Kakiat Trail

Kakiat Trail (new)

Name: Kakiat Trail
Blaze: White
Distance: 7.4 miles
Notable areas: Spring Brook, Pine Meadow Brook, Cascade of Slid
Termini 1: Tuxedo
Termini 2: Near parking area

The Kakiat Trail is a marked trail in Harriman State Park. It is 7.4 miles long, one of only two trails to reach that length.1 The trail is blazed white, beginning at the town of Tuxedo and ending at a parking area near the Mahwah River. Notable places along the trail are Spring Brook, Pine Meadow Brook, Cascade of Slid.

  1. There are trails longer than 7.4 miles.

Trail description

Before Milepost 0.0 - Milepost 2.05

The white-blazed Kakiat Trail begins in the town of Tuxedo. To access it, follow the tracks from the Tuxedo Railroad station a bit south to a footbridge over the Ramapo River. Turn onto Grove Drive, where the terminus of Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail and Kakiat Trail begin. The Kakiat Trail begins uphill on Pine Hill, leveling off at an abandoned power line then goes steeply down the side of Daters Mountain. At 1.1 miles, you cross the county line from Orange to Rockland Counties. At 1.25 miles you reach what used to be the southern terminus of the Blue Disc Trail. However, now the Blue Disc crosses at 1.5 miles. At milepost 1.8, the Kakiat Trail comes upon a gas line that'll take you to the Blue Disc Trail, Columbia Transmission power station and the Johnsontown Road cul-de-sac. Afterwards, it goes down and crosses Spring Brook at 2.05 miles on stepping stones.

Mileposts 2.06 - 4.0

At 2.2 miles, the Kakiat Trail crosses Old Johnsontown Road and the White Bar Trail. In another 500 feet or .1 of a mile, the Kakiat Trail cross Seven Lakes Drive and into the forest ahead. The Kakiat Trail climbs a bank and reaches the hilltop at 2.6 miles and 4/10 of a mile later, crosses over Stony Brook. After another 500 feet, the Kakiat Trail crosses over another brook, the Pine Meadow. The Kakiat Trail goes over boulders along the north side of Pine Meadow Brook. At 3.4 miles, the Cascade of Slid is crossed, as well as the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail. The Kakiat Trail continues on the north side of the brook, intersecting with the Pine Meadow Trail (blue on white) at 3.75 miles and Seven Hills Trail joins as well. All three trails cross a log bridge across the brook. The Kakiat turns left and leaves the other two trails going straight.

Mileposts 4.01 - 7.4

At 4.1 miles, the Raccoon Brook Hills Trail starts on the left. The two trails stick together for about 125 feet and then split up: Kakiat straight ahead, Raccoon Brook Hills to the left. The Torne Valley Road is crossed at 4.85 miles and at 5 miles, the Kakiat Trail crosses the Torne Brook. Soon later, the Kakiat Trail parallels the Columbia Transmission Pipeline, which was constructed in 1949. The trail then climbs Ramapo Rampart, a mountain named after Frank Place. At 6 miles, the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail crosses. Descending from Cobus Mountain, the trail crosses a pipeline trail for Orange and Rockland Utilities at 6.4 miles. At 6.65 miles, the trail crosses a wide gas line. Further down, it uses wider roads to travel on. At 7.15 miles, the trail approaches the Mahwah River. The old Kakiat Lodge used to exist across the river. The Kakiat Trail turns on a park road and ends .25 of a mile later, 7.4 miles from Tuxedo and the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail.


The Kakiat Trail used to begin where the Stony Brook and Pine Meadow Brook meet. The trail was extended to Tuxedo in 1935. They had used the older Tuxedo Trail, which went near Robert Reeves' farm on Johnsontown Road to extend it. In order to not go over Reeves' land, they built a bridge over Stony Brook. By March 1936, the bridge was washed out, rebuilt and washed out again. This has happened several times since 1935. The trail was to be extended all the way into the village of Tuxedo, but residents objected and the terminus was set at Grove Drive.

Until 1963, the area south of 7 Lakes Drive was owned by the Ramapo Land Company, which was controlled by the Pierson family. Six trails went through this land, the Kakiat, Raccoon Brook Hills, Hillburn-Torne-Sebago, Seven Hills, Quartz Brook and Reeves Brook Trails. The Boundary Trail used start where the Kakiat and Raccoon Brook Hills met, but the trail was abandoned in 1954.

Junction list

Mile Trail Notes
0.0 Grove Drive;Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail Northern terminus
1.5 Blue Disc Trail (new) Blue Disc Trail New location
2.2 White Bar Trail (new) Old Johnsontown Road; White Bar Trail
2.3 Seven Lakes Drive
3.4 Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail Begin concurrency of Kakiat and HTS Trails
3.75 Seven Hills Trail Begin concurrency with Kakiat, HTS and 7HT
4.1 Raccoon Brook Hills Trail Start of RBH
4.85 Torne Valley Road
6.0 Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail
7.15 Park Road
7.4 End of trail at parking area Southern terminus


Myles, William J., Harriman Trails, A Guide and History, The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, New York, N.Y., 1999

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