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A hot class B sub-dwarf star (also called KIC 05807616) that has completed it expansion phase and retracted. Kepler detected two unconfirmed planets .01 and .02 at epistellar distances that apparently survived the expansion in-tact. It is thought that their outer layers were stripped away, leaving only their cores. It is thought that only massive planets could survive this, as terrestrial planets would be completely disintegrated. Engulfing planets like these may have hastened the loss of the star's outer layers and may be the only way of producing a star of this type. The planets were not detected using transit, but rather their reflected light may be enhancing the star's brightness, which also varies over time. The planets would have diameters of 76% and 87% that of Earth if they are rocky.

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Planets May Have Survived Star's Expansion (2011)

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