Kaitlyn Jayne May is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Ken and Diane May. Her birhday is March 12th, 1993. She has brunette hair streaked naturally with amber and gold that reaches a few inches passed her shoulders. Her eyes are what is called "tiger's eye", a dark brown iris with spokes of gold and a smoky dark rim. Like her mother and aunt, her eyes are getting lighter and lighter as she gets older. It is plausible that they will one day be hazel with more green than brown,like her mother. Kaitlyn is light skinned, almost a light olive, and burns easily. She stands at 5'4", much to her dissapointment, as she wishes to be taller. Kaitlyn is straight and her lover and boyfriend is Axel, whom she wishes to marry one day. In The Future, they have three children: Tenkaru, Arisu, and Takeshi.

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