Katharine and Shannon are a sister-like duo of trainers appearing in Pokemon Black and White. Katharine, the oldest girl voiced by Kerry Williams, has long purple hair and blue eyes and her outfit is composed of: a blue strapless dress under a white long sleeved opened shirt, tan pantyhose and white shoes. Shannon, the youngest girl voiced by Carli Mosier, has short purple hair and blue eyes and her outfit is composed of: a yellow short sleeved shirt under a green short sleeved vest, green skirt and brown sandals. At Katharine's age, she is 14 years old, while at Shannon's age, she is 10 years old.


  1. Unnamed Parents
  2. Toby and Cameron (Love Interests)


  1. Being a pair to Toby and Cameron
  2. Acting like Bailey and Marina
  3. Making counterparts to Lyra and Marble


  1. Being helpless
  2. Going choked
  3. Feeling humiliated

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