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Kate Ashby
DVD Cover of Kate Ashby
Genre Animation
Running time 2-8 minutes
Creator(s) Jack Deakin
Starring Jack Deakin
Michael Rodham
Text-To-Speech Voices
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original network/channel Google Video
Original run September 2006 -
October 2012
No. of episodes 80

Kate Ashby (series) is a fanmade, animated, comedy series about Kate Ashby, a singer living in the City of Perry who always sings badly. Kate frequently finds herself in trouble for being naughty, often turning the public against her, and always ending with her strict husband — Nick Ashby — treating her like a child. A soundtrack based on the series was also released.


Series 1

  1. Kate Ashby Kicking the Brake
  2. Kate Ashby goes to the Karate Club
  3. Kate Ashby at the Circus
  4. Kate Ashby Picking Her Nose
  5. Kate Ashby and the Humpty Dumpty
  6. Kate Ashby and the Sea Captians
  7. Kate Ashby Burgles the House
  8. Kate Ashby Meets the Loch-ness Monster
  9. Kate Ashby Goes to the Moon
  10. Kate Ashby goes to the Supermarket
  11. Kate Ashby Goes swimming
  12. Kate Ashby goes to the Church
  13. Kate Ashby drops the baby
  14. Kate Ashby gets sent to antartica
  15. Kate Ashby's Christmas Special
  16. Kate Ashby goes to the Golf Course
  17. Kate Ashby is Going to be on TV
  18. Kate Ashby & The Cat
  19. Kate Ashby gets Stuck in the Washing Machine
  20. Kate Ashby & the Policeman
  21. Kate Ashby & the Easter Bunny
  22. Kate Ashby goes to KFC
  23. Kate Ashby is having a Car Crash
  24. Kate Ashby goes on the Motorbike
  25. Kate Ashby Gets Stuck in the Hole
  26. Kate Ashby & The Teddy Bears Picnic
  27. Kate Ashby Goes Boxing
  28. Kate Ashby has a Midnight Snack
  29. Kate Ashby gets Dropped off the Cliff
  30. Kate Ashby & the Tractor
  31. Kate Ashby Spills the Coffee
  32. Kate Ashby Meets R.L. Stine
  33. Kate Ashby & the Meeting
  34. Kate Ashby goes to Augustin Burger
  35. Kate Ashby goes to the Talent Show
  36. Kate Ashby Goes for the War
  37. Kate Ashby Goes to Sleep in bed
  38. Kate Ashby has Died on the Plane Crash
  39. Kate Ashby Will Become a Good Lady
  40. Kate Ashby's Halloween Special

Series 2

  1. Kate Ashby Robs the Bank
  2. Kate Ashby Meets Mr. Wagg
  3. Kate Ashby Goes to the Beach
  4. Kate Ashby Goes to the Cinema
  5. Kate Ashby Joins the Barbecue Party
  6. Kate Ashby and the Cow
  7. Kate Ashby and the Father Christmas
  8. Kate Ashby Ruins the Evening Dinner
  9. Kate Ashby Goes Postal
  10. Kate Ashby and the Stranger
  11. Kate Ashby Makes Prank Calls
  12. Kate Ashby Meets the Go Compare Guy
  13. Kate Ashby Goes to the Museum
  14. Kate Ashby Goes to 3dmm World
  15. Kate Ashby Goes to Toonsville
  16. Kate Ashby and the Megaphone
  17. Kate Ashby Disguises as Katie Cat
  18. Kate Ashby & The Elephant
  19. Kate Ashby and the Vending Machine
  20. Kate Ashby has a Nightmare
  21. Kate Ashby Goes to McDonald's
  22. Kate Ashby Goes to the Park
  23. Kate Ashby Goes to the Buzz in Toon Planet
  24. Kate Ashby Goes to Warwick Castle
  25. Kate Ashby Goes to School
  26. Kate Ashby Goes to the Fair
  27. Kate Ashby steals the Newspaper
  28. Kate Ashby Goes Bowling
  29. Kate Ashby Goes to the Happy Tree Garden
  30. Kate Ashby becomes the Smoking Idiot
  31. Kate Ashby Goes to the Disco
  32. Kate Ashby Meets The Simpsons
  33. Kate Ashby the Babysitter
  34. Kate Ashby and the Pirates
  35. Kate Ashby Goes to London
  36. Kate Ashby Ruins the Birthday Party
  37. Kate Ashby Goes to the Office
  38. Kate Ashby Goes to the Haunted House
  39. Kate Ashby Throws the Sleepover Party
  40. Kate Ashby Divorces from Nick Ashby



  • Kate Ashby: The main character of the series.
  • Nick Ashby: Kate Ashby's strict husband who doesn't allow Kate Ashby to do things she wants as her punishment, Loses his temper to her or attacks her and he is also works as the Police Officer and the Hero of his Lawful Adventures.
  • Kiera Ashby: Kate Ashby's daughter.
  • John Jackson: The Mayor of City of Perry.
  • Edwina Smith: Kate Ashby's Mother.
  • William Smith: Kate Ashby's Father.
  • Lucy Smith: Kate Ashby's Sister.
  • Peter Mayson: The Presenter of the Mayson Show.
  • The City of Perry Boys: The Boys who don't like Kate Ashby.
  • Katie Cat: The disguising form of Kate Ashby which she is the Sexy female Purple cat.
  • Adrian the Cool Cat: The disguising form of Kate Ashby's old Boyfriend, Adrian who is a boyfriend of Katie Cat while Kate and Adrian being in disguise as thier cat forms.
  • Aaron Jackson: The friend of Nick Ashby who works as the Police Officer and Nick Ashby always goes with him.



A soundtrack album titled Kate Ashby: The Soundtrack was also released. It features seven original songs sung by Kate Ashby herself in the series and eleven songs that were not used throughout.

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