[b]Surname:[/b] Thrax [b]Given Name:[/b] Kado [b]Known Aliases[/b]: Mushara [b]Occupation:[/b] Mandalorian Pirate [b]Legal status:[/b] Minor [b]Criminal record:[/b] None [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] Mandalore

[b]Place of Residence:[/b] Correllia, Arbra [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] Mandalore, Talos [b]Affiliation: [/b]None [b]Bounty Licence/Mark Token:[/b] Yes [b]Weapons and Armor:[/b] [font size=2]Angel Wing: Kado is never seen without his sword, made legendary in the battle for Symmenia Prime, and reforged by Runi. Cast in pure Thundanium, the curved hand-and-a-half vibro-saber is his signature weapon, and the one he is most deadly with. The blade is shaped to resemble an Angel's wing, with the dorsal feather's providing serrating down the length of the blade.

Spider's Kiss: Kado's spider headed spear. Extends up to 10 feet long, and condenses to under 6 inches, it is made of Phrik with a Thundanium vibro-head

Kado also carries a Ripper Assault Rifle with 360 shredder, 120 heavy impact, 120 HEAT and 180 armor piercing rounds, a heavy blaster pistol with 300 rounds worth of energy packs, a light disruptor pistol with 80 rounds of energy packs, and several vibroknives perfectly balanced for throwing or fighting.  Also included are a mix of Sonic, Frag, Ion, and Concussion grenades.  The Ripper has a rail system allowing him to slip on various attachments, anything from grenade launchers, targeting systems, shotguns, or anything else Kado can think of. 

Hoplon- Contained in the left forearm bracer of the armor is a shield which lobsters into, and collapses in on itself to be roughly 1 1/2 feet long and 5 inches wide, but when extended measures 3 feet in diameter. It is cast of solid Thundanium, making it virtually impervious to all damage. Kado often uses it to give his armor shields a break during heavy combat, or he wields it with Angel Wing, deflecting and blocking weapons fire until he can close within Melee distance. [/font]


Kado is a lean and muscular youth, like most Mandalorians in the peak of his athleticism. He keeps his blonde and purple hair cut close in a military high and tight, showing off his facial scar, running down his left cheek, a leftover from his first taste of combat. His ice blue and purple eyes are cold as death, despite his jovial demeanor and friendly speech, often giving off and air of unease.

[b]Height:[/b] 6'1" [b]Weight:[/b] 181 Pounds [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Pale Blue/Purple [b]Hair:[/b] Blonde/Brown [b]Other Features:[/b] scar on left cheek, Mandalorian tattoo on back and right calf.

[b]Clothing:[/b] Kado dresses in simple travelers clothing, comfortable slacks and sleeveless shirt, leather jacket, and well broken in boots. He looks like every other ex-military type looking for a job.

[b]Uniform:[/b] Heavily Customized Mandalorian armor [font size=1]The armor uses a Liquid Crystal amplification sub-layer to enhance and multiply force exerted by the wearer, effectively increasing his reaction time, speed and strength by a factor of 5. The suit is air-tight, hardened against vacuum, and features air-filtration systems as well as a built-in oxygen supply that can last for up to 90 minutes. The suit's helmet also features a mounted flashlight with its own separate power supply, the visor contains a complex visual enhancement HUD giving the user up to date information about his armor, weapons, health, and has built in radar, optical zoom, and alternate spectrum viewing. Concealed side compartments in the upper thigh plates allow the wearer to holster a sidearm. The suit also has a number of other features, including recoil-compensating actuators, hydrostatic gel (to regulate temperature and dampen impact force), biofoam injectors, magnetic skids, and color adaptation camouflage. The Armor has an integrated dynamic, self-recharging, sophisticated energy shielding system that repels mass objects and energy bursts. While impacts on the shield place a substantial drain on the system's power supply, system energy regenerates quickly once the Wearer moves away from the barrage. When the shield falls, the actual armor is made from Ablative Phrik Composite Alloys, making the suit incredibly light given its relative bulk. The armor is slightly lightsaber resistant, and is virtually impervious to unsustainable small arms fire. (note: armor blatantly inspired by HALO Mjonir Armor, thank you Bungie) [/font]

[b]Personality:[/b] Kado is an outwardly friendly and social character. Unlike most Mandolarians, he is outgoing and good natured, never silent and calculating like most Mandalorians are expected to be. Inside however, he is a cold and calculating man, uncaring he carefully weighs every possible outcome of everything before deciding anything. When he speaks he is non commital and vague, careful that no matter how friendly he is, no one really knows anything about him.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Sister named Naree [b]Father:[/b] Your character's father [b]Mother:[/b] Your character's father

[b]History:[/b] Like all Mandalorian children, from the day he was taken home from the hospital, Kado was told stories of warriors past. His bedtime stories were of heroes remembered, and great battles both won and lost. When he was 5 he got his first knife and was told to master it. His first axe came when he was 7, and spear when he was 9.

