Kassie Carlen is the main protagonist and the love interest of Kaito Tatsuno appearing in Super Pig. Voiced by Julie Maddalena, she has orange hair, green eyes, wears a pink bow on her head and wears a green short sleeved shirt, blue miniskirt, white longstockings and black doc marten shoes At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Lucinda and Ken Carlen (Parents)
  2. Ronald Carlen (Younger Brother)
  3. Kaito Tatsuno (Love Interest)
  4. Heather Hogwarsh (Rival)
  5. Radford Tammack (Worst Nightmare)
  6. Mr. Fowley Fastback (Teacher)


  1.  Liking for Kaito
  2.  Doing her efforts
  3.  Fighting crime as Super Pig


  1.  Her rivalry with Heather
  2.  Being admired by Radford
  3.  Falling for a trick

List of Five Things Radford Tammack admired her

  1.  Dating her
  2.  Marrying her
  3.  Liking to dance with her
  4.  Giving her the flowers
  5.  Hanging out with her


  1.  Like Sakura Avalon, she wears longstockings like in New Years Day
  2.  She is the lover of Kaito
  3.  Her only rival is Heather Hogwarsh, who resides with Lexi Bunny and Senora Zapata
  4.  She doesn't like Radford
  5.  She also has interest in fighting crime
  6.  Mr. Fowley Fastback is one of her teachers in St. Ringo School.

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