Bumper 2 (2005-2012)

Bumper: The Kaboom! Entertainment is shown for one second and then it cuts to the clips of the Fantasy Films: "The Granny Awards," "School Daze," "It's Saturday," "I Need a Vacation" and "The Highlight Zone." An episode clip of My Big Big Friend appears with the other half which is a pirate copy example wipes in while the captions appear reading: "PIRATE COPY" and "DISNEY COPY" in two of the boxes. Then it cuts to the clip from 101 Dalmatians (1961) in pirate copy format then another one in the normal format. And then, it cuts to the VHS cover with the BBFC U rating and the closed-captioning symbol (Depending on which film) on the blue and green gradient background from the Disney Videos logo, it tilts to reveal the holograms. The Camera hologram (A standard film camera on a tripod with duplicates of BVHV in rows) zooms up to the top right corner and the Mickey Mouse hologram (Sorcerer Mickey in a TV screen with multicolored swirls on the outside) zooms up to the bottom right corner for clarification. They fade out and the tape with the BBFC U rating fades in with the label and hologram (depending on which film). The hologram zooms up to the top right corner for clarification, finally, it cuts back to the clips and it fades to black and the words "Call the police if you have a pirate copy of a Fantasy Film" in white Helvetica.

Music/Sounds/Voiceover: Jim Cummings says "Welcome to a world of adventure, music and family entertainment, Kaboom's video collection! But don't be tempted to buy a cheap, illegal pirate copy or you might just hear about it from your children." At the My Big Big Friend clip, the boy says "Mom, it's no good! The picture's silly!" then at the muffled Cruella De Vil song from , the boy says, "I can't hear it!" Jim then continues with the normal Cruella De Vil song in the background "For the best in quality entertainment, people looked to Disney. You can recognize an authentic Fantasy Film by the gold disc, logo and Kaboom! holograms on the cover, and Ragdoll hologram on the disc. It's your guarantee of buying a true Kaboom original with the quality of our standards that you and your family deserve. If you have any worries concerning pirate videos call the police." with "The Granny Awards" playing in the background.

Availability: Seen on Fantasy Films such as "The Phantom of the Music Room,"

Scare Factor: 2/5-Minimal. The muffled song may catch you off-guard.

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