Kam Nurityen

Name: [Kamira Nurityen Brewster Gath]
Race: [Human]
Birthplace: [Corellia]
Gender: [Female]
Age: [22]
Affiliation: [The Sith]
Side of the Force: [Light-Neutral]
Occupation: [Droid Mechanic, Sith Knight, Archaeologist]
Force Affinity: [4.65]


Kam is a kind, upbeat person. Her innate sweetness and quirky mannerisms have always hidden a yearning to have a family and someone who cared about her, as well as a deeply hidden terror of being completely alone in the galaxy. With the devastating loss of her best friend, the Twi'lek Rei Ban, this fear had once driven her to be almost obsessively protective of her relationship with the former bounty hunter, Kanjon Gath. In her determination to never again have to experience the loss and loneliness that has been the refrain of her life, she had been turned to the Dark Side. She was also separated from Kanjon during a horribly botched attack on the Exchange, and had become utterly disgusted with the Jedi. She felt that they had torn her from anyone who cared about her, only to make her feel isolated and alone her whole life; she also blamed them heavily for the attacks that had plagued her and Kanjon and killed Rei earlier.

Now, however, she is much more mature than she had been. She grew to understand both herself and others better, and despite her unflagging loyalty to the Sith is closer to being in the Light Side of the Force than the Dark. She loves her friends and family fiercely, and goes sometimes to extreme lengths to protect or defend them. She has a strong sense of honor, and a keen sense of curiosity and adventure. Kam is intensely enthusiastic about her place within the Sith structure. She is dependable, capable, and loyal, and is proud of the fact that she is often called on to perform tasks that other Sith would find difficult or demanding. It is important to Kam that she perform to the very best of her ability, and she has extreme pride in her work. Kam is thorough and determined, and is very dedicated to her work. Above all, she respects both ally and enemy, she appreciates her peers, she is extremely loyal to the Sith Masters and Lords, she cares deeply for her friends, and she loves her family.


Kam is tall and lanky, her slim build and long limbs giving her a willowy appearance. Her skin is usually lightly tanned, and dusted with freckles. Kam's big, almond-shaped eyes are a vibrant green color, although the occassional use of the Dark Side can sometimes make them appear more yellow in color. Her long, wavy hair is a brownish auburn, and is usually worn tied back from her face, in a thick braid, in a loose bun, or down and unkempt. Her face is heart-shaped and cute, at times giving her a younger appearance. There is a pair of nearly symmetrical scars on the sides of her face, a result of quality time with Uncle Susa. She has somewhat short fingernails, kept that way because of her hands-on job.

Kam's normal attire is generally anything that she can comfortably train and live in, although it's true that she wears an odd amount of pinks, light blues, greens, and purples, for a Sith. Her main outfits consist of a few sets dark purple, gray, black, and red robes; pink, green, and blue tunics; a lot of khaki; and soft leather boots. For more formal occasions, Kam has a few sets of ceremonial robes in traditional Sith colors, as well as a few formal robes in black and hunter green. She doesn't wear jewelry often, but she does sometimes wear large gold or silver chandelier-style earrings, and cascading beaded necklaces and headdresses. Kam also has occassionally been able to tame her hair into more elaborate ceremonial hairstyles, and has the curling-iron burns to prove it.


What do you get when a wealthy old-money family of five-star restaurant owners and chefs on Corellia begins to decline until, one day, the entire family is murdered in their sleep due to the actions of a bitter arsonist?

You get Kam, at the age of four and a half. Of the huge family that dwelled inside the Nurityen family estate, only five members survived. Akari Nurityen, an aunt who lived near the droid shop that she owned and managed, Susano Nurityen, an uncle that had gone missing in his teens... and three children, Kamira Nurityen and her younger twin brothers, Ramuso and Kadani. Kam had saved herself and her brothers through the Force, and it was the Force that brought a very old Twi'lek who also happened to be a Jedi Knight to the burnt-out ruin that had once been a great mansion. The happiness of Kam's childhood died that day; ever afterward the child would be haunted by loneliness and abandonment, despite her Jedi upbringing.

Not everyone is a prodigy in the Force. Not everyone has immediately recognisable talent. In the days leading up to and during the Mandalorian wars, it was easy for a clumsy, awkward child to be lost in the shadows of the other students. When the top of the class happens to be Bastila Shan, the Battle Meditation using prodigy whose strict adherence to the Jedi Code and natural talent in seemingly all areas of the Jedi way were used as examples for younger children like Kam to aspire to, the bar is set unusually high. Kam, on the other hand, was different from the older girl. While the other students were learning and practicing the basics of swordplay, Kam was tinkering with small droids and tools. While the other students were learning methods to help them meditate and center themselves, Kam's undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder made it extremely hard for the girl's mind NOT to wander. In fact, the only part of her Jedi training the girl did seem to excel at was her mastery of the Force in uses pertaining to telekinesis, but her nervousness in the classroom made her too shy to display her abilities even when called upon to do so. As a matter of fact, when the time came for Padawans to be chosen by masters, Kam was very nearly overlooked completely.

