Kaylia Kitsune ( Born 18 BCA) is a student of the Academy of Magic, currently missing. A long time best friend of Sakura Kitsune, Kaylia had left the Academy without warning or explanation, and has not been seen since.

Character Outline

The most noticeable thing about Kaylia's appearance, is how attractive she is. She has short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She is of average height, measuring around 5'9", and has lightly tanned skin. Another noticeable feature is that her eyes are slanted, possibly a reference to her fox-like cunning. She wears revealing clothing, though never really wears the same thing for very long, preferring variety. She is also well endowed, a fact that is made fun of rather often OOC.

Her personality is seductive, using her looks to seduce others into getting what she wants. She will act kind, but underneath she is only aiming to take their riches one way or another. To those she cares for however, she will treat like a real friend, and won't abuse the friendship in any way. She is fiercly loyal to Sakura, and has a phobia of insects. She is bi-sexual.


Kaylia grew up in the slums of Jamurra. She was an orphan, and had been abandoned on the streets and picked up by a married couple. She grew up in the slums, but did not get along with her foster parents, always fighting and arguing. Eventually she left and lived on the streets. Living in the streets gave her agility and survival teachings. She would have to steal and con her way out of everything, and go sleep in the empty houses of those on vacation or the houses for sale. She ended up becoming very good at what she did.

This lifestyle soon took a turn for the worse however. She was running from two men after having stolen food from their stands, and they had chased after her. She took a turn into an alleyway, but it was a dead-end. The men cornered her and began advancing, the looks on their faces told her that they were gonna take more than her stolen food. Suddenly, with her rush of emotions, a blast or mana shot from her hands, and destroyed one of the men, the other man stared wide-eyed at her, and ran away. She sat in that corner for hours, crying at what just happened, confused and scared. Until someone found her, a man by the name of Sam Kitsune. He took her to his home, and told her that he was a summoner, and she had just used mana. She told him that she didn't mean to kill the man, he just shook it off and told her he didn't care. He asked that she lived there, working as a maid, and he would take care of her. She agreed.

Living like this made her happy, and Sam had many friends that came over, interesting ones indeed. At this time, she was already in the stages of maturity, and very attractive, Sam had brought her many gifts and clothes as to his bargain. She found that the men Sam invited over frequently, were rich and powerful people. She always flirted with them, and flaunted her body while talking. They would be almost hypnotized, but she was never actually interested in there personality, more in their wealth. Doing this always earned her gifts from admirers. Until she turned 18, Sam talked to her about the day he found her, she remembered her use of magic, and he offered to train and tutor her. She accepted, and he taught her for an entire year. In this year, another girl came to stay just like how Kaylia did. The girl, named Sakura, was around the same age as her, and they became very good friends and trained together. One fateful day, she recieved a message from a man named Arrathir Quinn, requesting that Kaylia and Sakura be trasferred to the Academy of Magic. Kaylia seemed overwhelmed, and accepted, and was transfered after saying her goodbye to Sam, and thanking him for everything he had done for her. Together with Sakura, she went to the Academy of Magic.

As time passed in the Academy, Kaylia and Sakura mainly sticked with each other, dueling each other for fun and as a test of each others skills. It wasn't long however, that Ryu Phoenix had noticed them, and had requested that they joined the Cabal. Not liking the man, Kaylia and Sakura declined, running from him. Soon after however, Kaylia disappeared from the Academy without a trace, without telling anyone where she went, or what she was doing. This left Sakura without anyone.

During the Illusion Arc, while tormenting Sakura about her weakness and her plummet into depression, Ryu had mentioned that Kaylia had joined the Cabal under pressure after Ryu took Sam Kitsune hostage. He also spoke of Kaylia's fate as a mind controlled servant of the traitor General Maze after Ryu's fall from the Cabal. Whether this is true or not remains a mystery, but if it is, then it is possible that Sam Kitsune is still being held captive or is possibly dead, and that Kaylia is trapped in Otaria, mind controlled or not.


Kayila utilizes Black and Red mana in combat, and is also skilled with a Rapier. She is a specialist in Rakdos history, and therefore uses their knowledge and power in most of her spellcasting. It is unknown how strong she is at this point, as she is still missing.


  • Kitsune is not Kaylia's real last name, neither is she a Kitsune.
  • The owner of Kaylia's character remarked that he is terrible at roleplaying women, and that Kaylia is the most difficult of his characters to roleplay.

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