Kamos is a minotaur who leads a fleet of pirates and ally of Gargarensis. At an early age, Kamos was kidnapped by an Egyptian fishing ship and raised by the goddess Bast. For unknown reasons he harbors great anger and rage. Kamos is missing one hand, which he lost when attempting to hand-feed a Leviathan. The hand is afterwards replaced with a scimitar. Kamos' first act against Arkantos is a raid on Atlantis in which he steals the trident held by the Poseidon statue in Atlantis' harbor. Arkantos afterwards pursues him to an island base of his where he recovers the trident, though he is unable to catch Kamos. Arkantos and Ajax later encounter Kamos again during a raid on one of his pirate bases. Arkantos corners him at the edge of a cliff and impales him with his spear, killing him.

Kamos is a hero unit whose special ability is a gore attack similar to that of the minotaur unit.

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