Kaitou KID is known for using magic during a heist. The following is a list of episodes where magic was involved and whether it's feasible in real life. Other things that KID uses are impersonations and gadgets.

It is natural that this page may contain exposers not only to the plot, but to magic in general if it was used in the show. Please skip this page if you do not want to know the secret.

Volume and file numbers refer to the manga. Episode numbers and titles refer to the anime.

V 16 F 6-9 (E 76): Conan v.s. Kaitou KID


KID makes frequent uses of misdirection in order to get out of tight situations.

V XX F X-X (E 219): The Gathered Detectives! Kudo Shinichi v.s. Kaitou KID

V XX F X-X (E 356): Kaitou KID's Miracle Midair Walk

Walking on Air

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