1. A Lullaby for Barney, Dan and the Conductor Cousins (In Christmas Time at Shining Time Station)
  2. A Lullaby for Becky (In Becky's Funfair specials)
  3. A Lullaby for Becky (1993 version, Becky's New Friend, After this becky yawns and goes to sleep on a seat at 1:00 PM.)
  4. A Wake Up Song for Becky (Becky's New Friend, After this becky wakes up at 4:30 PM)
  5. A Lullaby for BJ (SuperMalechi's Barney's Let's go to To Circus, 1991)
  6. A Lullaby for Thomas the Tank Engine (Thomas and Friends Sesson 10)
  7. A Lullaby for Stacy Jones (1993 version, Shining Time Station's Stacy Forgets Her Name)
  8. A Lullaby for The Jukebox Band
  9. A Lullaby for Matt, Tanya, Stacy, Schemer and Harry
  10. A Lullaby for Baby Bop (1992, Barney- Playing it Safe)
  11. A Lullaby for Spencer (Thomas the Tank Engine- Hero of the Rails)
  12. A Lullaby for The Engines (Thomas the Tank Engine- Calling All Engines)

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