However, the Force works in mysterious ways. Mishaka Laran, the Jedi Knight who had found Kam all those years ago, found her again. He was very old- as a matter of fact, dying, but Kam was his first and only Padawan. Laran was a well-meaning person, but below average as a Jedi at the best of times. He took Kam in and continued her education and training as a Jedi, but he was not meant to be a teacher. If anything, Kam fell even more behind other trainees at her age. However, she honed her skills as a mechanic even further, and met one of the most important people she has ever known while under his tutelage. Laran lived on Coruscant, but away from the Jedi Temple, and it was while living with him in his modest apartment that Kam met the Twi'lek Rei Ban.

Kam and Rei were very close for many years, and when Mishaka Laran finally died, it seemed very natural that the two girls, the best of friends, would remain together. Kam felt almost no connection to the Jedi Order, so had no qualms about hiring a pilot to travel the galaxy with her best friend in search of, well, anything. What she did not expect to find was love.

Kanjon Gath, bounty hunter, happened to be the pilot that the girls ended up travelling with. To his amazement, over the months he found himself genuinely liking and caring about the girls. Another friend was added to the group of travellers, the half-Mandalorian ex-Jedi Xander Jy'phon. As the four grew closer, Kanjon and Kam found themselves falling in love with one another. After many adventures together, they found themselves back on Coruscant. The times, they were a'changin'- Malak was newly defeated, the War was over, the Sith were in turmoil. Yet some things will never change... Kam officially withdrew from the Jedi Order at the age of nineteen, fully prepared to live life as a civilian. She was going to live with Rei, and the two were going to start a business together. Kanjon, well... Kam didn't exactly know what, but it would not have been a stretch to see herself marrying him one day. Things might not have been perfect- Xander had been mutilated on a distant world, his left arm removed while defending Kam from a Force-using bounty hunter, and the Jedi were none too pleased with Kam's departure from the Order. But all the same, Kam's life was on the right road to a happy, quiet life.

Nothing is ever that easy. Mere days after moving into their new apartment, bounty hunters came for Kanjon. The scene was forever etched into Kam's mind- the explosion that rocked their new home, the dust and debris. Kam pushed Rei away from the wreckage to protect her from any subsequent explosions, not realizing that the bounty hunters were already there. Horrified, Kam could only watch as Rei was mutilated and brutally murdered right before her eyes. Kam snapped at that point, the loss of her closest friend and companion driving her past the point of reason as she retaliated violently. Part of her still clung to her Jedi training, and she and Kanjon somehow made it back to the Jedi Temple, seeking help. However, the help Kam wanted was not there- she wanted answers, she wanted revenge, she wanted everything to be okay again. Disgusted with the Jedi, Kam nevertheless stayed with Kanjon in the Temple, seemingly for protection against the continuing bounty hunter threat.

Yet, when a bounty hunter attacked and nearly killed Kanjon inside the Temple archives, things fell apart. Kanjon tapped into a latent Force Sensitivity and lashed out against a Jedi, and the couple were forced to flee Coruscant. They were sent to Nar Shaddaa, but were plagued with disaster even then. The bounty hunters who were after Kanjon captured Kam instead, torturing her for information despite her refusal to betray her lover. In her weakened state, it was almost easy for Anuvilis, a Sith who happened to be on-planet, to exploit her weakness and resentment and pain, bringing her to the Dark Side. After that, there was little chance that things would ever be simple and content and quiet again.

Kam is now a Sith Apprentice, progressing greatly in power and skill. She believes Kanjon to be a captive of the Jedi, and has resolved to rescue and retrieve her love from the cold-hearted bastards. She has also gotten a bit tangled with a Sith named Vyn Zenn. They probably would have had a very good relationship, but let's face it, Kanjon and Kam are soul mates, true love, star crossed dealies.

In her apprenticeship, Kam has been all over the Galaxy. Sith Master Anuvilis, Sith Lord and Bladeborn General Brewster, and Sith Lord Vaarl Tasorix have each had a hand in her training, and the results are evident in her abilities. Near the end of her training, Tasorix arranged for Kam to finally confront her Uncle. Due to an enterprising young Sith's use of sensor balls and hidden cameras, the resulting duel was broadcast over quite a LOT of space. Kam's triumphant beheading of the bastard was seen by many, and she earned a small measure of fame for the feat of killing a Sith Lord single-handedly. It was around this time that she became more than just friends with the apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Vilan. Cerix Kressh and Kam shared a brief, passionate relationship before separating on peaceful, friendly terms, and despite their past, remain friends to this day. Due largely in part to Kam's defeat of Darth Barunai, Kam became a Knight of the Sith Empire when she was only twenty years old, and began some training as an archaeologist. Kam wasn't a scientist, but she learned a great deal of history and technical knowledge of preservation techniques. She soon became a capable, vocal supporter of maintaining and protecting ancient Sith artifacts and heritage, and has amassed a huge store of knowledge about ancient burial rites and art forms of the Sith empire.

Kam's life seemed to be starting to finally be fulfilled, but she still had an aching wound of loneliness in her heart. However, she was legally adopted by her mentor, Nikolai Brewster, and came to see him as her father and his daughters as her sisters. The final piece fell into place when Kam was reunited at last with Kanjon Gath. The two soon caught up with each other's stories, and married a short while later. The two often travel within the fringes of Sith Space and in the Outer Rim where ancient Sith strongholds once were, but they also have homes on several planets controlled by her adopted father, who is a Sector Lord. The Gaths have been married for almost two years, and it's really cute and sweet.



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