Name: Kane Landon Seeger
Player: Warren Biggs
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'
Weight: 192lb.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Lunarian
Species Type: Ki Fighter

Other Information:
- Kane Seeger has always been known to have a very lean yet muscular body structure along with wild hair that he allows to grow all the way down to his shoulders. Even since becoming involved with the Alliance of Artemis, he is usually unarmed at all times, finding that he doesn't need anything other than his fists and mobile fighter to survive this world. But aside from the ki fighter's physical appearance and typical preferences on weaponry, obviously he tends to be a rather arrogant guy. Although he can be a very compassionate individual at times and show a respect for human life, the young man never turns down a fight- assuming he didn't start it, that is.


Kane Seeger was born in the large and industrious city of Iso, Luna. That day had been the eleventh of August in year O.E. 208. His ancestors migrated from North America to the moon generations ago, attempting to escape the harsh climates and conditions that were slowly but surely making the Earth uninhabitable. There they were able to continue life and prosper just like most of the other families whom had traveled through the abyss of space. The Seeger family couldn't of had any idea whatsoever that one of their very own descendants would become something so much greater than that of your average human being.

The kid seemed just like any other little boy or girl that one would see running about with their friends. But with time, it became quite obvious that six year old Kane was becoming something of an utter physical abnormality. Apparently he was more than just unnaturally strong for a just a little boy. Not only that, but it seemed that he was also adept when it came to anything involving speed, reflexes, and taking pain. This was about the time his parents began to realize that their son was one of these 'ki fighters' that were becoming so commonly found everywhere.

But it never really struck the mother and father of the child until the school administration finally called them up concerning an incident between him and another student. Upon a petty argument between the two nine year old boys, a fight ensued, the end result being that the fiesty little scrapper had not only broken his classmate's nose but had also left the skirmish completely unscathed. Mr. and Mrs. Seeger had finally confirmed their secretive suspicions and found themselves taking their son to a physician. They didn't know whether to feel blessed that their child had possibly been given a gift, or whether to be worried that this would simply mean trouble for their everyday lives.

The doctor quickly came to the conclusion that Kane was indeed that of a ki fighter after running only a few tests, though that didn't give his family any real insight on how to handle the situation at hand. So they did what any other pair of caring parents would do: loved him just the same and eventually revealed to their son just what he was in a few years time. But they would find out soon enough that this would not deter the mischief that was soon to come from the growing child whatsoever. He had gotten his very first taste of combat, and he enjoyed it unlike any other sport or activity he had ever participated in before.

The years would roll on by once again, and with so much time came so much hassle. The quickly developing ki fighter was now fifteen years old and had been in a countless number of fistfights. He had been into it with everyone, from little squabbles with guys his own age to big brawls with several full-grown men at once. That meant that he had also been brought home a countless number of times covered blood of his competitors, always making sure to show off a cocky little grin to his folks. He loved the thrill of the fight more than anything, but quite frankly, he hated the consequences that came with breaking another man's jaw.

The answer to his prayers would soon be answered on the short walk home from school one afternoon, when he would pass by a television shop advertising its merchandise. He noticed a broadcast on one of the machines concerning that of a fierce competition in which the contestants fought with everything they had and then some. He instantly became infatuated with the International Gladiatorial Combat League. Not only would he be fighting opponents with unmatched skill in battle, he would be getting paid to win and wouldn't get in trouble for it. For over two years Kane Seeger participated in these events without his parents ever knowing, growing mightier and wealthier with each bout. What was there for him to complain about?

Some would say that there was quite a bit to complain about. Warfare had broken out for over six months now and there were absolutely no signs of anyone backing down from the fight. Kane had personally never taken an interest in what was going on in the world around him; he was always too busy indulging himself in his encounters and out living the life that he wanted to live. Though unfortunately for the young ki fighter, he would not simply remain a spectator for too much longer, whether he knew it or not...

And surely enough one fateful day, he was recruited by a rather mysterious cloaked man in an iron mask to take part in today's war effort. He attempted to convince the young man that if he simply chose not to become a legionnaire for the Alliance of Artemis' forces, then the Moon would crumble under the mighty powers of Mars without his exceptional skills as a martial artist. Reluctantly, Kane accepted this request, believing he might be able to help save his home back in Iso. That was when he would receive not one partner in combat, but two.

The new prototype mobile fighter known as the Vidar Gundam was now his to operate, quickly learning the ropes of becoming a pilot with the aid of a kind Colonel Francis Brask. Miu Gala, the woman assigned to the boy for assistance in maintaining his machine becoming very good friends as well. He was now just a cadet within the Alliance, nothing more than a low-ranking soldier in the chain of command. Though he was still renown all over for his accomplishments as Iso IGCL champion, he couldn't help but feel like a grunt now. Even his old buddy from school was ranked higher than him, good ol' Ensign Bel-Air having joined the military much earlier than he had. But the boy was chosen to cooperate with the Vidar Gundam for a reason, and he would soon find that out.

There were a lot of battles everywhere. Kane traveled so far as Mars and back, encountering challenges within his machine and out that he had never fathomed possible before then. These fights and skirmishes all preparation for what lie ahead of him as he destroyed enemy mobile suits and participated in International Gladiatorial Combat League tournaments again. Because soon after, the Earth would become devastated by super weapons appearing from out of nowhere. The Divinidad, Tria, and Imperator dazzled and mystified while bringing on heavy losses to all sides. Naturally the entire massacre was a big wake up call to the solar system, Moon and Mars alike.

One year later it seemed that the ki fighter had continued to train his body, mind, and spirit as hard as he possibly could. Apparently not hesitating to take a helping hand from some old friends and competitors. Because even though the Divindad was lost in the destruction of Earth, both of the other strange and powerful mobile suits were still running around completely unchecked and taking lives. But the cadet would not stand for anything bringing harm to what he vowed to protect, including his traitorous old comrade Dylan Bel-Air and these monstrosities wreaking havoc all over the place. And even with his partner reassigned to other duties, Kane would not allow himself to fail, not now when he had come so very far...

Affiliation: Alliance Of Artemis

Mobile Fighter: AA-01NS-V Vidar Gundam

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