Kasumi from DOA5

Kasumi, from the Dead or Alive series.

Kasumi (Kanji: 霞, Hiragana: かすみ, Kasumi) is a kunochi of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Team, who debuted in the first Dead or Alive back during the 1996 arcade release. One of the first three females that appeared in the series (alongside Lei Fang, Tina Armstrong), Kasumi is considered to be the main protagonist for the Dead or Alive series (specifically in Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2, and Dead or Alive 5), and is often viewed as the series' character mascot.


  • Belle, Emily or Lady (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Lillie Lightship, Sally Seaplane (TUGS)
  • Catherine, or Lillie the Lighthouse (Theodore Tugboat)
  • Lupe (Sonic)
  • Humba Wumba (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)
  • Ms. Funs-ler (Dr. Seuss)
  • Roll (Mega Man)
  • Alia (Mega Man X)

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