Katie Sandler is Thomas' love interest that appeared in the Sailor Moon episode: Match Point For Sailor Moon. She has black hair with a ponytail, green headband on her forehead and black eyes. She wears a light blue shirt with short sleeves, white skirt, white socks, white sneakers and a white tennis wristband on her left wrist. In her ballroom dance with Thomas, her ballroom outfit consists of: a yellow sleeveless gown, yellow earrings, yellow opera gloves and yellow high heels.


  • Mrs. Sandler (Mother)
  • Thomas H. Norstein (Husband)
  • Martha Norstein (Mother-in-Law)
  • Franz Norstein (Father-in-Law)
  • Relena Norstein (Younger Sister)


  • Hanging out with Thomas.
  • Doing Tennis.
  • Having good times.


  • Losing.
  • A rivalry with Makoto Shido.
  • Being eliminated.


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