The Kaleans are porcine humanoids. Kalean males averaged about 1.8 meters in height and could weigh more than 100 kilograms. They had thick snouts, close set eyes, tusks and two small horns on their heads. Their average body temperature was 40,56 °C (105 °F) and their verbal tones ranged from 50 to 13,000 hertz.

Although a typical Kalean was squat, green and heavily built not all shared these characteristics. Most Kaleans had a dark greenish coloration over a large portion of their bodies; however skin coloration did vary, particularly among females, with light skinned and two-toned pigmentation not uncommon. Black, brown, pinkish yellow, and even a rare white pigmentation were possible. Boars tended to have less skin variation and had a greater tendency towards dark green skin perhaps because of their higher exposure to the radiation of the Kalea Star. Eye coloration varied evenly between gold-yellow, blue, black and brown. The Kaleans generally put no importance on skin or eye coloration although there were some superstitions linked to certain markings.

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