Kassie Carlen is the main protagonist and the love interest of Tyson Granger appearing in Super Pig. Voiced by Julie Maddalena, she has orange hair, green eyes, wears a pink bow on her head and wears a green short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and red sandals. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Lucinda and Ken Carlen (Parents)
  2. Ronald Carlen (Younger Brother)
  3. Iggy Pig (Partner)
  4. Tyson Granger (Love Interest)
  5. Lance Romero (Total Crush)
  6. Heather Hogwarsh (Rival)
  7. Tai Kamiya (Childhood Friend)
  8. Radford Tammack (Worst Nightmare)
  9. Mr. Fowley Fastback (Teacher)


  1. Liking for Tyson
  2. Fighting crime as Super Pig
  3. Feeling her relaxation


  1. Seeing how her rival Heather fights with Tai
  2. Losing her powers
  3. Getting bad skills


  1. She is the titular protagonist of the anime
  2. Mr. Fowley Fastback is her teacher
  3. She is revealed to share her jeans with Sakura Avalon
  4. She is part-time friends with Pooh Bear.
  5. She doesn't like Heather's argument with Tai
  6. Her alter ego is Super Pig