Kazane Fujimiya is a member of Team Destiny and one of the worst fears Mikey Kudo encounters appearing in Future Card Buddy Fight. She has orange hair and pink eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a white shirt with green short sleeves, blue shorts, white longstockings and orange shoes. She is voiced by Jessica Hilbrecht. At her age, she is 11 years old.


  • Mitsuyo Fujimiya (Mother)
  • Daichi Fujimiya (Deceased Father)
  • Tyson Granger (Love Interest)
  • Mikey Kudo (Biggest Fanatic)


  1. Liking for Tyson
  2. Being popular
  3. Looking ahead


  1. The way she fights with Mindy
  2. Getting scolded
  3. Feeling abashed

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