Kar Soban is a Sobannai hailing from the plane of Karnel. In terms of apperance he is a now a 5'10 with Brown hair and red eyes. He also has incredibly sharp teeth which is his species only difference from Humans. He normaly wears a red shirt and the sobannai equal of pants. He also wears a overcoat made of a special hide of an animal from his home. Finally a glove made of the same material on his left hand.


Kar lived a normal life of a Sobannai, hunting, fishing and learning the art of high strategy. The Sobannai were but one of twelve tribes on their plane and were the generals of the people. However shortly after his 15th birthday, a rival Grannai group attacked and slaughtered his people. After his father ordered him to flee and was then chopped down by the Grannai Warlord Zalsh. His mother had already been feld by arrows. After fleeing Kar was cornered by the warlord. Kar's fear and hate mixed and allowed him to tap mana. Unfortunantly he unleased the equal of a level 12 blaze spell. The back wash of red mana infused the symbol of red mana into his left hand. A wandering red mage saw the event and took Kar under his wing. Kar trained for close to a year and soon devoted himself to the way of the pyromancer. He learned only red spells and soon he was becoming more powerful. During a hunting expitition his master was struck by the monstorous Zalamandia and was fataly poisened. Shortly after returning the his master to their cave a recruiter came to accept Kar into the academy. Kar's master urged him to go and Kar excepted.


Kar arrived at one of the worst times. He entered around the same time as Abel Getragan and so was clearly out powered by the powerful ghell. He also got into early arguments with Dorman Anor and a nezumi Aoi Wazura. Kar still trained and bacame a medium power red user. About half way through the Abel trouble Kar disapppered for several months. When he returned he still held a deep hatred against Abel, but soon learned that Abel had been destroyed. Kar graduated after about three years in the academy. Sobannai summoners had always been different than other shi summoners. Instead of unleashing their passions when they want the hold onto them and wait for the right momment to use all of their power against an enemy. As such Kar rarely shows emotion except hate, shich he normally shows twords Abel Getragan and others like him. Kar is also not the most powerful duelist, the Sobannai have always dueled in a way that uses weapons and spells to fight. His spells reflect real world use rather than dueling.


Shortly after graduating Kar lead a group including Dorman, Nicolae, and Arcus back to his home plane to find an ancient artifact of his people. They discovered it and Kar became the Emperor of his people after a large battle against a rival tribe. He however put his title on suspension and elected a council to govern in his sted as he constinues to learn more at the Academy.


Kar Soban, comes mainly from the game homeworld. The people named their male children Kar after Karen S'jet and there is a tribe named the Soban.

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