• Name: Kanai
  • Race: Toa (Mata configuration)
  • Appearance: LimeGreen everything except arms and legs. Those are PaleGreen.
  • Alignment: Good.
  • Powers:

--Super Strength (Slighty stronger than Onua or Pohatu.)
--Air Control
--Concealment (Great Huna)

  • Weapons:

--Twin Air Energy Swords (Lime colour. He can channel his air powers through these)
--Laser Bow and Arrow

  • Personality: Warm, friendly, fun-loving, sarcastic. And yet, also serious. Some speculate this has to do with the effects of fifteen years ago.
  • Bio: Kanai was once a simple Matoran of Le-Metru Chute Repairer. Then, his life changed forever after one fateful day fifteen years ago...

A Chute had collapsed. There were approximately 50 Matoran stuck under it, and his team was sent out to repair the Chute and rescue the Matoran. What met his eyes when he first reached there was a completely collapsed Chute nextwork. "A marvel, for sure." he had originally thought, as this kind of think happened only once every few years. However, when they reached, they saw the damage was truly off the scale.

The Matoran he was sent to rescue were dead. That part of the Chute System completely destroyed. That part of the Metru unable to be used for a long while.

Then, one year later, as he was working on that same part of the Chute System, something still unexplainable happened. He described it as a beam of greenish lime light that hit his body, washing his body in light and warmth....

And when it was all over, he was there, taller. But there's was something else. For a Toa of Air, as he had immediately known he was, he was immensely stronger. In fact, he was holding a Chute Support on his shoulders as 15 Matoran scrambled out from under it.

Since then, he's grown more mature, if not more sarcastic as well. He still blames himself for the death of those 50 Matoran.

Kanai is currently the second in command of a very elite team of Toa, the Knights of Mata-Nui. Together with his sister, Sirea, he defeats evil in his search for the powerful Kanohi Elementa and the relics of a great warrior....

He's rarely seen around any Metru anymore. Some suspect this is because he preffers to work alone now, as well as having his Huna always active....

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