Like all Mandalorians, Kado's father Dacco instructed him in all forms of combat, starting the day he took his first step. Even as an infant he was put through balance drills, coordination drills and the like. His childhood games consisted of wrestling and playing "Jedi and Mandalore" in the neighborhood. He was given his first firearm on his 10th birthday as a reward for mastering his knife techniques.

Mandalorians are never put through any "official" schooling, all their education being the resposibility of the family. So when he was 12, he joined his father on his first hunt. Day and night for weeks on end his father would take him into the wilderness and teach him tracking, the art of noticing, awareness, and listening. And of course, the all important personal combat. By the time he was 14 he could reliabely shoot a squirrel from 400 yards.

Training was harsh for Kado, failure being punished with a backhand, or in sparring, a knife cut. His body still bears the scars of his training. It is Mandalorian code, the more you sweat on the training field, the less you cry on the battlefield. Mandalorians weren't the best soldiers in the galaxy by being lazy. Every day, from morning to dusk his father taught him melee combat, unarmed combat, shooting, flying, piloting, and all the hundreds of other skills any Mandalorian needs to know.

On his fifteenth birthday, his day of initiation had come. The right of becoming a man involved proving your superiority in combat. Given nothing but a knife and boots, he was sent into the wilderness and told not to come back unnsuccessful. The definition of Success was left up to the boy. He could bring back any animal he caught, but his kill would be graded, and the effort he put into it would reflect the kind of man he was. Come back with insignifigant prey, and he would never be accepted in Mandalorian society.

So he stalked, and tracked, and preyed. On the second day, he came across a wolf pack. A wolf would be most acceptable. But as the stalked up on the pack (requiring great skill, hunting the hunter was extremely difficult) another Mandalorian boy leaped from the bushes and attacked the pack. The other boy was uncoordinated and less skilled at hunting than Kado, and the Wolves scattered, frightened by the unexpected attack and by the presence of two humans.

Each youth immediately accused the other of being at fault, and causing the other's failure to catch a wolf. The other youth, named Jarr pulled his knife and attacked Kado in anger. In truth, while Jarr was good with the knife, he was a poor hunter, and had been on his initiation for almost a week. In desperation, his plan was to bring Kado back as his prey!

In the ensuing knifefight Kado took a vicious cut to his cheek, cutting all the way through to the teeth. But in the end, Kado defeated Jarr, slahing open the other boys throat, in the process being drenched in the bosy blood. Tired, hungry, and wounded, Kado had no choice but to return to his home. He feared his cut would become infected, so he grabbed the only prey he had available...Jarr.

And so it was that Kado returned to his home dragging behind him the carcass of the deadliest prey alive, a Mandalorian. As he lay in his hospital bed, feverish and delerious from infection, he was administered his manhood rites and given the tattoo/brand of a Mandalorian on his back.

Upon his recovery, Kado was accepted as a man in the eyes of the Mandalorians, but not yet a warrior. Becoming a Warrior was another process for another time. To become an accepted warrior in Mandalorian society, you must make a name for yourself. And so that is what Kado set out to do. He took what little money he had, packed what few possesions he owned, and bought passage to Correllia.

On Correllia Kado hooked up with fellow Mandalorian Runi Skirata. Together they fended off a Republic Assassin biologically altered for manipulating electricity. After a titanic street battle they fled to the Outer Rim.

On the outer rim the two Mandalorians participated in a hunt to discover the whereabouts of Runi's father. However, the hunt was rigged to kill the two friends. While avoiding the 6 professional assassin's attempting to Kill Runi, the two Mandalorians had to face dozens of alien beasts, harvesting various gruesome trophies to bring back to the game warden, the man responsible for both Runi's Father's disappearance and the Assassins.

It was on the game planet that Kado picked up his Noghri body guards which he nicknamed 'Yin' and 'Yang'. The Noghri are still with him, serving him loyally in a life bond.

