Surname: Annala Known Aliases: Kajsa (Naboo Name of State) Given Name: Lesietta (but goes by Kajsa) Occupation: Ambassador Legal status: Single. Criminal record: n/a Race: human Gender: female Age: 17 Place of Birth: Dee'ja Peak, Naboo Place of Residence: Coral City, Mon Calamari Affiliation: Royal House of Naboo



Height: 5'1 Build: petite Eye Colour: hazel Hair: dark blonde Other Features: A tattoo of a wisdom knot on her inner left wrist. []Picture[/link]

Clothing: When she's not working. Kajsa dresses like any other 17 year old girl.

Uniform: Traditional Nabooian ceremonial garb.

Personality: Kajsa has a very warm, nurturing personality. Though not quiet or timid, she may come off that way because she speaks and acts very carefully. She is often the last to give an opinion, after weighing all the options. She is very empathetic, which makes her a good negotiator and mediator. She also also a great desire to learn, and spends much of her free time reading. Her reserved outward personality is contrasted by Kajsa's dry sense of humor.

Father: Sten Annala. Mother: Astrid Annala. Siblings: A twin sister, Britta, who, like their parents, is not Force sensitive. Spouse: n/a Children: n/a

History: She was born Lesietta Annala to Sten and Astrid, a young, civic-minded couple. In this environment, Kajsa became deeply involved at a young age with both the Legislative Youth Program and the Apprentice Legislature. Keeping with Nabooian tradition, when she entered the political world at age of 15, she took on a Name of State – Kajsa – and has been going by her Name of State since then.

Guided by her parents from a young age into the political arena, Kajsa benefited from attending some of Naboo's best schools - thought at 12, her parents pulled her out of school and hired private tutors to allow Kajsa more time free time to go off planet with the Apprentice Legislature.

She was an almost ideal child who avoided trouble and conflict at all costs for fear of risking her political future. Her parents themselves never had to become involved in government, a field which on Naboo is dominated by the very young. They are, in a way, living vicariously through Kajsa.

Her childhood was anything but sheltered. Kajsa's parents felt it was important for their children to have a realistic view of the world from an early age, and watching galactic news was a nightly family ritual, even when it included violent and tragic reports. Kajsa can't remember a time when she believed people were inherently good - as she was raised to view the galaxy with a critical eye. This is not to say she is is pessimistic, but perhaps much wiser and realistic than most teenagers.

Unknown to Kajsa, she is Force-sensitive. Her parents were approached by two Jedi when Kajsa was 7, and when given the option to send her away for Jedi training, her parents declined. They had many political aspirations for Kajsa, and being a Jedi didn't fall in line with those plans. The pair of Jedi, though disappointed, respected her parents wishes and left the family alone. Kajsa remained under the watch of the Jedi, in hopes that they could one day approach her again if it would be beneficial to the Order. She is the only Force-sensitive person in her family, and has always attributed her strong sense of empathy to good people skills and nothing more.

By 11, she was deeply involved in local government, and served as a adviser to her childhood friend Iris, who was elected Princess of Dee'ja Peak.

At 15, she was elected to the office of Ambassador and moved away from Naboo and her family to serve as the Nabooian Ambassador to Mon Calamari. It was then she got her tattoo, which serves as a permanent and physical reminder to patience and truth be her guide through her career.

Her family is close – Kajsa and her sister especially – and they see and talk often. Britta is Kajsa's best friend and closest confidant, truly her other half. She would do anything to protect her sister, including risking her own life and career.

Britta is not involved in politics, and has no interest in them. Personality wise, the twins are polar opposites. Britta is loud, bubbly, and extroverted. Despite these differences, the two share a close bond, and Britta spends quite a bit of time visiting Kajsa.

Kajsa's next goal is to be come Nabooian senator by the time she is 20. Her political goals are on a large, galactic scale - she wants to a catalyst for positive change and has chosen to look beyond her homeworld in doing so.

Other information:

Weapon(s) & Armour: Though she does not generally carry weapons, Kajsa has been trained in using a blaster.

Other Possessions: Nothing overly significant – Kajsa hates clutter and because of that, owns very little beyond basic necessities.

Sample Roleplay:

Alone in her office for what seemed like the first time in two weeks, Kajsa sighed. It was nice to have some peace and quiet. Curling up on the couch, she began skimming through a political theory novel borrowed from the Corellian Ambassador. Though still over two years in the future, it was nearly time for Kajsa to step up her political presence to benefit her on her campaign for Senator. She felt displaced, being so far from home and still trying to keep up with ongoings in the Court while having to keep up with Mon Calamari's own inner political working – not to mention her regular job and staying connected with her family. She'd need to be making more and more trips to Naboo over the next months and years. It was time consuming, but the payoff would be more than worth it. She'd been able to sit in on the last few Senate meetings and found herself more enthralled in the debates than she could have imagined. The door buzzing jolted Kajsa from her thoughts, and she looked up, startled. “Yes?”

“Ambassador Annala, you're needed in court. It seems some Nabooian citizens have been arrested by the Mon Calamarians, on charges of spice trafficking.” [i] So much for my break.[/i] She thought, a little disappointed. “Thank you. I'll be there as soon I can.”

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