KSSA-FM (96.875 FM) is a fictional radio station in the Belch Dimension universe broadcasting a rock/contemporary format. Licensed to Jigaboo Junction, USA, the station serves the tri-county area, including Jigaboo Junction, Jigsdale, and East Jiggton.

96.875, (or, 96 7/8) corresponds to no real-world frequency, though there may be a number of stations in the US or worldwide that broadcast at either 96.8 or 96.9 MHz .


The station employs two morning show deejays, Will B. Caustic and Professor Bobcat, whose show features music, contests, and comedic bits, such as the adventures of a stuntman named Hazard Lad who performs live, often dangerous, stunts on-air. The Caustic and Bobcat Show runs from 5 to 10 a.m. Janet Snow's show follows Caustic and Bobcat's. KSSA once broadcast the Dr. Nora Show, though she has since been terminated and the show dropped from its lineup. The station is managed by Irwin R. Shickelgruber.


The station shares its name with a small station broadcasting out of Paris, Texas, and a second from Ingalls, Kansas , though creator Jonathan M. Sweet says the building exterior is modeled after the station in his hometown, 910 KLCN.

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