After their episode with the Game Warden, the two friends hooked up with the mysterious 'Reach' cooperation. Given new weapons, armor, and ships, they together headed up the companies operation to scourge the galaxy of the Reapers.

During this time, Kado headed up the training and indoctrination of the new generation of Mandalorians for Runi, who had declared himself Mandalore. Appointed General over all the ground forces of Reach Corp. Kado was responsible for maintaining combat readiness during the war.

The war came to a head on the planet Arbra. Runi lead a taskforce of Mandalorians and Battle Droids to the surface to hit the Horde head on. Kado deployed several miles to the south to cover Runi's flank and to save the small town of Ishi from the Horde. It was here in Ishi that his brave 300 Mandalorians held back the swarming tide of the Reaper Horde. AS wave after wave smashed against his phalanx, Kado personally cut down several dozen of the monsters, sustaining countless minor wounds, as well as a spear through the chest, several broken ribs, and being hamstrung. However, just as the Mandalorians looked as though they were going to break, and the town overrun, they were saved by the timely arrival of the Alzoc III knights.

After the war, Kado helped negotiate the peace and subsequent alliance with Alzoc. During their time on Alzoc Runi gave Kado his Mandalorian armor, now properly earned. He also reforged Kado's now legendary sword, made famous during the battle for Arbra.

After leaving Alzoc, Kado helped settle Arbra as the new home for the Mandalorians. He soon retreated into the wilds to perfect his sword form, were he remained for nearly 6 months, until he now only recently returned... [image noborder][/image]

[b]Ship: [/b]SparrowHawk [b]Preset False Transponder Identities:[/b] 'Prometheus', 'Theseus', 'Argo', 'Valkyrie', 'Dauntless', 'Defiant'

[u][b]Production information Manufacturer[/b][/u]

  • Corellian Engineering
  • Rendill Drive Yards

((note: Kestrel Class Courier has been discontinued for 50+ years))

[u][b]Technical specifications[/b][/u] [b]Length[/b]

  • 29.1 Meters

[b]Maximum Speed[/b]

  • 135 MGLT

[b]Maximum speed (atmosphere)[/b]

  • 1,083 km/h

[b]Engine unit(s)[/b]

  • 2 Rendill NX-3 'Event Horizon' sublight engines (Heavily Customized)

[b]Hyperdrive rating[/b]

  • Class 0.72
  • Backup class 12

[b]Hyperdrive system[/b]

  • Corellian GB-12 Hyperspace Accelerator (Custom)

[b]Power plant[/b]

  • Rendill Dual Core III Generator (Rebuilt/Modified)
  • Rendill Fiber Optic Pulse power converter (Custom)
  • CEC emergency power generator (BC)
  • Positronic Actuators (Custom)


  • 3 KDY Type III KS-34 Shield Projectors


  • Heavy Durasteel plating
  • Limited energy/heat dispersal vein system
  • Sensor absorption/dispersal plating (Stolen Imperial Tech)

[b]Sensor systems[/b]

  • Imperial Hawkeye 'Realware' Passive Sensors
  • Imperial AWAC Active Sensor Motivator/Arrays
  • KDY Holonet tranceiver
  • Fabritech LC Stellar Cartography system
  • Imperial 'Turtle' towed sensor array/recording system
  • Custom 'MOLE' remote system slicing array

[b]Navigation system[/b]

  • Microaxial HyD modular navigation computer


  • Fiber Optic Fly-By-Wire control
  • Positronic DB-9 Droid Brain

[b]Main computer[/b]

  • DB-9 Positronic Slicer (reprogrammed for ship control)


  • Imperial 'Darknight' KK7 countermeasures package
  • Imperial VOID III series sensor/comm jammer/scrambler


  • Light TurboLaser (foreward firing arc)
  • Light Ion Cannon (foreward firing arc)
  • 3 Arakyd Concussion Missile Tubes (2 forward, 1 rear firing arc)
  • 2 Light Auto Turrets (360^2 degree firing arcs)

[b]Escape craft[/b]

  • Up to 5


  • 1
  • Droid Brain


  • 4


  • 18 months (1 Crewman)

[b]Communication systems[/b]

  • Chedak frequency-agile subspace radio
  • Imperial Adaptive Frequency and Identity Transponder

[b]Other systems[/b]

  • Engine Signature Dampening Field Generator


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