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Azureus GOU-RIKI (Cartridge A) Strategy


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Karel Cartridge A


  • Operator: Karel Werfel
  • Official name: Azureus GOU-RIKI
    • Manufacturer: Tsunami Company
    • Weight Class: Heavy
  • Armaments
    • Main: Kana Bow Hibrid Rifle
    • Sub: Zin 2 Riki Hyper Booster
    • Option: Toe Saw Circular Saw Launcher
  • B.O.S.S.: Tenka Daiittou
  • Charge Gauge: 5

Move List

  • M- Rifle
  • S- Booster
    • Boosted mode-6sec, Reload-12sec
  • DM- Dash Rifle
  • BM- Barrier Rifle
    • Normal: wide, Boosted: narrow
  • M+S- Retsu
    • aka Doryaa. IT 0.8sec
  • DMS- Dash Retsu
    • aka Dash Doryaa IT 0.1sec

  • 6,6,M+S- Aogi
    • aka Fan
  • 4,6,[M+S]hold>release- Hirameki
    • aka Sword
  • 4,2,6,M+S- Nagi
    • aka Buzz Saw

BOSS: Tenka Daiittou

  • M- Attack Form
  • S- Deffence Form
  • M+S- Downswing Attack
  • L+A- Movement Attack
  • M+S+A- Annihilation Attack (Final Attack)

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