Ordo Dracul
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Ordo Dracul Elder, Gangrel stalwart. He has lived in the city for close to 200 years, but he spent the last half of the 19th century in torpor. He makes it very well known that he hates frenzy and has no respect for kindred who let their beast out. He was a strong ally of Ragnar Thrice-born when he seized control of the city.

Kanis always wears chains around himself. When he does not wear them, it's an obvious sign to any and all around him to beware his wrath.

Recently declared himself Prince of the city in a Praxis Seizure on 10/19/07. The Jarl Ragnar removed himself, allowing Kanis to rise to the title of Prince. It is believed by many that on his first court as Prince, he attempted to turn a blind eye to Johnny Relic breaking the tradition of Amaranth and to Nightwolf ignoring a bloodhunt and trying to save Johnny. Lost the title of Prince to Annalia Tate.


The Leader of the Pack

Princes of San Andreas

Crimson Shadow

William Salvador Preston· Ragnar Thrice-born· Kanis· Annalia Tate


Played by Kaiser, the influence narrator whose previous Crimson Shadow Requiem characters predate the current chronicle and include the Daeva Invictus, Sir Alexander Dubois Knight of the Thorned Wreath, and the "Bat Shit Crazy" Gangrel Ordo, Sheriff Lucius Jackson.

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