Katie strapped to chair

Katie strapped to a chair

12 year old girl Katie wakes up and  finds herself imprison in a chair that neutrilizes her powers. The guy who captured her was a science teacher who wants Katie to become his labrat. He send Katie to a room with an hynotic song that forces her to dance. When she was released from her chair, she was placed under a dance trance and couldn't control her body. Once the music stopped, Katie was free and went to escape. Robots were sent to get her as Katie ran faster and faster. She went to a room filled with plants,  tentacle vines started to grab Katie's arms and legs. One tentacle vine tickle Katie's waist, and Katie used a electric pulse to destroy the plants and escape. But, she realizes that the whole place is a trap. Katie fights back and ends up getting captured again. Soon, she manages to get free and defeats her captor. 

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