The Kaynan Internet Lab

Welcome to the project planning pages of Yael Kaynan's Lab.

Why do we have these pages?
First, in order for me, as your fearless leader, to have a central place where all the on-going projects are organized. There are far too many of you for me to keep track of who is doing what, when, and who should be doing what and maybe isn't.
Second, so that you all can easily share ideas and resources among yourselves. Many of you are working on complementary projects and, if used correctly, this site can be a valuable resource for you to share pointers to references, theories, and tips for conducting your research. You should not all need to reinvent the wheel and I don't have time to reinvent it repeatedly for you each individually. Use one another and this site to advance your projects.
How do we use this site?
There are numerous help pages explaining how you edit a page to add in your information.
If you are one of my thesis students click on the link below for thesis students and add yourself and the title of your project to the page. Give an update on where you are with your project. If you need something from me currently (to set up a meeting, suggestions for further reading, or to cry and whine, please note that along with the date). When you have edited and saved your entry email me and tell me so. Bookmark this site.
You should create your own page linked off the students page (simply put your name in brackets [[ ]] like that and then after saving the page click on the link created) to organize yourself and what you need to do for your project. I highly recommend this. No, I demand this :)

Current Projects

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