Kalgrath is an Iconian that lived 200'000 years ago. He was part of the Iconian Rebellion and is one of the last Iconians alive.


Before Civil War

Before the Civil War, he used to live a simple life as the youngest of nine siblings (4 Brothers, 4 sisters) and studying to become a warrior in his family. When he was 6 his oldest brother Adas choose him for his opponent during his Hec'thou ceremony. There, Kalgraths brother almost killed him after Kalgrath easily defeated him and Adas was outcast. Seven years later, he was put through his own Hec'thou ceremony and was awarded with great honor. However, four months afterwards, Adas attempted to kill Kalgrath, but was defeated. At twenty years of age, he was chosen to oversee security on Rigel III hearing rumors of a resistance. He and his friends later discovered that his middle Brother and Sister; Tsavong Lah and Nen Yim were stealing Iconian Weapons from store rooms, then using them to arm the Rebellion. He couldn't interfere or he would be killed, so he let his brother and sister be thrown out of Iconian society. Then, two year later, he joined the Iconian Rebellion and made amends with his brother and sister.

During Civil War

He participated in several battles during the Iconian Civil War. However, when he and his brother and sister were under attack by the Imperials after seven months in a stolen and damaged Iconian death-class ship, they launched 100 stasis pods containing infant Iconians and launched 600 stasis pods onto a large island.

After Civil War

200'000 year later, their stasis pods were discovered underneath the ocean an awakened by Human scientists. Kalgrath choose to go with Alexander Munroe to Regulus V while the others went to establish a new colony.

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