr. Three-horn says

"For once I have to agree with you." Grandpa says

"We've got to have faith. I know Devon and the children will find us. Some how." Grandma says

"What do you expect them to do? Rise out of the ocean?" Mr. Three-horn says

Grandpa soon notices familiar figures in the distance

"Yes. That's exactly what they are going to do." Grandpa says

On the sea, Elssie along with Devon and the kids approach the Grown-ups

"Littlefoot?" Grandma says rushing to the shore

"Cera? Cera? Cera!" Mr. Three-horn says rushing to shore

All the Grown-ups rush to shore

Elssie stops at the shore

"Well. We're here. Thank goodness." Elssie says

Littlefoot and his friends rush over to their parents

Ducky and Spike rush over to their mother

Petrie rushes to his mother

Littlefoot rushes over to Grandpa and Grandma

Cera rushes over to her father

Devon looks toward his friends and was happy to see them reunited with their family

But then, this happiness overwhelms him reminding him of his family, his Mother and Father

"What's the matter, dear? Don't you have a family to see to?" Elssie says

"Elssie, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for my friends." Devon says

"It was nothing, deary. So, where are your parents?" Elssie says

"Well, Elssie. As you can plainly see, My family isn't here. To tell you the truth, I have no family." Devon says sadly

Elssie becomes shocked

"Oh no. You poor dear." Elssie says feeling sorry for Devon

"It's a long story. But, I'll try to explain as best as I can." Devon says

Devon tells Elssie of his story: How he lost his home, how Lord Thanatos murdered his Mother and Father, and how he met Sora, Riku, and Kairi

"That is quite a troublesome story, Devon. I truly feel sorry for you." Elssie says

"I'm glad you understand my pain and suffering. I have told many people of my dark past. I only hope they can understand the pain and suffering that has torrmented me for so many years." Devon says

"If it's alright with you, Devon. I wish to be your aunt." Elssie says

"I will gladly accept your offer, Elssie. Thank you." Devon says

Devon hugs Elssie


Elssie leaves Devon, Littlefoot, their friends, and the Grown-ups

"Goodbye and thank you so much." Grandpa says

"Toodle-loo. I'll stop by for chat now shall I. Farewell, Devon. I'll be here if you ever need me." Elssie says

"Thanks, Elssie." Devon says

Elssie heads out to sea and leaves

"Sorry for all the trouble we caused, Grandpa. We just wanted to find enough food so we could all stay together." Littlefoot says

"And I think you succeeded." Grandpa says

"Did you hear that? We succeeded." Ducky says

"If we hadn't been looking for you children, we would have never found this beautiful place." Grandma says

The Grown-ups had settled in a beautiful valley that was close to the beach lush full of vegetation and fresh, clean, water

"There's enough food here for everybody. At least until the Great Valley is green again." Mr. Three-horn says

"We not have to split up?" Petrie asks

"We sure don't." Grandpa says

Littlefoot and his friends cheer

"Just as long as we don't have to take anymore rides on Elssie." Cera says

Devon, Littlefoot and their friends laugh

(Several days later)

The Great Valley soon begins to grow plants and soon became green again

Soon, The Great Valley was a living paradise again

Everyone returned back to their glorious home and lived happily ever after

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