Karan Elienor Melluselde Fyrn is one of the main characters in Ian Irvine's The View From the Mirror quartet.


Karan is a small woman of around twenty three years of age, though she appears to be slightly younger. Her eyes are a brilliant green and her curly hair is a deep shade of red. Karan's face is pale and her ears perfectly circular.

Both resourceful and loyal, Karan is a sensitive. Though her talents are exceptionally powerful, they are as unreliable as any sensitives. As well as the usual powers of being able to sense certain feelings and emotions of another, feel danger and broadcast her own feelings to anyone in the immediate area, a usual disadvantage, Karan has the ability to link; joining ones mind to anothers so as to communicate psychically.

Earlier Life

Karan's father, Galliad, was half-Aachim, while her mother, Vuula Fyrn, was the heir to Gothryme Manor in Bannador. Galliad was an adventurous man, who would often venture to Carcharon, a sinister fortress that the heir of Gothryme also inherited. One day, Galliad was killed while at Carcharon. It is originally presumed that his death is the work of thieves, however it is eventually uncovered that Galliad was practiced in the Art of necromancy and that a ghost, Basunez, that he summoned, forced him over a cliff to his death below. Vuula was devastated by her husbands death and commited suicide soon after.

Karan was sent to live with her mothers people and was treated cruelly. Remembering a story her father once told her, of the hidden Aachim city of Shazmak, Karan ventured there and was accepted by the Aachim for she so reminded them of her paternal grandmother; Mantille.

Karan was happy with the Aachim, for a time. However, one among them, Emmant, began to stalk her and feeling that the Aachim did not deal with the situation appropriately, Karan left and returned to Gothryme, claiming her modest inheritance.

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