Kang Davison is a rival of the Rivers unlike some of the other battles he is one of a few to have a business. When he was born is unknown.


He first came to the attention of the Rivers in 2002 when he started a care home which was called Oasis Care it was here he started looking after children and making clones of them making what he called the perfect child.

He had many houses across the Newton Abbot this all failed when one of the girls who was in one of his care homes escaped she was called Becky Miles she manage to get in contact with a small group with around six members at the time called the Rivers. She also was really close to the First River who was in the form of Scott Curtis Kang Davison tried to catch her and soon afterwards he manage to catch her again. However a attack was started by the Rivers. Soon afterwards the Rivers took down Oasis Care after one of the members had the cloning part of the base blown up. This broke Kang Davisons plan and he fleed to escape being sectioned.


Kang had started a new project in Melbourne which he had going for many years. However a event started where he was found out and once again found himself up against another member of the Rivers. this time it was the Sixth River who was a female and also in the form of a girl called Steph Colledge his plans backfired and soon he found himself being looked into by the police. Soon afterwards he was then nicked by Area 51 Is fate now is unknown it also isn't sure if he is still alive.

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