Kaname Chidori is Marcus' love interest appearing in Full Metal Panic. She has blue long hair and brown eyes. She wears a white and blue school uniform with long sleeves, a red ribbon on the front of her uniform, blue skirt, black long socks and pink and white sneakers. When at home, her house clothes consist of: a red and blue sleeveless shirt, white shorts, tan pantyhose and brown sandals.


  • Shunya Chidori (Father)
  • Ayame Chidori (Younger Sister)
  • Marcus Damon (Husband)
  • Sarah Damon (Mother-in-Law)
  • Spencer Damon (Father-in-Law)
  • Kristy Damon (Sister-in-Law)
  • Morty Manta (Son)


  • Hanging out with Marcus.
  • Being polite.
  • Doing room cleaning at super speed.


  • Her bad anger.
  • Termites.
  • Clowns.


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