Kameleon Kid is an American animated television movie produced by Walt Disney Animation and aired in Disney Channel on November 3, 2012 which is based on an animated short of the same name created by Jaime Diaz and Russ Mooney for Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. The film stars Justin Chon, Brenda Sung, Mitchell Musso, Dan Povemire, Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter.

This is the second film featuring the collaboration between Justin Chon and Brenda Sung, the first was Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. Ironic cause in Wendy Wu, Brenda was the lead role while Justin was a minor, but in Kameleon Kid, Justin Chon is the lead role and Brenda is the minor.


After sneaking into his parents' secret lab and getting zapped by a laser beam, 13-year old Cameron Anderson gains the ability to shapeshift into anything just by wishing for it. But, a mad scientist plans to find Cameron and use his powers to take over the world.


  • Justin Chon as Cameron Anderson/Kameleon Kid: A 13-year old luckless boy who is the son of two famous scientists. After sneaking into their parents' laboratory, he gets zapped with a ray, granting him the ability to morph into any creature just by wishing for it.
  • Brenda Sung as Suzette "Suzy" Ramierez: A 13-year old girl and Cameron's love interest who is the captain of her school's soccer team in which she practices for the league championships. She also has a small crush on Cameron but does not admit it out loud.
  • Mitchell Musso as Otto von Lance: A 13-year old school bully who loves to torment Cameron, calling him "Snozz-ball" and trying to flirt with Suzy. He excels at sports, but in reality, is just a big cheater. He also loves playing video games during his spare time.
  • Dan Povemire as Professor Bloodpudding: A mad scientist who tries to find out the truth about the Kameleon Kid in order to use his powers to take over the world. He speaks in a heavy German accent with a voice similar to that of Bella Lugosi.
  • Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter as Doctor Ernest and Lydia Anderson: The parents of Cameron who are two scientists that have invented the Morphoray that granted Cameron his powers. They do not know that Cameron is actually the Kameleon Kid.
  • Gary Lamb as Bob Sweeny: A Cajun inventor from Moulon Rogue, Louisiana who speaks in a heavy Cajun accent and makes wacky inventions in the town of Flamingo Court. he used to work for Professor Bloodpudding on creating his inventory of weapons before realizing that his inventions were for evil.
  • Brian Pheleps as Bobby the Dog: A Tennessee Poodle Wolf who wears Ray Ban sunglasses, Mole Skin shoes and speaks in a voice and mannerism to that of BB King, starting his sentences with "Oh mama baby..." and always wants something to eat. He also seems to carry a watch.
  • Adelbert Cambridge as Florence & Luiz Sweeny: Twin students that the same school Cameron attend who are the daughters of Bob and Edna Sweeney. They always cause mischief and some mayhem but they always help Cameron when he's in trouble. There only line was "CRASH. BASH. BOOM. WERE HERE!!!".
  • Mark Danzeisan as Edna Sweeney: The wife of Bob Sweeny who speaks and looks like she's in the 1950's fashion group, sporting cat-eye sunglasses. She also helps Bob Sweeney with his inventions by testing them out to make sure there safe and sound.
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Tommy Vu: The owner of "Bob the Working Man's Buddha Donut Shop", the hangout to Cameron, Suzie and other characters of the show. Speaks with a heavy Japanese accent, he is the 4th ninja generation to make perfect doughnuts and his favorite customer is Cameron.
  • Corey Burton as Mr. Dack: The manager of the Flamingo Court Water Supplies. A Russian immigrant, he speaks in broken English but screams and rants in Russian. He is known as "Mean Ol' Mr. Dack" as he always shoots bad people with his slingshot. He always says "ski", a Russian pronoun, after his (mock) Russian rampage and tantrum (ex: Get out of cloud-ski).
  • Tom Kenny as Johnathan Joe: A middle-aged man who wears black glasses, wears a T-shirt that says "USA" and loves drinking beer (soda in Europe). He is the first to discover the tornado and shouted "It's the Big ONE!" out loud like a manic. He can also play the trumpet as he used it to hollor the citizens. His name was only mentioned in the credits. He speaks in a Canadian accent, meaning he is Canadian American.

Animation style

The animation was done by Paul Germain (of Recess fame). The style is a parody to that of the art style of Klasky Csupo, elements from Jim Jinkin's works and some character models by Everett Peck and Gary Baseman. The movie's design is a combination by fans where "Klasky Csupo meets Gary Baseman".

The soundtrack is futuristic and techno-pop featuring the scenes of Cameron and the other childhood characters. During more shots of Flamingo Court, the soundtrack was more in a Cajun style using an accordian as a music score for the film, even for the credits.


  • Justin Chon and Brenda Sung first were united when filming Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.
  • In the original short, the kid characters were shown as elementary school students while in the movie, they are portrayed as middle school students.
  • Some of the characters first originated in Russ Mooney's previous work, Flamingo Court.
  • In the original pilot, Sweeney was fat, had low hair, wore blue sunglasses and wore a nerd-like outfit. In the movie, Sweeney has deep dark Cajun skin, slick black hair, wears clear glasses and wears a labcoat with the outfit from the original pilot underneath it.
  • In the original pilot, the twins are girls while in the movie, Lois becomes a boy named Luiz.
  • In the movie, Tom Vu's appearance looks more "oriental" featuring slanted eyes and wearing a China hat.
  • Cartoon animator John Kricfalusi animated the end credits to the film.
  • In the original pilot, Cameron had blond hair and had a visible big tooth. In the movie, he had brown hair, has normal teeth and he originally wore glasses but the ray increased his sight.
  • In the original pilot, the Canadian guy wore blue glasses while in the movie, he wore eyeglasses.
  • It is unknown how the twins got into the tornado in the first place and made it alive?

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