KND The Finale Season Mission in...Operation INTERVIEWS

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is a final season of the KND Episode Operation INTERVIEWS. Father wants to brought back for the Monsters to including final ending story of the KND as Cannon Top and Showbiz Monster.

Various Mewtwo's Monsters from Wedding Guest in DSBDX Movie Special as Mewtwo Strikes Back from Pocket Monsters.

Father's Greatest of the Scavenger Hunt Monsters for the KND Final Mission

Cannon Top
Showbiz Monster
Dora Sakura
Dora Crustatean
Dora Mole
Dora Tick
Dora Leviathan
Dora Wasp
Dora Cicada
Dora Flytrap
Dora Jelly
Dora Oni
Dora Fu
Dora Kraken
Dora Pearl
Dora Pecker
Dora Piranha
Dora Zaru
Dora Jack
Dora Gai
Dora Capricorn
Dora Blaze
Dora Hammerhead
Dora Madillo
Dora Kuuwaga
Dora Shell
Dora Roc

The Best Awarder Goes...Dark Oak World of Sonic X

Dark Oak's World of the Best Sonic X, As Octophantom (2007)

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