Welcome to the Katamariwiki. There is not much here but please enjoy.


Prince - a green cousin who is the first cousin you play as. Is 7 cm. tall.

Nik - a yellow cousin who eats alot. Has brown anntenae on the sides of his head that are shaped like Ls.

Ace -

Opeo -

Odeko -

June - a white cousin with blue polka-dots.






Lalala - a tan naked cousin.

Odeon - a cousin designed like The Prince except his head is on his antenna.

Drooby - basically a purple cousin with a square head, a drill for legs, and a bra.

Beyond -

Kinoko - a cousin that looks like a mushroom.

L'Amour - a cousin that looks like a pink caterpillar with no legs an hearts on her chest.

Twinkle - a yellow cousin that looks like a 4 sided star.

Johnson - a cousin that looks like The Prince from the side exept his face is on the side.

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