Genre: Occult Horror


Race: Human

Occupation: Exorcist

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130lbs

Description and Character Notes:

Katya was born with an odd magical parasite that feeds on the life energies of those around her but other the years, it has been kept in check by magic and ritual- it now only feeds from those that come into contact with Katya's bodily fluids... which makes it entertaining for a young woman to get intimate with anyone.

Ironically enough, with as contagious as the parasite is- she gladly uses blood based focus magic to fight magical enemies and banish evil spirits and demons.


Body: 4

Mind: 5

Soul: 7

Health Points: 55

Energy Points: 80

Shock Value: 11

Combat Value: 5

Defense Value: 3


 Skills  (1 points left out of 30) 
   Unarmed Defense 1x5 = 5  
   Archery 2x4 = 8  
   Linguistics 2x1 = 2  
   Stealth 2x4 = 8  
   Navigation 3x2 = 6  
 Contamination 2x2 = 4  
   Easy Contamination   
 Energy Bonus 2x1 = 2  
 Easily Distracted 1x-1 = -1  
 Not So Strong 1x-1 = -1  
 Magical Restrictions 1x-1 = -1  
 Exorcism 3x1 = 3  
 Magic (and Psionics) 2x4 = 8  
   Force Field 2x4 = 8  (30 damage prevented)
     Can Protect Others   
   Weapon Attack 2x4 = 8  (15 damage)
     Drain Body   (1 points of Bbody drained)
     Penetrating (Armor) 1x15 = 15  (Armor and Shields at Half Effect)
     Vampiric Upto Max   
   Illusion 2x2 = 4  
     Fools One Sense   

Info And Comments For: Katya

Level 1 - Hey! Wondering what's supposed to go in this big box? Check out readme.txt to see why there's nothing down here. All BESM stuff is a trademark and copyright of Guardians of Order. Used without permission. Any questions about how this works, email Info And Comments For: Contamination 2x2 = 4 Easy Contamination

Comments: Those that come into intimate contact with Katya's bodily fluids can become infected with a magical parasite that consumes their life energy and wrecks havoc on their digestive system.

Info And Comments For: Force Field 2x4 = 8 (30 damage prevented)

Comments: Simply cast as "Blood Shield" using a knife and blood to form a sigil that glows and irradiates outwards to protect Katya and her party.

Info And Comments For: Weapon Attack 2x4 = 8 (15 damage)

Comments: "Alucard stake" Using her blood and knife as her focus, Katya can form a blood shell over her knife to drain an opponent and infect them with her blood.

Info And Comments For: Illusion 2x2 = 4

Comments: By sheer concentration, Katya can cast a simple illusion that fools one's sense of touch into thinking that the skin is on fire.

Info And Comments For: Easily Distracted 1x-1 = -1

Comments: Easily distracted from tasks if a someone has a piece of shiny, reflective jewelry.

Info And Comments For: Magical Restrictions 1x-1 = -1

Comments: She must bleed in order to use her magic; she must have an object to use as a focus for her magic (usually a knife).

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