A Kantare

The Kantare are a species native to the planet Kant, this alien race was only vaguely humanoid in stature, having a thick body that was supported by two stubby legs. Males of the species had four heavily-muscled arms sprouting from their sides, with the upper pair being used primarily for gripping and manipulation while the lower pair was used as secondary graspers. Each of the male Kantares four hands was studded with three thick, dextrous fingers. Although rarely seen, it was known that female Kantares had more than four arms, but the necessity for them was unknown. The head of a Kantare was amphibian in shape, with a heavy wattle hanging from the lower jaw. A mustache of sensory whiskers covered the upper lip. A wide, ridged crest covered the skull of the male Kantare, with a group of tiny feathers providing cover. The presence of the wattle and the feathers on the skull provided clues to the Kantare race's avian ancestry, and many xenobiologists believed that they were descended from giant birds. The Kantares obese appearance was an evolutionary reaction to the frigid temperatures of Ojom, as fatty cells stored water and food for the winter months. Despite their appearance, many Kantares had excellent memories, and could remember the tiniest of details for many years.

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