Kadis Venarm

Kadis Venarm is the pilot on board the mercenary ship The Scimitar.


  • Species: Human from Brentaal
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol
    • vibroknife
  • Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
    • Piloting the Scimitar - The Scimitar moves like an extension of Kadis. Within the limits of the ship's technology, the movement is perfect. Kadis prides himself on his ability to achieve near-perfect landings almost every time.
    • Militia Training: Back on Brentaal, Kadis was given basic training in the use of blasters and hand to hand combat. It never really came into play at the battle, but he's kept up his training and is better than most with his fists and blasters, although nothing compared to most of the others.
    • Scimitar Knowledge: When he's at the controls, he always knows when something isn't working right. When he's walking the ship, he notices when things are misplaced. A bent grate, slow acceleration, a turn that's harder than it should be, bad door hydraulics...he doesn't really know how he does it, he just does.
  • Primary Role Player: Corinthian


Kadis was born on Brentaal, in the capital city of Cormond. As one of the major stops along the route in from the Colonies region to the Core, Kadis often saw trade ships coming and desired to one day command one. Not long after he made that promise to himself, the Clone Wars broke out and Brentaal became an embattled world, first with the CIS coming from the sky to dislodge the Republic Garrison, and then the Republic returning years later with Jedi at their front to drive the CIS back. During their invasion, the CIS conscripted Kadis and most of his friends and family in a desperate attempt to supplement the droid armies. He was captured by a unit of the Grand Army and sent to Kessel for the rest of the war.

While on Kessel, he made some contacts with a smuggler who was about to be released, and after the end of the Clone Wars and his release, he joined up with a smuggling crew as the co-pilot, working for a Hutt smuggling Ryll to Nal Hutta. After a close run-in with an Imperial Customs Cruiser, he ditched at their next stop on Ryloth.

Over the next seven years, he bounced around the galaxy, until his ship, a freighter taking survival gear to a colony in the Outer Rim, crash-landed on Bryndar. He's been trapped down there for the past two weeks.

Personality and Traits

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