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Katrina McFerrell is a neonate Mekhet Carthian newly arrived in San Andreas. She is from Ireland.


She visited San Andreas briefly in 2002 while on "vacation." At that time Juliet Summers the Mekhet Elder arranged a quiet acknowledgement by the Jarl.

Katrina looks like a sixteen year old girl, but she acts with the maturity level of an adult.

A couple weeks before the Masquerade Ball, Katrina vocally defended Wesley Corso against concerns voiced by former Sherrif Vitani Felan about actions not taken by Wesley. Because of these raised concerns, the Prince Annalia Tate removed Wesley from his position as Sherrif of San Andreas. Katrina became enraged and started fueding with Vitani.

Vitani met with Katrina's Prisi Juliet Summers multiple times trying to discuss ending the pointless fued. Terms were decided involving an apology and a trivial boon however Katrina refused.

At the Masquerade Ball, though the exact details are not known by many, Katrina reportedly was spying on Vitani, learning secrets from the Ordo. A couple nights later Vitani went and attacked Katrina during the early daytime, ending Katrina's unlife.


Played by Lauren, who's previous character in the current chronicle was Margarite O'Connell- the childe of Daeva Priscus Seamus O'Connell.

In the previous chronicle she played the Carthian Daeva Isabella, the wife of Renfro, after the death of her previous character; Corin- a Carthian/Lancea Sanctum Mekhet and the central cause of the super-spectacular, and now infamous, Starbucks Breach.

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