Kay originally lived in a town in north Texas before she was brought into the Author Fighters dimension and met Kitten. Unfortunately, she wasn't the typical run and screamer: she fangasmed. Once at the HQ of the Authors, she met the other Real World versions and showed her true colors: being sassy, over pepped, and hyper, not to mention a fangirl. She also was the D.I.D. ( Damsel in Distress) for a while, such as being kidnapped by the Darksides twice, and being locked inside her own mind, before getting to normal, whatever state that was.

She got back with the group to help save the dimensions, and saw Kitten again, along with her OCs, Metamophosis, but she also displayed a new power of hers: predictions made in her drawings.


  • Kay has three sides to herself.
  • One is hyper active and a fangirl of anime, manga, sci fi, and other things, including being a total genius at magical items, places, creatures, and books. She also goes overboard a few times.
  • Another part is her sadness, being emo, and always withdrawn, much like Sasuke or more closer, Ulqiuorra.
  • Her last part is her total psycho side, which makes her go rampant and on a killing spree, much like Wolverine after Sabretooth, or better yet, Saw.

Despite that, Kay cares for her friends and always wants to help. She would even give the shirt off of her back to help someone. That's her flaw: her urge to help and being good.


  • Kay had transformed into the Yellow Ranger once, but had proven she wasn't suited for battle due to her being a bad aim and letting the bad guys get away.
  • Kay had also piloted the MK II Gundam only once to help Andrew out in a battle, but freaked when she was about to be killed and failed.
  • Her newfound predictions come true, but Kay said this: " I don't know when I get them, and once I do, I just draw them, and then wait for them to happen and then they do, but not in the way you think!"


Kitten: Being her real self, Kay and Kitten get along well. The only exception is when Kay goes into a fangasm, then Kitten's annoyance alarm clock ticks until it rings.

Andrew: Kay considers Andrew like a leader big brother she'd never had. She tried to save him once to prove that point.

Rook: Kay had made a prediction on Rook, that came true, making her feel aweful, but his recovery helped her. She sees him as a friend.

Ross: Kay sees Ross as one other brother to her. She would kill herself for him if possible.

Hare: Hare is a Monster Rancher pink rabbit that has been Kay's imaginary friend for ages. He met up with her and became her Summon Creature once the two forgave each other. He would protect her to no end, and vise versa. He might like her more than she thinks however.

Metamorphosis: Kay and her OC team, Metamorphosis, are all on a friend to friend basis with each other, except Scorpion, who sees her as a soon-to-be evil girl.

Ryan Shygm: Kay had been in love with Ryan, but after parting ways, long distance relationships never worked out.

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