The Kao Tun are a race of reptilian, snake-like humanoids with two arms but no legs. Their skin is composed of red, blue, or green scales, and they are hatched from eggs. The Kao Tun homeworld is somewhere in Golem-dominated space, and this race served the Progenitors and later the Golems as workers, soldiers, farmers, and in other occupations, and they still serve the robotic Golems. Kao Tun religion does not acknowledge a God or gods, but does emphasize reincarnation of immortal souls into different bodies over succeeding generations. Some Kao Tun believe that the souls of the now-extinct Progenitors live in the bodies of members of their own race, the Golems, and even "worthy" members of other sentient species. As a result of military conflicts with foreign powers, some Kao Tun have ended up under the rule of the Horsehead Empire or the Mantis Lords. Some of the Kao Tun under Mantis Lord rule susequently ended up under the rule of House Lionheart. Certain elements in the United God Movement and the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun have targeted the Kao Tun for conversion.

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